Friday, April 1, 2011

And the winner is ...

Congrats to Cheryl, the winner of this challenge! Leah is second! Send me your addresses and I'll get your money in the mail. I'm glad so many were able to see positive results. This was my FOURTH challenge, which is probably why I fizzled a little early (that and a very long period of sick kids). That's also why I'm mixing it up for the fall. I hope to see a few of you back in the fall after an active summer of more weight loss. :)

And, Jen, once things in your life settle down I'd also like a cookbook ... especially if it will help me eat more veggies!

I hope you all have a great spring and summer!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lost Cause

Okay I gave up the last three weeks. I didn't even keep track. I got too stressed and keeping track of something else was too much. So I am not giving my final number, since I don't really have one. I am still exercising and planning on running a half marathon in August. Even if I have to walk part of it I will do it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally Final!!

Hurray it is over!!!! That's the wrong attitude huh? Whatever, I ate four cookies today and they were awesome :-) It was a good challenge and I am glad I participated, I just really like desserts and I don't want to live without them. All things in moderation (she says after eating 4 cookies, hee hee) and lots of exercise with healthy meals. I will get the baby fat off, it just is going to take a little longer than I had hoped. Congrats to the winner, I do believe it is Cheryl, you have certainly earned it and very much kudos on all your weight loss. I hope you are able to continue to lose all the weight you would like to have gone. And good job to those that didn't give up especially when it would have been so easy to do so. Good luck to you all. Oh, and my total points are- 847. Sick kids and a husband out of town didn't make for a very successful week but that's okay, cause I always have tomorrow ;-)

Week 12 Dawn

Yea! It's finally over. After doing two challenges in a row, this one seemed long. But, it's good to have a way to keep track. I have 72 today with a total of 808 and 5lbs more off. And yes, it is possible to get 74 today if you didn't give yourself 77 the first week. Thanks everyone who stayed in. You were what kept me going.

Claudia - Final Tally

I made a run for it this week, and I was able to lose 1.5 lbs. and got a total of 70 points this week. My final tally is 831 for the challenge. I yo-yoed back and forth but held my ground between this and the last challenge, with a total of 16 lbs lost between the two. I have formed some good habits and feel much healthier and in control of my life. Thank you, Denise, for hosting the challenges, and all of you for setting a good example and giving me some friendly competition. I'm going to continue my program and set my own goals, so that I can keep losing weight over the summer. Hope to see you all in the competition this fall!

Cheryl - Final Week!!

First of all, I must say that I'm so glad I did this challenge. I've needed something to motivate me, and this did it. I'm glad I did it this time instead of waiting for next time. I don't think the changes for the next challenge would be for me. I needed the guidelines and the daily point system to keep me on track. But I know that's not to say that it might be different for others. My first 6 weeks of this challenge I did an exercise DVD at home. Then I started walking outside for the last 6 weeks. First I was just walking briskly, then one day I decided to run a little - just to see how far I could go. I didn't expect much, but did surprise myself. Then I decided to just run when I felt like it. Each day I started doing a run/walk for two miles. I never pushed myself, just ran when I felt like it. Then Friday last week, I ran a mile w/o stopping for the first time. Then I did it again Saturday. I am so proud of myself. I don't know when the last time was that I could do something like that. In the beginning of this challenge, my goal was to lose 20 lbs. Honestly, I didn't think I would lose that much. So, as we were nearing the end, I was just hoping for 15. Now that we're finally here, I am proud to say that I lost a total of 15.6 lbs and it feels great. My points for this week are 74 which includes today's posting and loss. My grand total is 859 points. Since the total possible is 869, I'm amazed at myself that I only missed 10 points throughout the whole challenge. Thank you for your experiences shared. I've learned from them. And Jen's fruit/spinach smoothie and veggie/egg "mess" are both things I enjoy eating. I would love to have a recipe book by Jen if all her recipes are that good! Thanks for sharing. Thank you Denise for being the instigator to get these challenges going and trying to make things work so a veriety of people will be happy. I hope that those who participate next time do well. Provided I don't gain all my weight back (it's not in the plan anyway) I will not be joining next time. But I wish luck to all those who do! Thank you everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final points and Fall update

Okay, ladies, first I have to apologize for ditching the challenge. Obviously it wasn't my intent, but then life happened. Anyway, a few notes on final points and then a BIG change for Fall challenges.

Post your final points by end of day Monday so the winners can be determined. I will send out money by end of week next week. BTW, put your TOTAL amount of points because I really don't have the capacity to go back and add them all up myself right now. (So basically what I'm saying is that if you don't put your final amount of points you will disqualify yourself!!!) Thanks!

**Big changes for Fall**
So the 90-day challenge is obviously too long for my lazy bones. So, in the Fall I'm mixing it up a bit. I'm hoping the difference will appeal to a variety of people and allow some of us "fizzlers" to stay in the entire competition. It's going to be a 30-day shred. Basically you weigh in on Day 1; weigh in again on Day 30; whoever has the highest percentage of weight loss wins the pot! Each participant will pay $15 to enter (but no money by end of day 7 and you're no longer eligible for the pot). I'll have one 30-day shred in September and, assuming it goes well, another in November. We can do ANYTHING for 30 days, right? And that'd be enough to get a great jump-start for those of us who have found 90 days a little hard. No points, no rules. Just weight loss!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 11

Well, I don't have much to say. Another ho-hum week. My points were 62. I visited some of my children over the weekend and did quite well but missed some of the points. I'm happy for all of you who have done so well. Good luck on the final week.

Week 11 Dawn

Weird. My weight is still the same as it was the last two weigh-ins. Better than a gain though. Had a birthday, anniversary and a sick day so I ate more than a 100 cal. treat on the celebration days and didn't exercise on the sick day. I did get the "Just Dance 2" game for the Wii for my birthday and love it. I hope that will be a great exercise tool even though I probably look like an uncoordinated fool when I do it. Points are 68.

Leah week 11

70 points this week. I know that I love carbs and keeping track of what I eat every day has really shown me how often I eat them, especially breads/grains. I know that if I really want to lose the extra inches I need to have some intense cardio workouts with muscle toning exercises too. I don't want to give up my carbs so extra exercise is my alternative. I did this challenge to lose the extra baby weight and inches. I wanted to fit into my skinny jeans and need a belt. Well, I have on my skinny jeans and I need a belt so for that I am feeling very happy and quite pleased to be a part of the challenge. I gained a TON of weight this last week so much that I have gained back every pound I lost since the beginning of the challenge (for that I am sad), but I fit my jeans so I must have gained muscle. It's hard to not be so focused on the scale's number. I like being able to say, I weight X amount (isn't that so little!) I was always a double digit size until after my second child and then I lost so much weight, with barely any effort. I went to a size 6 and I loved every minute of it but now after my third child the scale says one thing and my pants say another. Could it be in my old age it's actually harder to lose the weight? I actually have to put effort into this? I can't just sit around and nurse it all away? I think this last week is going to be hard because the end is so near and quite frankly I just want cake :-) But, I know that if I want to achieve my goal, giving up is not an option. I might have a horrible day, or a horrible week, or even a horrible month, but it is my choice to either try harder the next time or say pass the cookies please. If I don't make the effort and try different strategies (I've tried out 5 different exercise routines during this challenge) then I am guaranteed to fail. I do not exist because of failure. I am not on this earth to fail. I can do anything, I just have to take responsibility for my choices and today I choose to follow the guidelines for the challenge and tomorrow I will follow the guidelines and every time I want to give up or just not follow the rules I will remind myself that I said I was going to do this challenge and then I will make the choice to make the effort.

Wendy--Week 11

Well, I'm sorry Dawn but I've joined the land of the lost and have given up. It was spring break last week for us and we went camping and I didn't keep track of anything pointwise. So, I congratulate those of you still at it!

Week 11 Claudia

Still on vacation, and I really did take a vacation this week! Eating out every day and not exercising took its toll. I got 59 total points this week, including the blog point. I did not lose weight--in fact I gained about 3 lbs from 2 weeks ago. I go home today and still have one week to go, so I'm not giving up just yet. We're in the final stretch! Go for it ladies!

Cheryl - Week 11

I broke my barrier this week! Week 6 of the challenge was my lowest weight. Then I started maintaining or gaining little bits. I would bounce up and down sometimes showing a loss and sometimes not...never making it below Week 6's weight until today. And I beat it by 1.4 lbs. It felt great to finally get there. However, I think it makes a huge challenge for me this week to have another loss next Monday. I'll do my best to go out with a bang! My points this week are 70 - no weight loss last week and I had a yummy dessert.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bonnie Week 10

I am posting a couple of days late and debated whether to post or not. I have really hit a wall. I lost 2 lbs. last week just because of giving up sugar, but bombed it on Sunday. I did not get a high score, and did not count my blog point, so my total comes limping in at 63. I exercised 45 min. today and feel like I'm back among the living, but not doing well and that's all she wrote....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Claudia's Week 10

I'm on a week-long road trip with my daughter this week and don't have a scale, so I'm not counting a weight loss this week. I have 70 points total. Road trips are not good for losing weight--all the yummy snacks, the difficulty exercising, and finding ways to eat your fruits and vegetables are a challenge. Also, when you drink a lot of water...lots of stops!

Pauline - Week 10

Well, no weight loss again. My points are 66 for the week. I bombed on Saturday by forgetting to do 4 points worth of stuff. I'm sad that we only have 2 weeks, I wanted to be lower on the scale numbers. I'm going to keep on going and stay with some of the changes.

Leah week 10

Well this was a good week until I got sick Saturday night and then it all went down hill... So only 69 points for this week. However the sickness did make me lose some extra weight so the potential for a perfect week next time is there. It sure does make me thankful for a normally healthy body and it also makes me glad that I am not pregnant since I really don't do well with being nauseous for longer than an hour.

Week 10 Dawn

I think I've started to develop some good habits by doing this challenge twice. Some things are just common now and I find myself not having to think about exercising, drinking water, not overeating, not eating after 8pm etc. I've enjoyed doing this challenge but I have to admit that it hasn't been as fun as the last one with all the people that have dropped out. It's a lot more encouraging when we're all in this together. Points this week were 71. Weight stayed the same as last Monday so that's better than gaining.

Cheryl - Week 10

My weight was down all week, then Sunday it popped up just a tad. Then Monday just a tad more. So, no loss this week. I have 72 points which includes last weeks loss. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a bad habit of weighing myself every single day. I never did that before this challenge, but since we started in January, I have. I can't help it. Oh well. Once we're done, I won't worry so much about the daily "check". It will be nice to not to be so consumed with this all day everyday. But I sure have enjoyed the habits I've created. I wouldn't quite consider myself a runner yet, but I can see my own progression in that area. I'm actually enjoying the fact that I can run a bit farther every now and then. A couple weeks ago, I had to take my daughter with me on my morning exercise. My husband had to leave early so she went with me. One day I was really trying to hurry and beat the rain. I knew it was coming. So trying to get a 4 year old out the door first thing in the morning was a challenge. She was however excited to go exercise with Mommy. A couple times it started to sprinkle. If I were by myself, I would have just enjoyed it, but it was bit cool so I didn't want her getting too wet in the weather. (She was bundled up in two sets of fleece PJ's plus a blanket - FL is not so cold as UT though - whew!) As it started to sprinkle, it made me attempt the running stints more often and longer so we could get home quicker. It made me realize that I can push myself - if I really want to. I'm actually enjoying that challenge now. I'm looking forward to a new focus (increasing my endurance as opposed to weight loss).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weeks 8 and 9

The last 2 weeks I have forgot to post on Monday. I decided to do a "late" post this week to chart my progress or lack of!!!! I'm not sure of my points for Week 8 as I didn't take time to write down for most of the week so I am only claiming 28. Week 9 is a total of 67. I love this Challenge and will stay focused this much going on but I have to take care of business!! Forward into the remaining 3 weeks. Keep on!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 9 Dawn

Still plugging away. Not much to report. Points this week were 68. All those that are still in, keep it up. You're doing good.

Bonnie Week 9

Week 9 has come and gone, and I feel like it's "gone with the wind." I'm not too happy with my results this week, but am determined to get a great score next week. I did not lose any pounds, and my score is a whimpy 64. Old habits keep raising their heads and I feel like I'm trying to slay a hundred dragons. This week will prove to be better. I just know it! We have 3 weeks left in this challenge. There is still alot of good that can come in the time that is left.

Leah week 9

It's almost over!!! And I am soooo excited about that. This week flew by. Had to take my son to the emergency room but I packed a dinner so I wouldn't lose my points for skipping a meal and not eating all my fruit/veg servings. Lost some weight; new exercise schedule seems to be working. 71 points for this week. Can't you just see that chocolate cake waiting at the end of the tunnel? It's right there next to the donut and homemade cookies I'll be eating in a few short weeks :-) My oldest is very excited to have a mom that bakes again.

Claudia Week 9

The challenge is getting harder because I'm getting tired. I'm having a hard time with the exercise every day. It's such a chore, but I'm pushing through it. I had a perfect score until last night, when I broke down and ate a small piece of homemade apple pie with 1/2 scoop of ice cream for my son's birthday celebration. It was delicious! And, I was still able to lose a pound this week. My points are 71, including weight loss and blog.

Cheryl - week 9

I barely managed a weight loss this time - only .4 but better than nothing. Nothing too exciting for me this week either other than just trying to keep even the tiniest weight loss going as it seems to be a struggle at this point. I'm finding that really good habits are being created in this challenge and I'm so glad I'm participating. Points this week are 72.

Wendy--Week 9

I don't have a whole lot to report on. I got 70 points this week. My positives include that I'm still hanging on and trying to do the program even though I'm not really in the running for winning anything. I did lose a pound this week so that is good. I hope everyone else is doing well!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Cheryl - Week 8

I can't believe we only have 4 weeks left. Passing up sweets sure is getting hard for me since I love them so much. I had a day this week where I gave in - and since the meal was homemade by someone else, I didn't have calorie content for any of it. I just guessed. After "partaking" I couldn't honestly say that I earned the point for the 100 calorie or less treat. But the food I ate sure was yummy. One thing I can say though, is that I think this challenge is helping me to create some good habits. I was a horrible fruit and vegetable eater before. But now I think I will continue to eat the fruits and veggies that I've been eating as I enjoy the way they have been made. I did not have weight loss last week, so my points for today are 70. But the upside to that, is that I DO have weight loss today. So, I'm aiming for a perfect 72 next week. Good luck everyone!

Week 8 - Bonnie

I don't want to talk about it either! BUT I didn't completely bomb it.... I traveled to Tucson to visit my daughter. She made some fabulous dishes and I enjoyed everyone of them! I didn't keep my food journal as I should have, and missed a day of exercise, but we walked all of the other days, ate plenty of fruits & veggies, didn't skip meals, took my vitamins, etc. My points were 64. I didn't lose any weight and show a 1 lb gain. :( but I am not quitting. It's a new week, a new day, and I got up early and did my exercise this morning. Also I did my studying. So far it's a good day and I'm going to keep pressing forward. Every day is a gift. We don't have to be perfect, just keep on striving! I wanna lose this fluff!!!!

Claudia Week 8

Not a great week for me because I got a bad cold and didn't have the energy to exercise. Plus, I didn't feel like saying something positive in the mirror when I felt so crummy. Anyway, hanging on by my fingernails and not giving up yet! I got 64 points, plus 1 for blogging for a total of 65 points (no weight loss-in fact I gained a pound).

Week 8- I don't want to talk about it.

I was out of town last week and could not get to a computer to report. But that is okay because I really didn't want to report. I have done the worst I have ever done on this challenge in the last two weeks. Everything I want to say about it is an excuse (children with ear infections, tearing out my kitchen) so I won't go there, I will just say that I am going to work hard this week to get a perfect week. It won't be easy, but I need it to get back on track.

Leah week 8

Can it be??? 72 points??? I don't believe it. What a looooong week. I'm working on a new exercise system so hopefully lots more weight will be leaving my belly. I am excited tomorrow is March. Only 28 more days of this and then it's over :-D I know I have kind of a bad attitude, but I feel like with all the weeks I gained weight or stayed the same, I was already doing that before the challenge except I could eat cake, donuts, ice cream.... the list goes on and on. I just really miss my delicious treats and the 3 hours of sleep last night are kinda making me crabby. Why is it the one time the baby sleeps 7 hours my oldest decides to get up 3 times? I bet they plan this out while I am in the bathroom :-P

Week 8 Dawn

Not too much to report this week. I was down .4 from last week so that is good. I really think the rule of no treats and no over eating in the last challenge was the key for me. Even the 100 cal. treats don't seem to help me plus I think they are gross but I eat them anyway. I'd rather have the real stuff. I still love the veggie recipe that Jen posted and love the fact that I have the veggies all cut and in the freezer. I've made that a lot for lunch. The other day my husband came in the kitchen when I was making it and said, "I really don't think it's fair that you make your fajitas and don't share". (He calls them meatless fajitas). Can you imagine someone getting upset because you're not sharing you VEGETABLES? I know, funny. Points this week are 70.

Wendy--Week 8

It was a rough week after my weight-loss high last week. I knew it would be next to impossible to lose weight this week after losing so much last week, but I wanted to make the most of being able to have a perfect point week this week. However, early on I was exhausted after the baby being sick all weekend and crashed and burned on Tuesday night. I fell asleep before getting my points for saying something positive in the mirror, finishing my water for the day, reading my scriptures, and doing my exercise. I was devastated the next morning. There were so many times I just wanted to throw in the towel for the whole week since I had already lost those four points. I stuck it out and ended up with 68 points, only losing those four points on Tuesday. I keep trying to tell myself I can make to the end, but I'm sure having to have a lot of pep talks!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lee & Jen's Week 7

I really hope she isn't just following my lead, but Lee called to officially throw in the towel as well. Good luck to everyone. Maybe we'll both do better next time around.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've bombed this week point wise, but I've done one thing good, and that is I've really done better about getting off sugar. I lost 2 lbs. so that was a great thing. My aim this week is to be consistent in eating better & keeping my exercise strong. I have a little trip this week to Tucson so it will be a challenge, but I will do my best. My score this week is not shining or blinking in neon lights. It is only 66, but I'm very happy to see 2lbs. off. Let's not give up! Let's keep on keeping on! Every person who succeeds falls back at times, but they consistently keep trying & striving! They never give up!

Week 7 Dawn

This week I had 70 points. I really like the veggie recipe that was posted but when I'm hungry, I'm hungry and want to eat now and that's when I grab what ever is quick. Cutting up those veggies isn't quick so this week I spent some time cutting red, yellow and orange peppers, onions and mushrooms. Then I scooped them into 1 cup servings and they fit real nice in a snack size zip lock bag. I got 8 cups out of that and put those 8 bags in the freezer. Now when I want that healthy veggie lunch, I put one of those bags in the microwave for 30 seconds to defrost a bit and cook them up quickly in a little oil, top with the cheese and spinach and roll up in a wrap. My husband said they are meatless fajitas and they are good.

Week 7

This has not been a good week for me. I almost decided to throw the towel in but decided I am going to keep going. There are 4 weeks left in the Challenge and I want to keep up with the changes I am making. My points for the week are 57. No excuses, just lazy some days. Spring is just around the corner, almost time to "ditch" the coats, sweaters, and pounds!!!!

Cheryl - Week 7

Well, I'm still pluggin' along. No weight loss for me this week. In fact I maintained all week and then when I stepped on the scale this morning I was up one pound. So goes the weight loss game. Everything else I did perfectly though. I count my weight loss (or lack thereof) from last week on this week's points. I did not lose last week either, so my points today are 71. So, I guess a perfect score for me next week will also be a 71 - that's my goal! (And then a 72 the week after that....)

Claudia - Week 7

I tried so hard to get a perfect score this week and I did it! (Except I didn't lose an ounce, so I only got 71 total points.) At least I didn't gain any weight. I've only lost 5 lbs this challenge, for a total of 18 lbs for both fall and winter so far. I'm grateful for that. This challenge has taught me that I can be consistent with the exercise and I can cut out sugar--except for a bite now and then--and can control my hunger after dinner. I have missed eating popcorn in the evening so much that Saturday night I ate popcorn and a smoothie for dinner!

Leah week 7

Points for this week are 70. I've sat here for 30 seconds trying to think of what to write next and I got nothin'. It was just a regular week with the same old challenges. I am very much looking forward to the end of March. Only 5 more weeks to get through!

Wendy--Week 7

Well, my diligence has finally paid off this week. I lost a substantial amount of weight from last week to this week. It's almost crazy how I stayed or gained a little week after week and then all of a sudden it's gone this week. Not complaining. I just think it's weird how's it's been working for me this challenge. I went to the doctor and he did notice that I had lost weight so that felt good! I've had two family birthdays in a row lately and didn't have birthday cake. I feel a lot more upbeat about the whole thing. I got 70 points for the week. Feeling good!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow. What is my body doing?

So I've exercised pretty hard the last couple of weeks and have gained weight nonetheless. No, my eating isn't the greatest, but I'm not eating any more than I was. Weird. I've been bad and didn't tally my points. I need to just hunker down and get the eating in line while I'm exercising hard so I can see some serious results. I've got to get off the few pounds I've gained AND additional ones from there. Sigh.

I'm thinking of overhauling the whole challenge for the Fall, but I'll keep that under wraps until I figure out some things. I've got all summer since the fall challenge doesn't start until August or September. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 6

Week 6 I limped along, but I have made progress in some areas. My score is not as strong as I would liked to have seen. It is 67. It could have been worse, but definately it could be better. My food choices need to be better. No weight loss to report. I will press forward trying to get a stronger score next week.

Week 6

This week has flown by for me. My points are 69. I forget some of the simple goals but I did lose 2 lbs. I was hoping to be further a long in my weight loss but I keep telling myself I am still minus about 11 pounds. When I think of that in terms of 11 - 1 lb loaves of bread, it makes me feel better. I'm not giving up and hopefully can report at least another pound next week. We are on the downhill side of the Challenge, still time to log in some good points. Good luck everyone, chin up, and move forward!!!

Jen's Week 6

I've officially thrown in the towel. Long story, but I can't even post points this week because I didn't keep track. But for first time in my life I've crossed the stress threshold where I'm not finding time to overeat, so I think I may have lost weight, but probably not in the best way. As I've promised to post for my friend Lee, I will keep posting, and maybe things will calm down enough that I can start up again.

Lee's Week 6

For me, this was probably the lowest points I've ever had in a week.....52.....including for 1 pound of weight loss and this blog. I have found that I have been more devoted to eating more fruits and vegetables than normal, so I've appreciated the motivation to do that. I need to stop having so many set backs in other areas though and work more on the areas that I rarely do. This week in Michigan, we will be experiencing a bit of spring thaw with temps up as high as the 50's and with that the return of mud puddles. Gotta love being in a 4-season state though!


Week 6 Dawn

This post is dedicated to my hero, Jen. My kids drank spinach and loved it. Ha Ha. Okay, so I made Jen's smoothie when I got back from Florida. My kids have created their own little fitness challenge and are trying to eat better so when they heard this smoothie was good for them, they were willing to try it. (Of course, I did not tell them what was in it.) I made it in the morning while they were getting ready for school. Cory (13 tomorrow) drank it to the point that he started getting brain freeze. I told him he didn't have to drink it all at once. His reply, "But it's sooooo good". Amber (16) always grabs her breakfast as she's running out the door and eats it on the bus. A few minutes after she left, I got a text, "Mom, I want this smoothie for every meal for the rest of my life". I still haven't found the courage to tell them it has spinach in it. Not sure if I ever will. I do add a little bit of Splenda to balance out the tartness of the orange juice. Cory will get this smoothie for his birthday breakfast tomorrow. He will be thrilled. (Funny, spinach for your birthday). Anyway, the week was decent. I lost 1.4 and had 64 points. Any more great recipes Jen?

Claudia - Week 6

A pretty good week for me, although I did lose a point for eating a small piece of coconut cream pie from Marie Callendars, but it was worth it! I actually lost the 2 lbs that I gained last week, so I'm back on the losing track. I got 71 points this week. The exercise is hard because I leave it to the end of the day. I think morning exercise would be better, but I just can't seem to get myself out of bed early enough to do it. That's my new goal--morning exercise.

Ut-oh! Oops! - Cheryl Week 6

(This may be long). "A minute on the lips - Forever on your hips?" Is that how it goes? Something like that...Well, here's my story. Monday, I weighed in and lost weight (as usual for me in this challenge so far). My family had been in town the prior week for our daughter's 4th birthday. (We had a great time and I stuck by my checklist). Dawn had just left Saturday and we were taking my parents to the airport in Pensacola as they were headed home as well on Monday. Pensacola is about an hour away and we thought we would get lunch on our way back. I spotted a Steak-n-Shake (yummy place for those who are unfamiliar). I said "Ooo, that sounds good." My husband said "Okay, we can go there." I said "No, no, that's okay - it just sounds yummy." He said "Why not? You already weighed in today". I was tempted and I did eat. ONE MEAL!! I MADE A BAD CHOICE AND TWO LBS HAVE REMAINED ON MY HIPS ALL WEEK LONG!!! I ate a cheeseburger and fries. I did not have a shake because I knew that would be more than a 100 calorie treat. I had my water. Tuesday I was two lbs up! I have worked hard all week to get back down so I could still have weight loss today (even if just .1) but it didn't happen. I have remained two lbs up ALL WEEK LONG. My confidence got the best of me and I admit it. I knew I was making a risky choice, but I thought I could get it off no problem. Wrong! Thus, the saying that started this paragraph. That, however, doesn't effect my points today, but it will next Monday's. What effected my points today was that I forgot to say something positive to myself one day. Had a reviewed my checklist before I went to bed that night, I would have caught it. Then Saturday night a friend came over with a troubled heart at 9pm (when I usually start exercising). She sat and needed a shoulder to lean on. She was here until 11pm. Needless to say, I did not exercise. She had walked to our house, so I took her home and then crawled into bed. So - points this week for me: 70. (Whoa - yep, that was long...sorry).

Week 6- Pretty Good

I had a good week. Overall I did not do great in points but I feel good about what I did do. I cut way down on my snacking between meals and made healthier meals this week. I had a bad Sunday, I was tired and sick of being a single parent to 3 small children (my husband is working mandatory overtime for the month) so I went on a sugar eating binge. I am better now. :) My wonderful husband gave me a heart moniter watch for running, I really want to go running! But that is not going to happen this week, since he is gone. I might get to go on Friday. I did lose some lbs but it is also my down a lb week. Pts: 63

Leah week 6

Points are 70. Gained half a pound. Whatever :-P I think the no eating after 8pm is having a negative effect since I now continually stuff my face at 7:30pm because I know I am going to be starving by 9pm if I don't. Whereas before I would just eat normal and have a light snack at 9pm. (and I wasn't gaining any weight). I guess I will start to test out my theory on March 29th.

Wendy--Week 6

More blah to report. Thought I could pick myself up after last week, but didn't really do any better. I don't know why my heart's just not in it this time. I've got to change something, but still have to figure out what that is. My points for this week were 68. Maybe I can be more positive next Monday. Kudos to those of you that are feeling really good and doing well!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Checkin in

Well I pretty much suck point wise. Like REALLY suck. I think I got like... 47 this week. But I did lose 2 lbs. Denise has me doing some PX90. YIKES OH RAMA.... I hope I get better at that. I look pretty pathetic. But I work up a good sweat. Good job to all of you guys who are doing GREAT!!! Way to go!!!

Jen's Week 5

Bleh. 55 points (including 1 for the blog). Didn't lose weight. Didn't do much of anything except stress eat.

Lee's Week 5

Just a short blog this week...I had some different forms of exercise this week....shoveling snow and hauling firewood for our wood stove. Enjoyed hosting a Super Bowl party for my family last night (Go Packers!). Ended up with 54 points for the week, including 1 point for this blog, but gained a 1/2 pound this week :(

End of Week 5

Week 5 was just ok for me. I could have been stronger, better, more disciplined. I'm going to try for a better week this week. I lost 1 lb. and had a total point score of: 70 pts. Way to go everyone. We've got 1/2 the challenge behind us. We can make this last half really great! Spring and summer is just around the corner!

Fun week 5 - Claudia

Went to Seattle to bless the new grandbaby--he's so cute! I ate a big chocolate dipped valentine cookie from Costco--bad! and overate at meals, skipped exercise one day. Didn't have a scale, so I weighed in tonight. I think I gained a couple of pounds, but certainly didn't lose. Anyway, no weight-loss point for me. I got 68 total points this week.

Week 5

Just a "so-so" week for me. Did real well until the weekend and then some of my family came to visit. I forgot to do some of the things like taking my vitamin. I have found the one goal that has really helped me is the "No eating after 8:00". My points for the week are 67. Week 6, wow, already half way through the Challenge. I need a perfect point week. Even though we are on the "downhill" of the Challenge, I want to be on the "uphill" of points!

Cheryl Week 5

You know, I sit here and read everyone's posts of how frustrated you are because you're doing the hard work and aren't seeing results. I must say that I would be feeling very much the same and I was afraid of that happening to myself as I started this challenge. I wasn't sure I wanted to enter. I'm not sure why, but this is the first time I've been able to really stick to something. I've lost no less than 2 lbs every single week. I've been following my check list to the 'T' and have been very strict with myself. I'm not trying to boast, but I feel absolutely GREAT! I have 72 points this week and have lost 3.3 lbs (a total of 13.1 lbs). I wish I had some words of encouragement for those who are struggling. One thing that has worked for me is that I made myself a checklist and am continually aware of the things I need to be doing everyday. I check things off as the day goes on, and review it before the end of the day to make sure I didn't forget anything. I don't know if this will help anyone, but another thing I do is brush my teeth at 8pm sometimes because I know I won't be eating anymore. That "fresh mouth" helps me remember that. May sound silly, but it works for me. Good luck to everyone this week!

Leah week 5

71 points for me this week. It sounds like almost a perfect week, but no weight loss and it's getting...... irritating. I have cut out all the good stuff, I'm doing all the healthy things and I gained 1.5 pounds!!! WHAT?! I missed out on my birthday cake, I missed out on wedding cake and I plan on skipping the Valentine's Day chocolate. What's the point on missing out on the good stuff if I am going to be gaining weight anyway? Blah. I guess I will think positive and assume I gained 1.5 pounds of muscle and it's just hiding somewhere underneath all the fat :-)

Week 5

Okay, so I'm just going to assume that muscle weighs more than fat like we always hear, because I worked hard this week and am up in weight. Really? My eating still needs tweaks and changes, but I worked HARD and had sore muscles all week to prove it. However, I really am optimistic, because it felt great to do hard things, and I hadn't gotten into a good exercise groove since Leslie and I gave up walking due to cold weather. I bought p90x for a great price and am enjoying quality DVDs that give me a variety so I'm not doing the same routine day after day. Wish me luck!!! Or at least weight loss. Or at least inches off!!!

Week 5 Dawn

First of all, my points were 62. I tried to follow my sister this week but she is a night exerciser and I'm a morning exerciser so I missed a few times because I was too tired. Missed some water, ate some treats but actually learned something this week that I'd like to share. This may be long. I was at the mall with my parents having lunch. I know I ordered too much but thought I'd just throw it out when I had enough. I know that's wasteful but we all do it to lose weight and all food places give us too much food. As I started to eat, I saw a couple about my age getting ready to eat. They held hands, bowed their heads and prayed over their food before eating it. Now, this isn't the first time I've seen this and being a strongly religious person, I pray over my food but I'm not the type that does it in public. Knowing what I know about God, I should do it. I looked at my food and knew I should be grateful for it. Then I realized I have never, ever wondered where my next meal was going to come from. I know many have wondered that, but I never have. I realized I've always had food available. I've always had food in my house, on my mission, in college, during early married years and now. I've always had money to buy food. I've had enough food to eat too much and enough to throw away. I suddenly realized that I should be more grateful for all the food I have and that I shouldn't eat too much and shouldn't waste it unnecessarily. That is why I have weight issues. I have too much and plenty. This couple taught me something and I'm going to try to be more grateful for the food I do have and be more wise with it out of respect for those that don't have it. Food is good, but I don't have to eat it all.

Week 5- Back on the wagon

This week was so much better. I am still sick but I decided to get back to working out and watching my points. I tried running but the cold has settled in my chest so that was not an option yet. Hopefully this week. But I did get 4 perfect days this week and really cut down on snacking. However I went up one 1 lb back to the weight I am stuck at. Another good thing, I went shopping with my mom and we both were able to try on a size that we can't remember that last time we wore it! It felt awsome! Pts for week 61

Wendy--Week 5

Not a good week for me. We had a snow day (very rare event in S.A.) on Friday and I made the horrible decision to make chocolate chip cookies for my children, thinking I could handle the temptation and stand strong. Boy was I wrong! I succumbed to temptation and it all went downhill from there. I have this terrible habit of throwing in the towel when I make one mistake. Since I ate a cookie I thought that all was lost and just kept eating more cookies and then other things that I shouldn't have. Friday and Saturday were both bad. Yesterday I forced myself to get back on track and get perfect points. But I had already paid the price with my weight loss. Now I'm back at square one again. Whenever I do this, I harbor very serious thoughts about dropping out of the competition and giving up. So, today I'm trying to not give up and keep going. I got 66 points this week.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 4

This week definitely hasn't been very good for me!

I got a whopping 50...don't really want to go too much into it, but I definitely need to get my tush in gear.

My mom got a 62. She definitely is a good example to follow. Hopefully next week will be way better!

Jen's week 4

Hmmm, not a great week. (56 points including 1 for blog--no weight loss) My baby turned 5, so there was cake and ice cream, which due to all the other stress in the week, I said forget it, and joined in. The other stresses have made exercise practically nonexistent, but I'm not giving up. Small victory of the week--today I was running errands and it's been soooo stressful this week and I was just craving a big BK hamburger because I'd watched the stupid TV commercial. Then suddenly I realized that I was wanting that just because I was stressed. I know I eat out of stress, but usually I either make note of this after the eating has been done, or I just say screw it, I don't care and do it anyway. But today, I said no, I'm not going to respond to my stress that way and I drove by BK, went home and made a turkey sandwich with lots of spinach on whole wheat bread for lunch. Empowering.

Lee's Week 4

It hasn't been a great week for the challenge for me. It's my own fault, I didn't work hard enough at it. I did get and shovel twice for fitness this week and here in Michigan with our expected snowfall in the next 2 days, I will be out there again! I gained (ugh!) 4 pounds this week and my point totals are 55, including 1 point for the blog, such as it is.

Week 4 - Reporting in

My points this week are 71. I can't remember, but I think I forgot the self-talk in the mirror. That is really hard to remember and to think of something new to say everyday. I lost 1 1/2 pounds, coming off slow. My exercise is good but I think I need to concentrate on my dinner portion control -"emotional eating" when I am tired. Going for 2 lbs this week! I'm thrilled we still have 8 weeks to go.

Week 4 Bonnie

Week 4 was a challenge for me, but I lost 2 pounds and got 71 points. I'm looking at this challenge as my chance to fine tune my bad habits - the habits that put this weight on, into healthy habits - habits that will let this added weight finally come off for good. My evening eating is always my biggest challenge. I have to conquer that area, plus have consistent exercise - now that's the magic combination! It always works.

week 4 Dawn

Greetings from Florida. I'm with my sister, Cheryl, this week. Saturday was my niece's 4th birthday and she had an inflatable bounce house for the party. We had it an hour before and an hour after the kids came. Guess who bounced her legs off in the bounce house with her 4 year old niece? I got a ton of exercise in that day and was worn out. That night, no sleep was had waiting for my sister while in the ER. Jen, Cheryl made your smoothie and let me have some. I'll have to admit, when I read the ingredients, I wasn't going to make it. I couldn't imagine a smoothie with spinich in it. But after I had some and told Cheryl it was good, she told me it was your recipe. I'll be making that when I get home. My service was taking care of little Brooke while Cheryl was feeling awful Sunday. Not sure how my weight really is this week since I'm weighing on Cheryl's scale and not being able to weigh first thing in the morning. The stinkin scale said I was up 1.3. I hope it's lying. So, no point for weight loss but my clothes feel looser. We'll see what it says next week when it's my own scale. Points are 67.

Claudia - Week 4

Almost forgot to post...after all the work this week. I got 71 points, including posting and weight loss. I only lost 1 pound again, but I'll take it. Exercise is the key. Gotta increase the intensity, though, if I want to keep losing. Hang in there, everyone. We're already 1/3 of the way through the challenge. You can do it!

Cheryl - Week 4

I didn't quite get my perfect week this week. Saturday night I went to the ER (after having all my points for the day except exercise). I came home at 5am Sunday morning, but couldn't get meds until the pharmacy opened at 10am. So it wasn't until 11am or so that day that I started feeling better and was able to function like a normal person. So, Sunday I didn't eat breakfast and I didn't get all my water in. I did however, manage to get all my fruits/veggies in (thanks to Jen's recipes - thank you). With Dawn visiting here this week, I got my service in Sunday night by cooking her dinner (we did the veggie/egg mess on a tortilla). Though I had a rough ending, I lost another 2.7 lbs (I'm almost at a total of 10). My points for this week are 69. I'm much better now and should be off to another good week ahead.

Leah week 4

What a blah week. I am not one to say 'I quit' but there were 3 days this week that I just wanted to forget all about this challenge. The weight is just dribbling off. I am not losing inches. I know I need to up my exercise but with an infant and a very active toddler it's hard to do. At night is the perfect time because everybody is asleep but by then I am exhausted and I still have household chores to get done. Add sickness to the mix and things just don't get done. I need to find some motivation and quick! Or I need to find a nanny and a maid. I'm guessing motivation is cheaper :-) Only 69 points for this week.

Week 4- The horrible week continues

Anyone that has had small children knows how horrible the flu/cold season is. We had the flu last week and this week it has been a not fun cold! Walking up the stairs wipes me out, so exercise was out. Also eating was hard so getting my veggie's didn't happen. :( I am feeling better to day and I am recommited to working hard this week. I did lose 1/2 a lb most likely because I hardly ate. I will do better on the treats thing because I have a 13 year old neice who has been put on a restricted diet for 3 months. She can't eat any sugar and just about everything else you can think of, so everytime I am tempted to eat sugar I think of her and it helps. And a note to Wendy- last challenge (and this one) I have not seen results on the scale. I started measuring my waist, hips and chest every week I was losing inches! Just remember muscle weighs more than fat. Pts for the week 48.

Wendy--Week 4

I finally got a perfect week--72 points. I was so excited and then I went to weigh myself and I had gained .2 pounds. Basically there was no difference. I worked so hard this week and had no difference in weight. Uggghh. I'm having a hard time trying to stay motivated when I'm seeing no results in weight loss! I don't know exactly what the reasoning is. Maybe I'm eating too much? The last time we did this challenge my points were almost always in the high 50's, low 60's. But I lost a lot of weight and that kept me going. Anyway, I need to figure out what the problem is and fix it so I can lose weight. I see my doctor in February in a couple of weeks and I really want to see him be pleasantly surprised at my progress.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jessica and Mina

I finally got my perfect week! 72 points for's about time!

My mom had a 61 point week! So overall we're doing pretty good at our house! Hopefully I'll enjoy exercising again soon! And find the energy to get up and do it in the morning. It makes my day go so much better when I exercise in the morning!

Here's to another great week! Good luck everybody!

Week Three - Not So Good

This week was not a good week. My points were only 64. I found myself forgetting to finish up a couple of things like saying something nice in the mirror. Oh, well, I am not going to get down on myself. Most areas I was able to accomplish every day. I didn't have a weight loss but the positive note is I am changing habits and that is what I want to do so I won't gain back what I lose. Week 4 is going strong.

Rebecca Week 3

No weightloss for me this week but I did do better on my points...65. I feel like I am loosing a little steam. Must...stay...motivated.

Jen's week 3

Long week. Points 68 (includes blog point and point for the measly half pound I lost this week--can I even count half a pound?) Next week will be even longer. Go team. What a boring post.

Lee's Week 3

Well, despite a big and fabulous family weekend, I was able to lose one little pound this week. Yay me. Too bad I lost a few points because of it, but it was sooooo worth it. My points for this week are 53 (includes 1 point for the blog and 1 point for the weight loss). Time to get back to work on the challenge!

Week 3 - Bonnie

Here I am finishing up Week 3. It was a stressful one for me. I think may that is part of the reason why I held onto the weight. I stayed the same, but I won't let it pull me down. I got 70 points and am happy about that. Week 4 has started with today, and I hope to make it a good one. Week 4 here we come! Watch out.

Week 3 Dawn

Just a normal week. Nothing big to report. It's been fun watching my kids do their own challenge. One gets up at 6am to put in a half hour of exercise before school, the other one struggles with that time and has missed several mornings. At least I've been a good example to my kids through this challenge. Lost a tiny bit of weight this week. I thought it was .04 but when I looked at last weeks weight, it was only .02, so that sucks. My weight loss is so tiny and that's frustrating when you try to do things right. But a loss is a loss and I'll take any losses no matter how tiny. Points this week were 69.

Blah Leslies Check In

I dont know why this particlar challenge is so hard for me. But it is. Ive done really good with the no sweets *or a rare 100 calorie treat but all the rest, is not coming easily!!! Oh well, just keep pluggin along. 50 points +1 and none for weight loss. :( All of the rest of you are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work!!! (and Denise... 3 lbs!!! WTG! Thats awesome!)

Claudia Week 3

I'm starting to enjoy the exercising now. I don't hit the wall the first 10 minutes--it's almost 20 minutes before I have to take a 1 minute break and jump back on the treadmill. I can feel my body getting stronger and it's a great feeling. I did well this week. I only missed 1 point because one night I didn't tally up my fruits/vegs until after 8:00 and realized I had only 3 that day--darn! Anyway, I have 71 points for the week with 1 lb weight loss.

Week 3 points

Okay, weight loss is stupid. I had my worst week yet in the history of challenges. It was bad (48 points bad). Yet I'm down almost 3 pounds?!? Grrrrr. (Not about the weight loss, but about the unpredictability of bodies!) I didn't feel well and skipped meals, didn't eat veggies, ate things I shouldn't have and didn't exercise one day. I don't get it. I'm back on the bandwagon as of yesterday, so hopefully this week I'll feel great ... and lose more weight in the process.

Week 3- A Really Bad one

I started out Monday morning with the goal to get a perfect week. I got up and went running at 6 am had a lite breakfast and no snacks. I went out to lunch and was really good, I got a salad. That is when it all went down hill. I got food poisioning. So you can imagine how the rest of my day went. The problem with that is my stomach takes a long time to recover from things like this. So I have had to be really careful what I eat. Pretty much cinnamon toast and no water. Even this morning a week later I went running and my stomach did not like it. I think the worst part is I still not drop below the weight I have been stuck at for months! Any way pts for the week 55.

Cheryl - 3 for 3

Thanks to my written check list of things to do to earn points, I have another 72 and am down another 2 lbs! I would probably have lost a point or two if I did not stick to my checklist. That's what is keeping me in line. There have been a couple days that I would have forgotten to say something positive about myself in the mirror if I did not review my checklist before going to bed. I was at a small wedding Thursday night, and they had some of the best looking cupcakes there that I've ever seen. I told the girl who made them that I did NOT want the recipe, but instead I just want her to make them for me on March 28th! I can still see them in my head. They smelled so good too. As she was putting the leftovers back into her take-home container, some frosting got on her thumb. I must admit that I swiped it off her thumb and had a taste - but hey, that's less than 100 calories, so I'm okay!! (It was really good too, by the way).

Wendy--Week 3

My waiting paid off and I lost a couple of pounds this week. Yeah! I was proud of myself for a couple of things this week. There were several nights that I felt like bagging the whole thing and drowning myself in some treat. Instead I resisted the temptation and did other stuff instead. That was a big step for me because I battle with willpower a lot. Thanks, Jen, for posting your recipes for the smoothie and omelette. I tried them both and enjoyed them. I got 69 points this week.

Leah week 3

I can't believe how fast this last week flew by. I am still not used to not eating after 8pm. I always seem to get hungry around 9pm. It's hard to not eat and I keep hoping that the hunger will go away but every night it is the same thing. My husband was eating really yummy food at 9:30pm last night so I had to leave the room. I don't know if I will continue the no food after 8pm rule when this is all done. I guess it depends on how much weight I lose through this process. I did lose another pound (slowly, slowly, slowly losing the weight). I think I need to up my exercise since I know my eating is on track. 71 for this week (and if anyone is tallying these up, I calculated wrong for last week it should have been 71 not 70 since the lack of weight loss for last Monday gets counted for this week's and not last week's).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jen's very veggie breakfast . . .

In the blender, blend up 1/2 cup each of frozen blueberries and strawberries (just buy the big costco bag of frozen mixed berries and next year hit the u-pick farms in the spring/summer and freeze your own big bags of berries), 1 banana, 1/2 c plain yogurt, a scoop of frozen OJ concentrate, splash of 100% apple juice, splash of milk, a good shake of flaxmeal (for extra fiber) and at least a cup (a large handful) of fresh spinach. Blend away! Add more juice, milk or water to reach your preferred consistency. As long as you use dark berries like blueberries or blackberries, you can't see the spinach and it takes on the flavor of everything else, so you can't taste it either. My kids drink it without batting an eye.

Then, to get your protein in, take whatever chopped veggies you have left from dinner last night (I usually chop plenty extra onions, plus peppers, broccoli, tomatoes or whatever), saute the onions a bit in a little oil, throw in the green peppers or whatever other veggies you want, crack an egg over the top, give the whole thing a stir and a little salt and pepper. Flip it over put on another handful of spinach, turn down the heat and cover for a couple of minutes to wilt the spinach. When the egg is cooked to your liking, slide the whole mess onto a tortilla or piece of whole wheat toast. You can top with a little grated cheese in the pan, or my favorite, crumble some feta over it on your plate. You can even toss a handful of lettuce from last night's salad on top. Add some more fresh ground pepper (and I like to add a couple teaspoons of jalapeno pepper and onion jelly--yum!) and dig in. Voila! Depending on how much smoothie you share with your kids, you've just had all your veggies for the day--everything else is just gravy (well, vegetable gravy). If you like, let me know and I'll give you more veggie tips! . . . Later, ladies . . .

Rebecca Week 2

This week I've learned that forced hibernation is not good for the challenge. My total points for the week is a meager 50. For some reason I did loose 3 lbs. though...not sure how that happened. Denise, I put the check in the mail Monday morning of last week but two days later I was informed by my husband that the storm that hit Atlanta shut down the Post Office. That meant that the check I put in the mailbox...sat in the mailbox (hopefully) until Wednesday!! So sorry about that, hopefully you get it soon. As far as points go, it looks like I am already out of the running as far as winning goes but guess what? I am so happy that I am actually thinking about what I am eating, and doing great at not eating after 8 pm and reading my scriptures more and really trying that it is worth the $20.00 and then some. Here's to a great week 3.

Jen's week 2

This week looked a bit better on the weight loss front--I'm down 2.5 pounds. I feel a bit yo-yo-ish this time around for some reason. Anyway, my points for the week are 67 (includes two bonus for blog and weight loss). I'm increasing my intensity on my old faithful friend the exercise bike and did biggest loser yoga once (I felt like a big loser doing it, and was very sore the next day, so I did something). I have not yet been back to the pool--it's been soooo cold (excuse of the week). I'm really enjoying upping the veggies this time around--I went a little veggie crazy at the grocery store and it's so nice to have my pick of fresh veggies every meal! I even bought the fancy package of "Artisan Lettuces" and they're really good! Shall I give y'all my recipe for getting 3 or 4 servings of veggies/fruits at breakfast in a separate post? I thought you'd never ask.

Lee's Week 2

After week 2, I’ve gained 3 pounds….ugh! A new week is looming to redeem myself. It sure is cold (here in Michigan) and makes me want to curl up with a book under a big, warm blanket and do nothing, but I have to do some work here and only reward myself with that when the work is done. My total for this is 54 points, including the point for the blog. Stay warm everyone!

Wendy--Week 2

Doing alright. 68 points this week. Still not losing weight so I need to change something. I'm still staying positive, though.

Pauline-Week 2 - Love the Challenge

I must say I "love this Challenge". I have tried for years and years and lose weight. I'd lose and then gain the pounds back. The cravings would rage. Something is different this time. I feel satisfied and am not constantly thinking about food. The best thing is the simplicity of the program. It is not time consuming, difficult or a bunch of crazy foods. This week is a 72 point week for me. I lost 3 lbs. Thanks to those who started this blog and for letting me join. This week I am going to eliminate "weasel" words like "I'll try" or "I hope" with "I will".

Week 2 Mina and Jessica

My mom did amazing and reached a perfect score of 72 points!

I on the other hand did not get my perfect week yet...this week better watch out! I have lost 5.8 pounds so far, so I'm pretty happy with the results! My score for this week is 65.

Next we come! :)

Bonnie M. - Week 2

Week 2 was harder than I thought it would be. Some old habits tried to raise their ugly faces, but I kept working at it. I refuse to get discouraged. I'm only going to move forward. I lost 2 lbs. so I was thrilled about that. I have a total of 71 points. One day lat week my treat was over 100cal. I am going to be diligent this week to get a perfect score. Onward and upward, reaching for that slim trim number on my scale that I've not seen in years! I'm here, here for the long-haul until I get this battle done and it's h-i-s-t-o-r-y! Movin' forward, not lookin' backward at all!

Money money money money .... MONEY!

Okay, here's who I have money from so far. Today is your last day to get it to me (or in the mail) to get those extra 5 points.

Already paid:
Wendy Y.
Kris L.
Holly B.
Dawn R.
Cheryl C.
Emmy G.
Claudia K.
Pauline M.
Bonnie M.
Leah L.
Leslie H.
Marilee G.
Jennifer H.
Lee R.
Jessica C.
Mina K.

Anyone else out there I've missed? As mentioned, today is the last day to get it to me for the bonus. You have two weeks to get it to me before you're ineligible for the pot prize. Thanks, everyone!

Week 2 points

Not my best week. I am struggling getting back into exercise. It's just so boring to do alone. :) My points for the week were only 60. No weight loss, but I would have been surprised if I had any. Hopefully I can get my mind and heart into it a bit more this week.

Leah week 2

I guess I am still looking for that perfect week. We were on vacation all week and it was a struggle sometimes to fit everything in. It was 7:50pm one night while I shoveled a cup of veggies into my mouth. For the first time in my entire life I ordered salad with my meal instead of fries. I'm definitely making healthier choices, but I really miss all the treats. For the most part I did great but I missed a 4th fruit and didn't lose any weight (but very happy to have not gained either) so my total is 70.

Leslie's check in... BAD BAD POINTS WEEK!!!

Oh wow. I did horrible this week. LOTS of late night dinners, skipping meals, skipping exercise, water, vegi' name it. But I did lose a mere 1.6 lbs. I've gotta do better. I do so good at the beginning of the week but the weekends kill me!! Points 51+1+1+5. 58 points. Pathetic.

So-So Week 2 - Claudia

I lost 2 lbs this week and got 69 total points, including the weight loss and blog point. I also discovered smoothies, thanks to my daughter, Jen. You can pack a lot of fruits in them and get 2 servings (whole banana, frozen berries, fruit juice, yogurt)--really good stuff!

Cheryl - Week 2

This is easier than I expected for me. I get up early to read the scriptures before my daughter gets up (and usually end up back in bed when I'm done - waiting for her to come in and wake me). Then I exercise at night after she goes to bed. I thought those two things were going to be the hardest part for me (getting up early and exercising at night). I still think it is, but it's not as bad as I expected it to be. I don't know if I'll be saying that same thing in the last weeks of this challenge, but we'll see. This was another good week for me. I have a 72 for the week and another 2.8 lbs lost that I'm quite proud of. Good luck to all for a new week!

Week 2 Dawn

Still working on getting the full 4 F/V. Had two late night dinners and missed a water yesterday which I didn't realize until I was heading to bed and decided to fill up my jug for today. I guess I could have chugged down another glass at 10pm but it just didn't appeal to me. My son and his girlfriend brought over "Just Dance II" for the Wii last night and boy, was that fun. I'll have to get that one. It was a good and fun workout. I also made cupcakes for a friend's birthday (too bad I can't get a point for the dance workout and the service yesterday). Anyway, the two kids that I have at home have decided to start exercising and try not to have treats so I have extra cupcakes sitting on my counter and no one is eating them....cupcakes anyone? Points this week are 63.

Week Two and counting

Well I already blew it, I wanted to get a perfect score every week but I didn't this week, I lost most of my points on Friday when my husband and I went on a date (which is rare this days). I decided to eat the popcorn at the movie, then we did not get sat at the restaurant until 7:50, so you know I ate after 8. Oh well it was nice to be on a date. I am really enjoying the fruit and veggies thing. I never noticed before how little I ate. Someone last week asked for exercise suggestions in the cold. If you are LDS and live close to the church you can start a mom and tot exercise group. We do that here. We all meet at the church (we do it Tues and Thurs) the kids play while we either walk the halls or work out to an exercise tape. My kids love it and ask every morning if it is time to go "workout at the church house". The key is to have two or three people in the group that have access to keys.
I am doing the same thing I did before where I am stuck at a certain weight (the same weight for months now), one week I lose a lb and the next week I gain it back. It is really frustrating considering I am working out at least an hour everyday. So I did not get a pt for weight loss this week which puts my points at for 67 the week.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pauline -Yahoo for week one!

I feel so good! I always eat plenty of fruits and veggies but my biggest problem is the "sweet tooth". I feel like I am living to eat instead of eating to live some days, so I hope that I can continue to make life changing habits. I want to take care of my body in every way. I love this point system and the accountability it gives me. My total points are 75. I missed 2 points, 1 for a day of no exercise and 1 for eating dinner after 8:00. ( I added the 5 points for paying on time and 1 point for blogging.) The bonus, in addition to feeling so much better without the sugar "fix", is that my scales show a loss of 6 pounds. Onward and forward, no looking back, those pounds are staying off and hopefully more will join them!!! Remember: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"!!!!! Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts. Have a great week!

Rebecca check-in

Better late than never. It's 10:30 pm here and I finally tallied up my points I recorded last week! My total came to 61 (this includes 5 points for sending money...sent a check today so hopefully you get it by Sat., 1 point for posting today and 1 point for losing a lb.) I must say I was a little disappointed that I only lost 1 lb. because I felt like I really stayed on top of the program but I felt great about myself all week and that is more important. Sunday was hard for me. I am glad we are encouraged to post our progress or lack thereof. It will hopefully help motivate me to make good choices. Hope everyone has a great week!

Jen's Week 1

Here I am again too. It's been a crazy day, I almost forgot to post. 75 points (includes 5 for $ and 1 for posting). I've done really well on the points this week, but didn't lose any weight (darn! I gained a couple even . . . I don't want to talk about it). I think I really need to step up my exercise--I'm doing it every day, the intensity must just not be enough on my exercise bike, even though I crank up the resistance and my speed. The first challenge I really lost weight when I did water aerobics 2-3 times a week for an hour. My schedule just doesn't really allow that this time around. I'll have to see what I can do. Any suggestions for intense exercise that can be done at home when it's 15 degrees and snowing outside? I love swimming, but I'm just struggling to eek out the 2 hours it takes between driving to the pool changing, swimming, showering and changing again. Anyway, enough whining. I'm excited to be back in the running and am going to keep pushing.

Lee's Week 1

Here we are.......back together again. I'm looking forward to more weight loss, hopefully an even bigger difference than from the last challenge. I'm pleased to say that I am starting this 2 pounds less than when the last challenge ended! I also plan to increase my points more each week. I like the change up with fruits and vegetables as a rule, it will help me to eat healthier and can add more variety to my eating habits. The message in the mirror is a good idea, too. I tend to think a lot of negative things about myself and this will make for a better outlook on myself.

For this past week, I have earned 61 points, including 1 pound for weight loss, 1 pound for the blog, and 5 points for the entry fee. Good luck to everyone!

Mina and Jessica Week 1

I'm posting for myself and for my mom, she's not too blogger savvy!

Week 1 was definitely an adjustment! While I didn't get perfect scores I'm aiming for them this week! I'm so motivated by all of the high scores!

So my mom's score for this week is 44 points (including bonus points)

My score for this week is 53 (including the bonus points)

I think the 100 calorie treat point is definitely going to be my biggest problem. But I'm excited to form the habit and gain the self discipline.

Bonnie Week 1 - Hang On!

Ok, I'm just way excited! I have had a whirlwind of a week, but started off strong on Week 1 of the Challenge and my first ever challenge with all of you. I had my son's Open House for his wedding, so it's been stressful, but I've been mindful of the 10 pts needed each day. I missed my 8:00pm deadline by 15 min. one night, and the day of the Open House I missed 1 point. All in all though, I lost 6lbs! Can you believe it? I know it's getting off the sugar. Now comes the hard part of hanging on to it, and the weight usually comes off slowly IF I keep my eating in check & exercise consistently. I plan to hang on to that new number, and am hoping to see at least a 1 lb loss next week, plus a perfect score! My total points for week 1 = 75 pts. Way to go everyone! I love reading of your great successes!

Leah week 1

Drinking all that water is like being pregnant all over again; I think I spend most of my day in the bathroom! Which is not so convenient when trying to run errands with a toddler and an infant. I felt like my 6 year old, wiggling and jiggling my way through the grocery store. It was a very good first week. Migraine headache made me lose a point otherwise I would have had a perfect week. Oh well, I have 11 more weeks to try for perfection. I did lose a pound; which feels fabulous. This weeks total was 74. I realized my birthday and Valentine's occur during this challenge. I am trying to not think of all the chocolate I will be missing out on. But, it will be worth it in the end if I can fit into my skinny jeans and need a belt!!!

Week 1 Dawn

Rough week! I could blame it on the bleak weather, the fact that I really don't like fruits and vegetables, difficulties with my 19 year old (anyone want to adopt a 19 year old with disorders??Anyone?? Seriously! I didn't think so). But I suppose it was just my own darn fault with not being tough on myself and making myself do what I should. There were some days where I would get in 3 servings of F/V but not four and lose the point. Eating the 4th serving would have pushing me into the "over eat" mode so I just lost the point. Sometimes I would think "why bother eating 3 if I'm not going to get the point?" but three is better than none. No weight lost or gained. Points are 64 and that's with my 5 point bonus for paying on time.

You don't Look 65! - Claudia Week 1

The first week was harder than I thought it would be. I ended up exercising after 10:00 pm most nights, but I did it. I only lost 1 lb this week, but I didn't do well on portion sizes. I'm still eating too much. I wish we had the "not overeat" point this time. It helped me a lot last challenge. Each day, I have taken to telling myself in the mirror, "You don't look 65!" I need to come up with a new mantra, I think. Anyway, I got 72 + 5 for paying = 77 total.

Leslies Check in...

Ok I was thinking I had 64 points...then I read Denise's post about forgetting to say something nice to herself and I remembered I didnt do that yesterday! GAH! So 63+1+1 for losing weight. (1.4) Im having a hard time this go around. One night I had to eat four cups of vegis cause I didnt do any for lunch. The kids thought that was hilarious. But Im pluggin along.

Week 1 Points

Well, I had hoped to start of perfect, and that didn't happen. I barely lost weight (but at least I lost) and missed exercise a few days. Why is exercise so hard for me? Maybe because I have five kids and am running around all day anyway in a non-exercise kind of way??? Hmmm .... still gotta get to it ...

Anyway, I got 65 points. I think the hardest thing for me was to remember to compliment myself. Should be the easiest, so maybe that's why I almost forgot every day. I even had to get out of bed one night before I feel asleep to go do it.

** Bonus points: A word about bonus points. People seem to be confused about how to add them in. I don't care if you add this previous week's points to last week's total or next week's total. Do whatever works for you -- just make sure you only add them once. I add them to next week's total since I don't weigh or post until Monday and in my mind the points end on Sunday. This leaves me with two sets of bonus points for the final post, but that's what works in my mind. Either way is just fine -- it all equals out in the end if everyone only adds them once.

** Entry fees: I'll post in a day or so whose money I have received thus far. Let me know if you are wondering if I've received yours.

Cheryl - Week 1

I'm so proud of myself. I made it through week 1. I even watched other people eat S'mores last night in my own house. My husband made them and neither of us had one - but our friends that we had over for dinner enjoyed them. I had a good week. I lost 2.3 lbs. I hope I can do it again this week. Good luck everyone! Oh, my points for this week are 75!

Week 1

My name is Kristine, I live in Cache Valley, UT. I have 3 kids ages 4, 2 and 5months. I did the last challenge and lost 15 lbs and three dress sizes. So I am excited to do this again.
I did really good for week one. I set a goal to get up and exercise at 6am before the kids get up. My baby was waking up at 7 so I figured I could get my exerciseing in before he woke up. He changed his routine and started to get up at 5am. That helped me out, I figured as long as I was up I would exercise. I lost the weight I gained since the last challenge and am now back down to the weight I have been stuck at for months. Pts for week 72 plus 5 for paying=77. Goals I have set for this go around: Lose another 15lbs, Go down at least one more dress size and reach week 10 in Jeff Galloaway's running program. Let's Go!

Wendy--Week 1

My name is Wendy. I live in San Antonio, TX with my husband and three children, ages 5, 3, and 1. I was in the challenge last time and lost 25 pounds, which put me at my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm excited to start again and hope to do well this time too. The first week went really well. I felt good about it and felt like I worked hard. I was disappointed to see that I had actually gained weight, but I'm going to keep working on that. My points for the first week are 73.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rebecca's Intro.

Hi ya'll from Georgia! Here is a quick intro. of myself: I am Jen's sister-in-law and Claudia's daughter in-law. I have been here in Georgia for four years now. I was super active growing up; participating in sports, etc. Never once did I think about my weight or my eating habits. Married and four kids later my body has changed significantly and I find myself discouraged about my weight on a daily basis. I definely need to loose at least 20 lbs. I have found that bad eating habits are hard to overcome but know it is possible. I am very excited about this challenge. It it is exactly what I need right now. I have felt so much better about myself since starting on Monday. I haven't been perfect but I am not giving up! Good luck everyone.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting my New Post just right :)

Ok, yahoo! I'm going to try to post this comment on the blog. Today is my day 3! I'm so stoked. I resisted cookies & chips today. I am on my way and already feel better.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This is my attempt at figuring out how to post. So hopefully it works :-)

Claudia's Check-in

I'm back for another go around. I participated in the Fall challenge and did really well. I lost 16 lbs. It was so nice to have loose pants and skirts again and feel more comfortable in my clothes. I did get a bit out of control during the holidays and gained 3 lbs. back. But, I find that once I get in in the groove, I do really well. The exercise is the hardest for me, now that it's cold and snowy outside. The treadmill isn't nearly as much fun as walking the neighborhood or downtown on Temple Square with the flowers blooming and the fountains flowing...ah! Back to reality! I really am grateful that my daughter Jen got me involved in the challenge. I'm a size 18 now, but I can see my way back to a size 10-12 in time for my 50th class reunion in 2013. That's the goal and I'm going for it!

Better late than never

Okay Denise I'm in. I'm posting a day late, but here I am. My name is Gwen Mauldin, Denise and I started this blog in hopes that it would help us lose enough weight to get under two hundred pounds, I can't even remember how long ago we even started the blog, but definitely enough time for me to have reached that goal at least a few times over. Infact I'm sure enough time has passed for me to reach my goal wieght.
I'm on board for the fitness challenge because I'm tired of the abuse my body has been through lately (the tears are welling up, I can be such a cry baby). I'm ready for a happy and healthy body that will do the things I would like to be able to do, most importantly being able to give our family the baby that we know is waiting to join our family (more tears). I'm so glad that Denise has given so many women a chance to share in the journey of becoming healthy, so count me in!!!!

I'm Marilee

I'm back on my second fitness challenge. I did this about a year ago and ended up quitting a month early, because I was stressed out. I am determined not to do this again. I never needed to lose weight until I got married and now my weight seems to be out of control three kids later. I have discovered that food is comfort for me and I need a new outlet. I eat when I am bored and stressed. I don't enjoy exercising but I think it is all a mental thing and if I could just get in a good habit this could change. I have a lot going on lately, so I am trying to be realistic on this fitness challenge. I am going to try to remember that, even if I am not perfect at getting all the points, at least I am doing better then I was.

Jen again

I'm back for my third fitness challenge. I did great in the first, losing 20 pounds, then over the year I've gained and lost and gained (including the last challenge which I bombed) to land about 8 pounds below where I started a year ago. Here we go again. I've consistently been the heaviest on this challenge I think, but let's hope I can become consistently the one who loses (and keeps off) the most!! My starting weight this time around is 276.5 (I've been fat since childhood, so this is not big news). I have two little boys and a great husband who is a camp director here in Michigan. I know Denise from our Washington days. I'd love to get below 200 with this challenge, but since there is reality to consider, 20 pounds would be great. I weighed around 255 when I got married, so that would be a decent place to be again . . .

Monday, January 3, 2011

Im Leslie!

Im one of Denise's neighbors too! I did this challenge last time and I loved it. I loved that I was actually losing weight and not gaining it! I lost 17.4 lbs last time and have gained 1.2 of it back. I have a goal of losing AT LEAST 13.8 lbs (I wanna be skinnier then my husband!) Im excited to be starting this again.


I'm Cheryl Crawford (AKA Dawn's little sister). I've never really had a need to loose weight, but two babies later I do. I don't do well at it on my own because I'm used to eating what I want. I work at home which allows me to wear "comfy" clothes (all stretchy). So when my belly expands, I'm still comfy...until I get dressed for the outdoors. I'd like to loose about 20 lbs and I think I'd be happy with that - we'll see. I like the idea of this challenge as it gives me someone to report to each week. So far so good today (however I really would like one of those cup cakes sitting on my counter top right now that we made last night with our almost 4 year old). I have NOT eaten one and I WILL NOT eat one!!! Looking forward to this exciting challenge.

Dawn's intro

I'm Dawn Rokovitz and am from Spanish Fork, Utah. I live right across the street from Denise. I did the fitness challenge last time and lost 10.6 pounds. I gained back 2.6 so I suppose that's not too bad considering we just went through the holidays. I really enjoyed doing this challenge last time and knowing that others were doing it and going through some of the same things I was. I've convinced my sister to join this time, which will make my visit to her home in Florida in a few weeks much easier since we'll both be doing this together. I enjoyed the "off" time but am anxious to get back to work and drop some more weight.


So although it's not worth a point, I'd love for everyone to post an introduction. Oh, and please don't forget to weigh yourself today so you have a starting weight to know next Monday whether or not you lost during the week.

I'm Denise and I'm the one who hijacked this blog to start fitness challenges. Funny enough I don't think the originator is going to join us ... unless I can harass her into it. (Yes, Gwen, if you're reading this you know I'm gonna harass you!)

Anyway, here's some info about me. I've been overweight as long as I can remember. I feel grateful beyond measure to have a wonderful man who saw through that to marry me anyway. I have been blessed with five wonderful children, and most of us know what pregnancy and childbirth does to bodies! :) And all four pregnancies (one child is adopted), probably because of my weight, I have had gestational diabetes. I'm imagining that's the beginning of my health problems if I don't whip this in the bud.

During the last challenge I did pretty well -- even though I wasn't doing my BEST I still lost about 12 pounds. In fact, Leslie took this picture of me, and it was the first time in a while that I didn't cringe at a picture of myself:

FYI, I'm not the crazy lady holding the huge tarantula, I'm the one behind the camera. Oh, and Leslie wasn't truly taking a picture of ME, I think she was trying to get the crazy lady and tarantula. And to be fair, I guess that lady wasn't REALLY crazy, just holding a tarantula. Ew. But I digress ...

Anyway, during the last challenge I felt great and want to get back to that. I was lazy and careless and therefore gained back a few pounds during the holidays (I'm at 224 to begin this challenge). I'd like to get rid of those pounds and more. I'd also like to feel MORE comfortable wearing XL shirts, which I hadn't done until the previous two challenges.

So, that's a little about me. What's your story?

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Okay, this post includes three things:

- A clarification on one rule;
- A modification to one rule;
- A list of participants thus far.

If you are fasting as a part of the LDS church's Fast Sundays you can give yourself a point for not skipping meals since it is a religious observance. (Mind you, you're still accountable to get your veggies and water in regardless of eating less meals.) And as for religious observances, I'm going to give you an out for exercising on Sundays should you feel it violates keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I haven't worried about this in the past, but since the last challenge's winner was decided by only three points, I don't want to give an unfair advantage to those who exercise on Sundays vs. those who don't feel like it's in line with their Sabbath activities. So for Sundays (and Sundays only), you can exchange the exercise requirement with an act of service. This act of service has to be one that takes 30+ minutes as would the exercise, and it's once again in your hands to determine what you honestly believe should count.

Now on to the list of participants as of Sunday night at 6:28 p.m. MST:
- Kari Nitzel
- Melissa Laing
- Cheryl Crawford*
- Dawn Rokovitz*
- Denise Brown
- Leslie Hendricksen
- Leah Lau
- Heather Sykes
- Jessica Cox
- Wilhemina Krutsch
- Kris Lawler*
- Holly Barney*
- Wendy Patterson*
- Katee Westover
- Emmy Gongora
- Barbara Griffin
- Jen Hoisington
- Candace Wilson

* Already paid

Remember you have two weeks to pay to get your bonus points. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Let the challenge begin!!! (after I eat a bowl of ice-cream, that is ... ;)