Monday, February 11, 2013

6-Month Challenge & Everybody Can Be a Winner!

I'm hoping some of you have this on your feed so you'll get this post as there has been little activity here in a year or so.  Anyway, I read about some challenges in a magazine and one in particular spoke to my need to put my wallet where my waist is:  Healthy Wage's 10% challenge.  Here's how it works--you put down $150 on a credit card, have your starting weight verified by a doctor or health club (or a complicated home self-verification method), then you go about losing weight for 6 months, logging in your weight weekly (weekly weigh-ins are not verified).  At the end of the 6 months, you have your weight verified one more time and if you have lost 10%, then you get a check for $300!  Double your money!  So if you weigh 230 pounds, you have to lose 23 pounds in 6 months, that's about a pound a week--totally do-able!  I started last week, had a trainer at the YMCA verify my weight for free and feel I have a very reasonable goal--I need to lose about 5 pounds a month, but I plan to lose a few more.   What I love about this is that everyone who does it can win, so we're working for, not against each other, and you can go about it in whatever way works for you.  So, go check it out:  Oh, and if you decide to sign up, please put in my registration number when it asks who referred you (2772522075).  Then go get your friends to do the same for you (because for everyone who signs up that you refer, your reward goes up by $20!--talk about working for, not against each other!).  They have a couple other challenges, but this is the one that seemed the best fit for me. Although the BMI challenge is interesting--if I ever get my BMI closer 25, I might try that one.  Anyway, check it out, and good luck! 
Oh, and one more site I read  I haven't tried this one but I just might use it as an interim motivator on while I work on the other.  This doesn't give you money, but you have the chance to lose money.  You put up $21, set a goal like exercise every day for 3 weeks, then every day you do it, you keep $1.  At the end of the 3 weeks, you get back whatever you have kept and the remainder goes to charity, and hopefully you have developed a good habit. 

Good luck ladies!


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