Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Introducing Lee

I'm going to introduce Lee. Lee is joining the challenge through me (Jen H.). We live in Michigan. (I know Denise from church in Washington in case you want to trace the degrees of separation from Denise). Lee has three children, the two oldest are married, but no grandchildren yet. She is really excited to start this challenge and wishes everyone good luck. I'll be posting Lee's updates throughout the challenge due to internet access issues. I'm excited to have some local competition and support. GO TEAM MICHIGAN!

Jen H.

Day One was a success!

First day was a success, not just for me but for our family. We are going out of town for a week so now our challenge will be, how to come up with a plan to keep the fitness challenge going till we get back. It's always easier when you're at home.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Intro of Leslie!

Well lets see!! I know about this competition because of Denise. She is my neighbor, VT companion and friend. I saw you guys doing this last year and just didn't have to guts to try. But this year I told myself I would. I do not expect to win this but I have got to get control!!! I am the mom of four kids 2 girls... 12 and 8 and two little boys, 4 and 3. I used to be skinny. Looking at my pictures in high school makes me so sad... how did I let myself get THIS BIG?!
The one thing I think I will have the biggest problem with is the eating after eight. I rarely eat snacks after 8 but sometimes we eat dinner after then. My husband comes home pretty late some nights and we like to have dinner together. But I think I'm just going to have to try to be better at that. Anyway, I'm excited to see how this goes!!!

Tania's intro

Tania's intro was posted in the comments, so I'm re-posting here to make sure you don't miss it. :)

I have been thinking about doing this challenge now for a couple weeks. I'm excited to take control of my life and do something to improve it. I was looking for a program to add structure and organize my life so when I heard Denise talk about it, I knew it was for me - and my family. We are all doing it but I am the only one who will be competing with this group. Our family is excited about it and it's something we can do together. I have struggled with an eating disorder since my divorce 4 years ago. For some reason, I quit eating, probably because of the stress, maybe because I wasn't hungry. I developed an eating disorder without even knowing it and it took me 3 years to realize it. I have tried very hard to get back on track, be healthy - physically, mentally and spiritually. All the things I see on this challenge will help me get my life where it needs to be. I may not get a point for loosing a pound every week like everyone else but I will try very hard to make up on the other points. I'm excited to be able to participate and meet others who will be sharing their stories. Good luck to everyone.


Hi my name is Melissa Laing and I did this chalange last spring. I lost some weight but gained more control and some self impowerment. It is good for my to get control and think about what I eat. This summer I put back on ten of The pounds I lost so this is to get thoese off and to return to thinking more before I eat. Today was my frist day and since I had the stomach flu yeasterday It wasen't the greatest start but I didn't eat any sweets today. And thought about my goals. I have six girls that I need to help with their self worth and their control and I need to be a better example. So here i am!
My name is Dawn. I'm a stay-at-home mom with three children ages 12, 16 and 19. We're trying to get the 19 yr. old to learn to live on his own. I've tried to watch my weight as far back as high school but didn't have much of a problem staying thinner. The older I got, the harder it got. I am a sweet addict and the "no sweets" will probably turn me into a monster but I'm willing to try. About 7 years ago my weight was in the mid 190's and I was uncomfortable and sick of the way I looked. We got a neighborhood Weight Watchers group together (free because of the former W/W members knowledge). I did great because of the competition, basically weighing in with the others. I lost 30 pounds and felt wonderful but the group eventually broke up. I was scared about putting the weight back on but did good for quite a while. Eventually, I gained some back. I finally felt I needed to pay the cash to join W/W and did about 4 years ago. I did okay but not as good as I did with the neighborhood group. I'd say the most I lost was 15 pounds during the 3 years I stayed with W/W. I just wasn't into it going by myself. Finally, after my oldest son came home from 1 1/2 years at a private school (he has special needs), I left W/W. The two main reasons were: I felt we kept learning the same thing over and over. It almost felt like our W/W class was geared for the beginner. Second, I have to put so much time and effort into working with my son that it just takes so much time. During this last year and a half, I've hit the dreaded 200 pounds. I didn't think I've ever be that weight. That's what the scale said this morning and I'm tired of it. I'm hoping that with the friendship and support of all of you (and the competition) I can drop this weight whether I win the prize or not. Good luck everyone.

Hello Again

So, I'm back. I did this challenge last time around and slipped in at second place. I'm excited there is a second place cash prize this time around--although I'm going for 1st! Last time I lost 20 pounds, and, like Brandi, put half of that back on again. I was, and likely still am the heaviest in this competition, weighing in this morning at 284. I plan to lose at least 20 this time around and keep it going afterward to land at a good 30 pound weight loss by Christmas! Yay! Next year is my 20 year high school reunion. Whether or not I go, it would be great to be down to my high school weight of about 220-230 next summer. Heck, why not go to my 20 year 20 pounds lighter than I was in high school?!

I've always been overweight, though spending the last few years in the upper 200s has not been my best showing. I have two kids and a part time job that keep me busy. And when I get stressed, I eat. I'll be working on that one.

I love to swim, so I plan to be at the pool often and I've dusted off the exercise bike for the rest of the days (I hear it calling to me now). I'm hoping to get a few more real bike rides in before it gets cool. I want to do a mini-triathalon next year (wow, I typed that out loud, that's something that's been in the back of my head for years--you know what they say about writing down goals). And after that, maybe a real triathalon!

Good luck everyone!
My name is Jennifer Brown. I was in this competition last time and had good results, so I am doing it again. I am a stay at home home to 4 children (my oldest started kindergarten this year, yeah). I also do in home child care for one child, and am hoping to get another. My starting weight for this challenge is 201lbs. My goal weight according to my height and body build is 180lbs, but I will be happy to just get back down to 190lbs. I am really excited about the point for reading in the Book of Mormon everyday. I love to read, but I hardly ever pick up my scriptures, so this will be really good for me. I am Denise's sister-in-law, and that is how I know about this fitness challenge.

I know it is daring, but my most up to date photo is from a family trip to the beach a couple of months back. Maybe if all goes well I will post a picture of me in my bathing suite on the last day of the challenge.
Hello Everyone,
I am Brandi, I like Denise have been overweight my entire life. I remember going into Jr. High I wore a size 13 in woman's but was short so my mom would have to cut six or so inches off my pants so they wouldn't drag. My dream is to be back in a size 13 again. Last challenge I won, YEAH, however during the past two months I have packed on 13 of the 20lbs I lost. I am not too happy with that and am determined to get those 13 off and more. I weighted in this morning at 210.4 ugh!! When I got under 200 last challenge I vowed to never have a 2 in front of my high number again, sad to be there again. I am married to a man that has never had a weight problem, he still weighs what he did 20 years ago when we got married. I have 5 kids and 2 grandchildren, 4 at home. I am busy with work, kids, sports etc. just like most of you. I am not a good planner, I don't plan meals and shop ahead, that is something I am determined to work on this challenge. Also I have seemed to developed some food intolerance's, not sure to what, dairy, wheat, not sure, but do find I often have an upset stomach and am constantly very tired. I would like to spend some time with this journaling how I feel after eating and find some answers to my discomfort. I have found that when I am uncomfortable after eating, I for some reason eat more like it is going to make me feel better. Best wishes to all challengers, it will be fun getting to know you over the next 12 weeks!

Clarification and Intro to Me

A quick clarification on the rules. Someone pointed out to me that as LDS people we fast once a month, which means skipping meals. If you do fast, go ahead and give yourself the point for not skipping meals since you are exercising self-control and living your religion. :) Yes, that's one free point a month you can get! :) Also, you have to post on Mondays to get the bonus point. That point will list your points for the week and then the point will be added into the next week's points (since the points go from Monday to Sunday). Please let me know if you have any other questions.

So, here's a little about me. I am Denise, and I started this fitness challenge as a way to motivate me to FINALLY lose weight and be healthier overall. I have been overweight basically all of my life, but weighing in at 231.4 this morning means I'm at my biggest ever. What an accomplishment! ;) I did the fitness challenge during my last pregnancy and after I had the baby I was down to 221. I felt great (comparably). Then stress/life happened and I gained 10 pounds just like that. Why do I think food is such a stress relief?!? I have five children, and you'd think that'd keep me busy enough to get plenty of exercise and not enough time to snack so much. Having no treats -- especially after 8 p.m. -- is going to be hard, but I'm really going to dig in and see what I can do.

This summer I had a little mini mission reunion with some women from my LDS mission. I didn't like how the picture turned out:

Bet you would have guessed I'm the one on the far right, huh? ;) Too bad I happened to stand next to her. I feel huge! Doesn't help that these women are all thin, but I really didn't like the look of myself in this picture. I'm hoping to lose 20+ pounds over the next 12 weeks so this year's family pictures look great. :) Good luck to you all -- I'm excited for this challenge.

Please post a little intro to yourself so we can all know who we're supporting (or, rather, who the competition is ... ;) . Remember this post doesn't count as a bonus point (you don't get that until next week's points), but it'd be great to get to know everyone better.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Fitness Challenge is about to begin ...

Okay, the fitness challenge is only two days from its start! So far this is who I have participating:

- Jennifer Hoisington
- Mrs. Kunz (sorry, I didn't get your name :)
- Lee Rittinger
- Sylvia Palmer
- Rachel Barahona
- Denise Brown
- Tania Knutson Palica*
- Dawn Rokovitz*
- Leslie Hendricksen*
- Melissa Laing*
- Wendy Patterson
- Brandi Adams

*Already paid (Lee, Jennifer will send your money in with hers)

If you haven't sent in your money yet, go ahead and do it now, because you'll want those five bonus points! :)

If anyone would like a copy of my food journal/chart, please let me know and I'll e-mail it to you. (It's a one-sheet chart for the entire week.)

Other than that, please let me know if you have any questions!!! I'd love for you to all post an intro to yourselves next week (it doesn't count as your bonus-point post, but it's good to get to know each other). If you're comfortable, let us know your starting weight, or at least keep track of it yourself so you can post how much you've lost by the end.

Good luck to you all!!! (But not TOO much luck since I'd like to beat you ... ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Join the Fall Fitness Challenge!!!

If you would like to get a bit healthier and lose a little weight, this challenge is for you! It will be joined by people just like you -- ordinary people who want to shed a few pounds. Last challenge we lost more than 100 pounds! The top three competitors lost 20 pounds each. (The winner isn’t determined by who loses the most weight, but it’s sure a nice bonus! :)

Each person pays $20 to enter, and the entire pot goes to the winners.

Here are the rules: There are 10 possible points per day:

  • 1 point for keeping a food journal
  • 1 point for drinking 8+ cups of water (1 c = 8 oz)
  • 1 point for not eating any treats (use your own judgment on what is a treat, and yes, even one little M&M counts – the point is to start thinking before we eat!)
  • 1 point for not eating after 8 p.m.
  • 1 point for exercising 30+ minutes
  • 1 point for taking a multi-vitamin and/or calcium
  • 1 point for not skipping any meals
  • 1 point for not overeating during any meals or snacks (again, use your own honest judgment)
  • 1 point for reading the Book of Mormon for 20+ minutes per day (spiritual health)*
  • 1 point for writing 2 to 3 items you’re grateful for (mental health – but no repeating any items on your gratitude list :)

Also, there will be 1 bonus point every week that you lose weight (1 point for losing weight, not 1 point per pound); and there will be 1 bonus point every week that you post on the blog how you did. Five bonus points will be available for sending your money ($20) during the first two weeks of the challenge. (If you don't send your money by the end of week 4, you are no longer eligible for the pot at the end, so get your $ in soon!)

Winner takes 75 percent of the pot ($15 for each competitor). Second-place winner gets 25 percent of the pot ($5 for each competitor). Last winner earned $120 for her 20-pound weight loss. Awesome!!!

This challenge begins Aug. 30, 2010 – just in time to get into a good routine with your kids going back to school. It will go for 12 weeks and end on Nov. 22, 2010. Round up your friends and let's make this challenge bigger and better than ever!

If you're interested in joining, just post a comment with your e-mail (feel free to use at instead of @) and I'll add you to the list of people who can post comments.

* If you’re not LDS you can read in the Bible for 20+ minutes – or give the Book of Mormon a try. :) Every person I know who has lost weight has had a spiritual experience as well. In any case, since they seem to go hand in hand, I figured I’d add it to this challenge. Just in case you wanted to know how it fit in with fitness …

You really like details? Here are a few more details about how this works …

- Scores are kept from Monday through Sunday. Every Monday (starting Sept. 6) you will report the number of points you have earned by doing a post on this blog. (You will all receive invites to be authors for the blog. Let me know if you don’t.)

- You get one extra point for posting on the blog every Monday.

- You get one extra point if you lost any weight (not a point per pound, but a point total for any weight loss.)

- These extra points should be added to the next week's score since points end on Sunday. (It doesn't really matter too much which week you add it to, as long as you only add it once. :)

- Treats are going to be personally defined. You all know what you consider treats. And any little bit counts.

- You're all on your honor -- it's the only way this challenge can work.

- Don't forget to send me your money in by the end of week 4 so you're eligible for the pot. (And if you get it in by the end of week 2 you get 5 bonus points.)

- You are responsible to keep track of your own points throughout the challenge. This is why posting on the blog is a good idea -- then at the end you can just go back to your posts and add up the total.

- Total points must be posted by Nov. 25, 2010 (Thanksgiving) so the definite winner can be announced by Nov. 29, 2010.

Good luck!!!