Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drumroll, please .......

And our winner is .................. Brandi!!!
Congrats! I'll get you your money shortly.

Second place is ................. Jen H.
Let me know if you want the Biggest Loser workout DVD or a custom announcement (Christmas, baptism, etc.).

Third place is ................ Jen P.
Also let me know what kind of announcement you'd like made. Once I get your pic I can make the one you'd like. (Obviously if it's Christmas we'll wait until Fall.)

CONGRATS to everyone on healthier living and weight lost. I should add up the totals, but I'm thinking all together there were more than 100 pounds lost in this challenge!!!

Once again, please let me know if you have any ideas for the Fall challenge. I try to have different ways to earn points to keep it fresh for those who do it more than once.

Keep posting if you'd like, and keep up the exercise and self-control all summer. I hope to get to under 200 this year, and once I'm recovered from baby I plan to get started. Maybe us locals should plan to do a 5K together in the fall?

Thanks to you all for your commitment and dedication. This has really been fun and inspiring!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well I know I have disaperd here for the last couple of weeks but with good reason. I just wanted to write today and thank Denise for inviting me to be a part of this and congratulate the winner! My whole family was sick the last time I wrote and then i got it, Except when I get any kind of stomach sickness it throws my whole system of for a couple weeks and I have to be carefull what I eat and when I eat so I couldn't do this challenge anymore. Longer and more complicted then I am saying but you don't want all the fun details. Hope everyone has had sucsess and gets to wear those smaller clothes!

So Proud

Dear weight loss buddies,
I just have to say that I am so proud of how well all of you have done. Now if I could only get my slacker butt back into gear and join you all in your success. I totally think that everyone should keep posting and keep up with the great work that you have started. Here goes.
I decided each week that I would start cutting out the foods that are my worst enemy, one week at a time. Last week I cut out soda, so far so good. This week I am cutting may want to sit down for this...chocolate!!! Next week it will be popcorn, that is about as far as my thinking has gone. The idea for this is that I don't suddenly deprive myself of all the things I love but rather gradually take them out of my diet.
My husband had taken our scale to work for a challenge they were having. He brought it back a week or so ago and I weighed myself, 240 lbs. This means that I have gained back ten pounds(out of 25)that I had lost when this blog was first started. Dang it!!! I am determined not to repeat this cycle. I am going to start losing weight again and it will not find its way back.
Yesterday I went walking the trail around our neighborhood. It's amazing how out of shape we can become in a short amount of time. When Denise and I started walking the trail last year it was hard, but eventually I got to the point were it was a breeze. Yesterday I thought I was going to die, my calves hurt so much. Hopefully it won't take long before I find it to be a breeze again.
Hope to hear form all of you on your journey. Just because the official challenge is ending doesn't mean that we can't continue to challenge one another to lose the weight. So my first official challenge to you all is to keep posting.

Monday, March 29, 2010

jen p

71pts. I missed a point on sat. My uncles birthday party with lots of yummy treats. Congrats on the baby. I lost a wee bit of weight this week. Weighed in at 221.8.. its something!

The End . .

Well, I tried to make an end run, a little late. Which of course I realized about two days into this week and kinda gave up I guess. I ended with 63 (plus 2 bonus) for 65 weekly points with a grand total of 797. So close, yet so far. And of course, in giving up, and not exercising because of it and this lingering illness, I gained half a pound. My total weight loss for the challenge is 19.5 lbs. I would love to keep posting. I'm already feeling like I'm going to let myself down (I had dessert at dinner tonight), but I can't! I'm going back to the pool tomorrow--I already have a play date/sitter lined up! I'm going to Spain in a month and I really need to lose a few more pounds to make the airplane seat a bit more comfy. That's a long flight. So, I'm with Brandy, let's post away. And congrats Brandy, you were a tough challenge. Maybe in the fall I'll win it! Thanks Denise! And congrats on that baby!
I am sad this is over, because I like the weekly accountability, if anyone wants to keep posting with the accountability, please let me know, it really helps me progress. My week was ok, had 1.4lb loss and 68 pts. Total challenge points are 808 and I met my goal with 20.8lb lost. Yeah. Have a great week, off to SL to spend time with in-laws.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 12 points

My numbers for the week: 7 lbs. 3 oz. Need I say more? :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

jen p

I had another amazing week. I got a new app. for my phone (calorie counter) and it makes tracking so easy. I scored 68pts plus 2 for blogging and weight loss last week for a total of 70pts....running total of 714. I did have 2 treats this week but ZERO BINGE DAYS!!! 2 weeks and no total binges. thats BIG for me!!! nice weather has made for good walking days with my kids, plus I have been using my gym pass. My gym pass has been neglected some, I get it free from work so I take advantage of it some times. I weighed in at 222.2 today, another loss!!!

Week, this must be 11?

I made a goal to go all out for the last two weeks. Then I got sick. I stuck to my goal, but though I exercised every day, I only put out the bare minimum effort to get the point. Makes me realize I could have done more to even put out the bare minimum those days when I lost the point earlier in the challenge. Oh well, it is what it is. Anyway, I'm officially down a total of 20 pounds now!! I weighed in at 268, one pound down from last week (I suppose it's not too bad for being sick). I only hope I can keep this going this summer. I did eek by a perfect scoring week of 70 plus 2 bonus for 72 points. The good news is that I think I've developed new habits as far as overeating, eating late and eating crap goes. So I'm hoping that since I just don't really crave that stuff much anymore, that I can keep on losing.
I am a bit discouraged today. I exercised 6 days, ate mostly well, I need to work on healthier dinners. breakfast and lunch are good, just dinner is bad, I feed myself whatever I make the fam. I must improve my menus because I am sure hot dogs or grilled cheese are not the healthiest choices. I keep thinking if I eat dinners like this then I should wash them down with chocolate. Lost points for eating after eight one day and not enough water another and loss of sleep 2 nights (teenagers, you have to love them) and no exercise on Sunday. I lost 1lb this week, that is only 1lb in two weeks, not happy about that. My goal for the challenge was 20lbs I am at 19.4 close but not quite there, hope this weeks loss gets me up there. Week total points is 67, total points 740. Off to get ready for work, have a great week everyone!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad week for weight loss

I missed my check in last week, and this past week was not so hot. I went out of town to Disneyland. While the trip was great, I did not eat so great. I gained weight instead of losing it. I am at 212lbs, and I have a total of 585 points. I am doing really well on my working out, but my sister says I need to change things up if I want to keep losing weight.

jen p

I had an awesome week..weighed in at 223.0lbs. I got 69pts with last weeks blog point. I had birthday cake on sat. and some candy last night. so i lost 2pts there. I plan on a flawless week this week...


So, I barely squeaked by the 270 mark. I weighed in today at 269! 1.5 pounds down this week, 19 pounds down from day one of this challenge!!! Thank you Denise! My points for the week are 65 plus 1 for posting = 66. I did a little better exercising this week, but could do even more. I was heading for a good 2+ pound weight loss when my period (and subsequent salt/fat cravings) hit and I just overate on Friday. There went any extra loss this week---ARGG! But I'm not complaining. I'm under 270 and on my way down. If slowly.

Week 10 points

I fell off the bandwagon this week. :( I ate treats several nights after 8 p.m. Darn you, Macy's for having Dreyers on sale! Then I did some dumb things like taking my kids out for McD's, and although I didn't get any myself I took a small sip of root beer before passing it on to my son. One swallow and I was kicking myself for losing the point. At least I kept it at that and didn't drink more since I had already lost the point. So, I end the week with only 50 points. Sigh.

The good news is that my scale shows me the same weight for four weeks in a row now. This is the time when little Austin is supposedly gaining .5 pounds per week, so that bodes well. I'm not exactly sure how it is happening since I'm not exercising much (at least never for 30 minutes!) and I've been a lot more liberal on treats, but I'll take it.

One thing I do know for sure is that next week will be my last post. I'll be induced in the middle of week 12 (should I not have gone into labor already), so make sure you all post your final points (and total if you don't mind) so I can get the money to the rightful winner. Hope you all had wonderful weeks. I can't believe we're so close to the end and there are so many still doing so well. Way to go!
I am not sure what to think of the week. I am glad I didn't eat the sherbet at RS on Wed. Whew, didn't know I was being watched. Love ya Melissa. I kind of think it wasn't a sad or climatic week because it is becoming a way of life. I know even after the challenge I will still stick with some things. Not eating after eight has cut down on stomach aches and heartburn at bed time. Exercise feels good, even if it is walking, I like a few min each day of doing something for myself and food diary helps keep me in check, my skin is not as dry and flaky with the water, I feel better overall. I did think about something last night while taking my vitamins. Each night I take vitamins; calcium, multi, E, and a gummy vite. The gummy vitamins are so yummy, I should lose a treat point for, but hey they are vitamins and are good for me right, so nope I don't lose a point. I didn't lose any weight, still 199.2 and had 65 pts for the week. Total points today 673. Hope all of you have a great last two weeks of the challenge. Well honestly, not really, my secret wish is that you all eat junk, eat after eight and are too sick and tired to exercise and forget to journal your food intake so I can cash in on all that moolah! :) Denise, thanks for this, it has been what I needed to get me moving again.

Baby Blues

I can't tell you how many times I have sat down to write an entry and then felt like no one really cared to hear about my problems. I'm trying to get over that... so here goes. I've been trying to have one more baby (the tears are already welling up). I have three beautiful children that I am so grateful to have. It comes as a surprise to some people that I struggle with infertility, and since I already have three wonderful children I feel like people just assume that I don't want anymore. My story isn't as sad as those women who are never able to have children, but I feel a lot of pain at my inability to have the baby I have longed for. The hardest thing about this is that it is my weight that is at the root of my infertility. You would think that this would be the motivation I need to lose the weight. Well it has been several years of trying and no success. I tried clomid(a fertility drug),my son was conceived while using this. Didn't work this time. I tried metformin(a diabetic drug)this has helped some women because when your weight is the issue then sometimes your hormones are off and so is your insulin. Didn't work. I tried the clomid and metformin together, once again no pregnancy. not even a mentstraul cycle. Needless to say I have been a bit of a wreck.
I feel that this is my own fault because I can not become motivated enough to take off the weight. So I mostly suffer in silence(more tears). The most upsetting thing is that this sends me into a state of depression and we all know what happens then. I eat! I eat and then eat some more because I want that comfort food offers so many of us. The thing is that this is the enemy, not my friend. It offers me nothing but more misery because of the effect it has on my body. When will I ever be able to overcome this affliction? Do I simply accept the fact that I will always be fat, and that I will never have the baby I long for. Lets face it I'm 36 and if I don't get my act together now then it will be to late.
I took a pregnancy test this morning, negative. I told myself and my husband after this round of clomid/metformin that I was finished. I would simply accept the fact that a baby was not in the cards. He told me that with all the things I am trying to accomplish at this time(I'm currently enrolled at UVU to get my pre requisites finished to apply for the nursing program)maybe right now is not the right time for a baby. Doesn't really help.I love my husband but it seems that even he doesn't understand what a disappointment this is.
The thing is, the biggest disappointment I fell is the one in myself. Why? Why can't I get my butt out of bed in the morning to exercise? Why do I sit on the couch watching some stupid T.V. program that does absolutely nothing for me? All the while eating some unhealthy amount of sugary or fatty snack. What is wrong with me? What is it going to take? I know I am unhealthy, I worry about all of the problems that come from being overweight, but still I am not motivated. I curse my own body for it's inability to conceive a baby, and still I am not motivated.
I look around me and I am able to see so many women like yourselves having success and still I am not motivated. Heck I'm the one that started this blog as a support to all of us trying to lose weight.
Thanks for letting me whine. The good thing is that I got on the treadmill for the first time in a long time. Maybe this will be the one that will stick. Any words of encouragement or advice will be welcomed, as long as you don't mention that maybe I should give up on the baby thing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fall Challenge ...

Okay, ladies! We have two weeks left on this challenge. However, I figured I better post about the Fall Challenge should I actually go into labor this week ...

Yes, there will be another challenge starting in late Aug or early Sept to coincide w/the kids going back to school. I'll post details on here later about the terms/points/etc, but I wanted to get your feedback on other things to include for points? This challenge was slightly different than last year's Fall challenge, and I'd like to keep it fresh and different.

What worked well for you? What would you like to see done differently? Any other ideas?

I like to start in late August so the 12 weeks ends right before Thanksgiving. That way we learn, improve and lose just in time to not feel too guilty for Thanksgiving. :)

Even if you don't plan on joining again, I'd love your ideas. I'm all about motivation and success ... even if I wasn't the one who was the most motivated or successful. :) Thanks!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Losing It

My mind that is. I didn't lose anything else this week. I can't seem to get below that pesky 270 mark. I got 62 points with last week's bonus for a total of 64 (grand total 594). I also can't seem to bump up my exercise--I only exercised 3 days this week. I nearly forgot to blog and to do my food log tonight. Where is my brain? Oh, I've exhausted the remaining brain cells on my job. I've worked more hours in the last month than in the last two combined I think. I need to get my life organized again. I must go to water aerobics more regularly! I must get beyond this little weight plateau! I must, must, must!

jen p. 66pts.

I had a great week. I only had 1 bad food day and I have been working out in some form daily. I didn't realize I was so close to the top. Now I must try harder.

Week 9 points

Well, I got 59 points this week. I started out the week great with a couple of tens, and then I got a bit lazy w/the fruits and veggies (not to mention the whole exercise thing!). Overall, though, I'm feeling pretty good this pregnancy and know this challenge is keeping me healthier than I would otherwise. You are all doing so great that it is a great motivator! Hope you all have a great week. I still can't believe this is our last month (3 weeks left!).

Craziest week of my life!

Started out so strong! Had a couple of tens there and then sickness hit! Not just regular old sickness noooooooo. My children had coughing, sore throats, fevers, diareha and yes throw up. Each day someone new threw up on me and keep me up all night long coughing and throwing up! Each of my six girls took a night and then when I thought it was all over my husband then sister who lives with us got it. I have just felt generally nauseous all week cause of all the throw up I have had to clean up. And then of course it was my birthday in the midst of all this. I did get to go out to dinner and escape the house of throw up for a while. One of my good friends even brought me yummy potato soup that I ate all weekend!! Thanks Melissa B! But I did end up eating a lot of cake. Some each day cause it was there and I was hungry I finally just had to throw the rest away knowing I would continue to eat it if it was there. But I think I owe this challenge for not getting really sick! I kept hydrated and have been taking my vitamins and I think it really helped! And this was a sickness I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy!
YAHOO, I weighed in today at 199.2. Wow it has been a long while since I had a one in front. That was exciting especially since I ate pizza for dinner three times this week. It was one of those weeks. Guess that walking is helping me out, because I know the pizza didn't. By the way, pizza is not a great last meal before starting a fast. I was so thirst from all the salt, it was hard. My week points were 66 total now is 607 and loss of 3.2, total loss is 18.4. Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2/3 standings thus far ...

So, here's what I have for the standings:

- Brandi: 541 points
- Jen H.: 530 points
- Jen P.: 509 points
- Denise: 504 points
- Melissa: 494 points
- Jen B: 398 points (through week 7)
- Marilee: 393 points (through week 6)
- Barb: ??? :)

I didn't total our weight loss thus far, but it seems there are several who have lost 10+ pounds, which is just awesome!!! I'm up only two pounds from the start of the challenge, which I consider to be pretty good considering I'm now 36 weeks along. (Definitely not 10 pounds off of me, but maybe a few once this little guy comes. :)

And no giving up if your numbers aren't the highest! This is good for your body whether or not you win the challenge. Besides, as I learned from the challenge in the fall, anything can happen! (This was reaffirmed when watching the Olympics. Yes, we can consider ourselves in an Olympics of sorts ... although I'm sure we would be a lot less entertaining to watch ... :)

Good work, ladies! Keep it up!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ruff Weekend

With only an hour to spare I am doing my Monday post. My week was going pretty good until sickness hit my household. It started in on Thursday, and by the weekend all 4 of my children had a fever, runny noise, and a cough. My husband stayed home sick from work today, and I had to keep my son out of preschool. I keep hoping every night when I put them to bed that there fevers will break, and life can go back to normal. I have not tallied my points yet, but I am sure they are not the best. Hopefully other people had a better week then me.

jen p

65 pts for me. I will not get on the scale. I had 2 really bad food binge days......

Week 8 points

Okay, chicas, I'll post a point total this week once everyone has posted. Sorry that's taken me so long ...

I didn't have such a hot week. I missed many points for exercise and a couple for treats, so I got only 58 points. The good news with treats is that when I do eat them, I'm eating less. If I do eat ice-cream, I put it in a one-cup measuring cup and eat no more. (So, yes, Melissa you can eat birthday cake, just eat less! :) But the exercise, well, it's going to get harder and harder the bigger this belly gets as I've been finding out ...

Brandi was such a good example yesterday! Our teacher passed out a bowl of treats, and I chose a Reeses PB Cup. Yummy. Then she had everyone stand up who had chosen something other than chocolate (she had tangerines and crackers in there) and say why they chose it. I heard Brandi's voice from behind me say, "I'm not eating treats!" Oops ... did she see what I picked? ;) But I hadn't eaten it yet, so I didn't. Thanks, Brandi! That saved me a point yesterday, and I'm so impressed w/your self-control.

Hope you all have a great week. Happy b-day Melissa!


Ok not fair this challenge falls on my birthday. Oh well maybe this year I won't eat half my cake:>! I lost a pound last week. I don't know how you all are doing so well! My points are no where near what I have seen. I got 62 points this week and my husband and I totaled it us last night and I have 494 points. UHHG! But it's been good to do this even if I don't win. I have now lost 10 pounds I would be so happy if I lost 10 more 20 more would be fantastic but each pound is so much control and so much work!!! So maybe I'll have a really good week !

Decent Week

Let's see--65 points this week, plus 2 bonus last week for 67 total. I think my combined total is 530. I need to pull off a stellar week and try and catch up with the leaders--Denise, what's the point spread? Poinst schmointz! I lost 2 pounds! I'm still not below 270 (I'm at 270.5), but should be next week--YAY! I'm wearing my skinnier jeans--but they could be looser. I need to make it to the pool more often (and sit on that dumb exercise bike more often). That's where I'm losing the most points is the days I don't exercise. I'm really only making about 3 or 4 days a week exercising. This week will be better!
I guess slow and steady wins the race, however for me I want more. Lost .9 this week bringing total to 15.2lb lost 66 pts with loss and post total pts 541. I lost treat points this week for eating way too many Joe Banditos chips & salsa, however they were really yummy. These are the times that once I start eating, I just don't quit. This is one of my biggest weakness. I am better off remembering what food tastes like and not eating than starting to eat something that I know I won't quit eating. I did pass up the yummy looking cupcakes and chocolate fondue so I was happy about that. I have made it two months without any sugar treats, which tells me it isn't just the sugar that keeps the weight on, it is the combination of everything. Moderation in all things and exercise is the key to success. Have a great week everyone!