Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whats for Lunch?

Im in a lunch rut. Im sick of chicken salads or sandwiches. What are you guys doing for lunch???

Monday, September 27, 2010

I didn't even total my points this week they are so low. I will try harder next week. Gained two pounds. :(

Lisa's Check in...

She still hasnt found where her invites are going... Denise, will you send her another one?

Points this week 37. That is including her weight loss this week. She is trying to get her thyroid under control.

Hope to see ya on here soon Lisa!

Jen H. Week 4

AARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!! I gained a couple of pounds. And I lost my not-overeating point like 5 days this week. Hmmmmm, I guess I know why I gained weight. My total for the week including last week's blog posting point is 63. And the pool didn't reopen last week. It's open now, but my husband's having surgery this week, so I go into full nurse-maid mode. I'm determined not to blow it this early on!!! I exercised all week, but the exerbike is just not cutting it right now (I did actually lap the lake once--it's starting to get chilly, I need to get all the outside biking in that I can!). I must get back to the pool. I overeat when I'm stressed. I suppose since I know that, I should stop doing it. Is it that easy?

Lee's Week 4

I was successful this past week in adding some points to days that I hadn’t before and yet I missed out on some points for not following the guidelines. In the end, it kind of balanced out with what I’ve been averaging. My points this week (including last week’s blog and my 5 pound weigh loss--yay!) are 59! It’s becoming easier to say no to certain things (some of this is all in our minds), yet I keep struggling with some of the same things. I’ll try to do better this week.

(posted for Lee by Jen H.)

Great Week

Yeah! I finally lost another pound. I am very excited. I hope I don't have problems because it was fast Sunday. I had lost it before, so hopefully I won't .

So total I have lost 7 pounds. I got a total of 70 points. I feel so much better, and haven't been too tempted to cheat. I hope everyone knows about the great 100 calorie snacks. They are great. There is a great variety also.

Good luck to everyone for the week coming up.

Dawn week 4

Good week plus weight loss. 70 points for this week. Not many temptations but had an angry/stressful day that almost led to a chocolate overdose but instead, I sat in the dark in my house, alone and quiet until I overcame the feeling. Eating crappy food is not a reward, it is a punishment.

Final participants

Okay, so now that it's been 4 weeks, I thought I'd post who is eligible for the pot (meaning who got me the money by the end of week 4):

-Jen H.
-Jennifer B.

If I have missed anyone, please let me know, because I didn't get your money. :) This means the final winning pot is $255 and the second-place pot is $85. Good luck!

Jennifer B Week 4

This is my lowest point week so far. I really got sidetracked on Saturday, and lost a few points. Very disappointing, but I will move forward and do better next week. I had weight loss once again, but it was small. This weeks point total is 67 for a total of 278.

Week 4 points

Well, I'm down in weight again at 221.6, which is 10 pounds down from the beginning -- hooray! I won't be surprised if part of that was the "Fast Sunday curse" as Jen described before ... :) But I got 69 points this week, and I'm good with that. We generally go out to eat after the RS broadcast, but we went before this time and ate where there is a salad bar. Yummy and not too unhealthy (since I have to add croutons, cheese and dressing :). This week was the first I was tempted to eat treats during the afternoons and to eat after 8 p.m. But I resisted and was glad I did. Now to up the intensity so I can keep these pounds off ... and lose a few more!

Sick and frusterated!

I was so determined to get a perfect score this week but no I had to get sick! On friday I started to feel sick and by saturday I was feeling so sick I couldn't excercise if I wanted to. I wanted so badly to get a perfect score this week. I tried so hard last week and this week but got a 68. One of these weeks I am going to get a 72! One day. Anyone know how I can excersice while laying in bed?

Nama's Notes - September 27

After a fun week with the grandchildren and lots of wonderful meals cooked by my daughter-in-law, I only really overate once, and missed exercising one day. Even though some nights I left the house after dark, I managed to get my 30 minutes of walking and drank the last 2 or 3 glasses of water just before bed (had to get up in the night because of the water). I was able to get 68 points + 1 for blogging and I lost a pound, for a total of 70 points for the week. This is really fun and for the first time in years, I'm actually losing weight rather than gaining!

Leslies Check in

It was an okay week... We have been fixing up my grandmas house so I had a lot of bumps in the road with that. Late dinners and hard times with water. But I did lose 2.2 lbs so that feels good. (65 pts for the week)
4 week total 270

From Kris

had a great week as far as points. I was sick most of the week which made some things easier (like not over eating or eating treats) Some things harder (like exercise and drinking water). But I worked hard and had a perfect week so I got 70 points. That included a girls weekend in Park City. However I did not lose weight which makes me mad! I seem to be stuck at my current weight. I will have to figure that out.

For Jess and Holly

Okay week--a bit better then last week. I didn't lose any weight :( but didn't gain :) so i get 66 points this week. 


There ought to be a special award point when you go away for a weekend of scrap booking with your daughters (two of them) and still lose weight!  I keep trying for a perfect day but usually have problems with one point or another.  I like the feeling that even if you miss one point, you are still making 9 points - it helps you to feel successful instead of feeling like a failure because you ate one cookie (followed by a few more).


It was moving week for us and I fell short again. Only 60 points for last week. It was a little tough because we had our food boxed up and computers boxed up and my routine went out the window. This week I'm shooting for 70 points, no excuses. I wanted to mention that I am really enjoying the thank you list. I like looking back on my week and thinking about all the good things that happened. It's a nice reminder every night of how thankful I should be every day. Great idea!

Wendy's weekly report

Hi all,

I was in the middle of a family vacation/reunion last Monday without internet access or scales. But I'm back now and fairly proud of my past couple of weeks. I didn't get terribly high scores, but made great strides in my own personal willpower battles. We had tons of food and lots of desserts throughout the reunion and I was able to go through it without having the treats! Yesterday we had a family Sunday dinner with rich chocolate mousse that looked oh so yummy and I didn't have any of it and still enjoyed myself at the dinner. I am very excited that I was able to do that. I've been exercising consistently, except for the days that we were in the car literally from before sunrise to before sunset. I think there was only one of those travel days that I ate after 8 PM. I've lost a total of nine pounds since we started, and I'm happy about that. Last week's points were 64 and this week's points are 57, with a total of 237 so far.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One day late again!

Dang, I missed another point that I needed. This last week has gone very well for me. My points may not reflect that but the things I need the most work on worked last week so I'm excited. I had 63 points for last week which is up from the week before. My best improvement is that I have been able to cut out sweets and I don't even miss them. That is a good feeling. We have had lots more fruits and vegetables, which is easy because everything is in season right now. I will have to come up with another game plan when winter hits.

doing good

Ok I have stepped it up this week. I decided I want to win this challenge. I got perfect tens till this weekend when my brother got home from his mission and we all went up the mountain and played and spent time with each other. Lots of good food and no time for excersise. But you can't regret just start over and try to do better this weekend. No weight loss yet.....grrrrr. My scale is really crappy, I need to get one of thoese digital numbers!


I thought you would all like to see this--her book comes out this week.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another poor performance this week. Lost 2.2lb but only scored 56 pts. Just not have my whole heart into it. Exercised 5 days and was pleased with that, this week, work on eating veggies and not treats. I appreciate all your success, I love reading about it each week, it does get me motivated for a few days at least.

Jennifer B Week 3

I have had a really good week this week. I think all my working out has increased my sex drive, which my husband really likes, and I think it has helped me burn additional calories. I have a 3 lb weight loss this week, and my points for this week are 69.

Lee's Week 3

I got 54 points this week (includes a point for weight loss and a point for posting last week). It has now been 3 weeks and I’ve been noticing how many points other people are “scoring”. It’s somewhat discouraging to me that I’m not doing as well, but it makes me realize and drives the point home (that I already knew) that I’m not putting into this what I need to. Tomorrow is another week and another chance to start anew. I am still amazed at the willpower that I have had with areas that have been a challenge to me, most specifically the “not eating after 8 pm” one. I have done that for years---hence, one of the reasons I look the way I do. But it has actually turned out to be quite easy for me, so I’m very proud of myself for that.
My family is happy for me of the things I have disciplined myself to change. That makes me feel good.

Jessica and Kristine

I had a better week--but of course not as good as I would have liked. Only lost one pound, but that's better then none and I have another week to do better. :)  I love recording my calories on the website--its really helpful to see it over time, so even my bad days don't seem as bad b/c its all about the average intake over time. My average intake is only 50 calories above my goal of daily intake, which is great.  I got 62 points this week--that includes 1 point for losing one pound.

Week Three
I had a great week. I had a really bad day on Monday that dragged me down in points but I did better the rest of the week. I lost 3 lbs this week which is keeping with my goal of weight loss. I plan to do better this whole week. Pts. 66.
This week went well. I maintained my weight so that's better than a gain. Points are 69 (68+1 for blog). I lost a point due to chaos this week (and a treat-my fault). Had to run to Provo unexpectedly on Friday evening right as I was going to make dinner. Got home, was making dinner and suddenly realized it was 8:10pm. I was ticked because if I hadn't have had the unexpected trip, I wouldn't have lost the point. My first thought was to just not eat dinner, but then I would have lost a point for skipping a meal so I was trapped either way. It's great to be doing this with others and know that we are all working towards the same goals. Gook luck to everyone for the upcoming week.

Leslie week 3.

This week went pretty good. I lost 2.8 lbs My points are 67 +1 for wl and +1 for blogging. So 69 for the week.

I havent had sugar in three weeks either. CRAZY! (not saying I havent wanted it...yummo)

3 week total 205

Jen H. Week 3

It's a good week! I lost 3.5 pounds! I've lost 10 pounds so far in this challenge and am approaching the weight I was when I finished the last challenge! That will be the real "starting point"! I caved to a couple incidents of over-eating and had a run in with a brownie, for a total of 68 points (includes 1 weight loss and 1 for last week's posting), oh, and there was that night I put off reading the Book of Mormon until I fell asleep over it and conceded the point. Go Mom on the perfect week! I'll need to catch up now. Pool should be back open sometime this week--yay! I need it!

Nama Notes - Week 3

It's the end of a glorious week of the challenge, I finally got a perfect score...72! (70 + 1 weight loss and +1 for blogging last week.) I'm being grandma this week in California helping my son's family adjust to a new baby girl. It will be hard being out of my routine, but I'm committed to staying on the plan. So far, I've lost 6 lbs and haven't had sugar for 3 weeks! It's great. I'm feeling good and have more energy during the day.

Week 3

I had a rough week. I did well with the plan, but not with weight loss. I lost 1/2 pound of the weight I gained the week before. I think I'm too old to lose weight.

Anyway I feel better. I am still down 5 pounds in total and thats good. I will try to work on eating smaller portions this week and see if that helps. I am doing good on exercise, and on reading. Also, I love walking with Rachel. We have some good talks.

I earned 67 points this week. I am enjoying this challenge, and am looking forward to a better week.

Week 3 points

I had another good week -- and I lost weight! I'm at 224.4 and I got 68 points. I can't believe I forgot to write on my gratitude list one day ... what a dumb way to lose a point! I still don't think I'm eating nearly enough veggies and plan to work on that. It'll be much easier once soccer is over (next week) to have more veggies with dinner. Hope you all lost this week as well. I'm down 7 pounds in 3 weeks. I'll take it. I know it will get harder and harder to lose so I'll have to be better and better about my eating ...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 2 - better late than never

I missed posting yesterday and I really needed that extra point. I was down, actually way down this week, only 54 points. It was my birthday though and we celebrated the whole weekend with my family up North. I find it much harder to keep to my schedule when I am staying with someone else. This week will be better. We are getting in the habit of doing all the things on the list without having to look to see what's there. I did a personal wellness test through my insurance company and they said the one area I need to work on is 4-5 servings of vegetables per day. I think that would be a great thing to add to this challenge next time. Vegetables keep you full, are very healthy (if you don't put toppings on) and they are great for fighting diseases like cancer.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I didn't have another great week, only 57 points to record and a 2.8lb gain. Ugh. I am blaming it on Aunt Flo's visit this week. Hope next week isn't as discouraging. I didn't eat at the retreat, but then came home and ate cobbler. Should have just ate it there too but then that would have been another point for eating after 8. Here's to this week and a more optimistic outlook. Hiked to the cross for FHE. That was a difficult thing to do, I know I am not fit. I would like to say out of shape, but I have a shape, it is round. Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Week 2

Much harder week--with a rough weekend. I didn't lose weight, but did okay otherwise.  57 points for the week.   But that's counting 5 points for paying :(

Week 2 points

I had two major successes this week, which I'm going to enjoy even though I ended the week .4 pounds higher than last week. What's up with that when I was so good? (Actually, I know it's because I didn't eat enough Saturday and Sunday -- I neglected my snacks and I think that makes a difference! I was down 1.6 pounds on Friday and then the weekend of neglect (not overeating) did me in ...)

Anyway, back to my successes. First success was that I had a Relief Society retreat (sleepover) where there are tons of goodies. They had a bunch of women bring cobbler (some with fresh berries from their gardens -- yummy!) and licorice and chocolate and I better stop there. I didn't eat one of 'em! (That was thanks to Leslie saying beforehand we weren't going to lose ANY points.) I felt powerful knowing I could go and NOT eat any of the goodies.

Success #2 came Saturday morning (which is why I didn't sleep at the retreat). I ran a 5k. Never done that before. Okay, I didn't run the whole thing, but I did it! It was hard for three reasons: 1) I'm totally out of shape; 2) It was really cold, so my lungs were burning pretty quickly (and I was coughing all day afterward); and 3) The wind was blowing really hard against me! But I did it!!! I completed it in 42 min 43 sec. (I also feel the need to say I stopped for a couple of minutes to get a downed flag off of the ground ... when I couldn't get it back into the ground to stand up I took it up and leaned it against a house. But it was worth it. Gotta honor the flag of freedom!)

Anyway, I also did well on the challenge and hope my body is just adjusting and will lose more this week. I still can't complain since I lost nearly 6 pounds last week. :) I got 76 points this week (since I put my money in this week and got the points for weight loss last week and posting last Monday). Hope it's an even better week (weight loss!) this week. :)

Check In Week Two....

A little discouraged this week! I thought I did pretty awesome but Im only down .2 lbs. :( So Im not going to count that as a loss this week. Ive exercised every day. Didnt read my scriptures at the retreat...but resisted treats there. WOOT WOOT! So Im proud of that. My points this week are 67+1 for posting today (Im just going to add it to this weeks so I can keep track of it. Hope thats ok)
Two week total is 136

Jennifer B Week 2

I am really proud of myself this week. I worked out every day. On Sunday I even managed to get the whole family involved with a good walk after dinner. It is finally sort of cool enough to start walking after dinner again. I lost two points this week, and they were on the same day. My wonderful, dear husband brought home cheesecake. I resisted for 2 days, and then it was still in the fridge and I had a bad day, and I just ate it. On top of that I did not drink my water for the day. That is what I get for starting out the day with cheesecake. Overall, I lost a pound, and ended the week with 75 points. I added my five for finally sending in my money on Thursday (I guess it was not that bad of a day I did remember to do some things). My week two total is 142 points.

Good and Bad

I had a good and bad week. I am more determined this week to win this challange so watch out! I have suffered with derpression for forever and have been on meds for years. I have been feeling worse then normal all summer and decided to go off the meds to try to change things or start over to know what to do with myself. I have felt better since being off the meds and have renewed energy and more motivation. I had blood work down a while back and found out my hormones, thyroid, iron and vitimin levels were off and maybe I don't need the depression meds anymore now that my whole system is back in balance. So overall I am feeling like I can really do this now and can kick some but so watch out! I did go to an overnight retreat with our ward and ended up eating after 8 and had some treats! I was up till 2 am for heaven sakes! But I didn't eat as much as I normally would and kept it under control! The next night a bunch of couples went out for dinner after 8 to my favorite resturant and what did I have WATER! That's right! The next night some one ofered me See's candies and I didn't have any! I am feeling very proud of myself. I have had no weight lose to speak of but am feeling better about myself.

post #2

I had a weird week. I did well food wise, but gained a pound and a half. I do feel better though.
I earned 70 points this week, because I am adding on for writing on the blog and weight loss for last week.
I feel so much better by eating more healthy and drinking the water. I hope to lose more weight this week. It will be fun to be down more by Christmas. My dream is to go to my closet and decide what I want to wear, and not what I can wear.
I am so proud of Denise and her 5k run. That is a great accomplishment. Way to go girl. I love you.

No chocolate cake!

I went to Magleby's this weekend with some friends. We were invited after a temple session, which ended after 8pm. My husband and I went along for the friendship. The other three couples ordered full dinners and then had the huge piece of four layer chocolate cake. My husband had a slice of pie. I watched everyone! No chocolate cake for me...and it paid off with a 2.2 pound weight loss today. I lost points this week on Labor day with a treat and some overeating, a late dinner after a football game and a night where I was just too tired to read scriptures. My total this week is 68 points with weight loss and blog posting last week. The water is really helping to keep me from munching during the day and I'm really surprised how well I'm doing without treats. My skirt fit better this week and that made it worth it. Looking forward to more of my clothes fitting comfortably.

Claudia's Addition

I forgot that we get a bonus point for posting last week, so I guess I got 70 points this week!

Claudia's Report

I got 69 points this week, including 68 + 1 for losing a pound. This is hard! I haven't had sugar for 2 weeks now. The hard part is getting the exercise. I end up doing it between 10 and 11 p.m. Gotta figure out a new plan. I sure sleep good, though!

Jen H. Week 2

This week I did well in points, but managed to gain half a pound. I'm convinced last Sunday's fasting threw me a curve ball and I really didn't loose 6.5 pounds last week, it just looked like it on Monday. Oh well, such is life. My points for the week are 70 (69 + 1 bonus for posting last week), giving me a two week total of 144. So, I'm pleased, but need to step it up some more on intensity. I've realized that I can go through the motions and get the points, and will generally lose weight (fasting curve ball aside), it's only when I step up the exercise and make better food choices, that I can really step up the weight loss. I only got in the pool once last week and that was with my kids and I just did some water aerobics next to them while they played, and didn't kick up the intensity like I usually do for water aerobics. And in the pool is where most of my weight loss happens, I'm convinced. This week the pool is closed for maintenance, so maybe I'll have to break out the exercise tapes to shake up the exerbike routine. I did get on my real bike this week and lapped the lake (6 miles) once in 30 minutes. I intend to be able to lap the lake twice in 40 minutes by the time this challenge is over!!! I almost had a perfect points week (despite celebrating my 10 year anniversary! - I had a yummy brownie my husband made! and it was worth it!). Here's the secret to not overdoing the treat when you give in and have a treat point: have the treat at 7:55 pm. Then you know if you have another, you'll lose a second point, so you stop. Worked with the brownies!

Lee's Week 2

After 1 week, I lost 4 pounds. Yea! Now that it has been 2 weeks, I gained 1 pound back this week. I knew that this past weekend was going to present some eating roadblocks, as I was going to be going to an annual event that I LOVE!! So, I felt the sacrifice was worth it to me. Plus I did some overeating over the weekend, that didn’t help. But this week I must be more diligent. I’ve struggled with getting the exercise thing going much, so this week I’ve got to improve. I’ve enjoyed this challenge and it has really surprised me how much willpower I do possess. Some things that would have been hard for me to do have actually been pretty easy and I don’t even think anything of it. That’s been great!
So, my points for the week are 58 (including one bonus point for last week's blog).

Published for Lee by Jen H.

Trying to keep up

I was determined to do better this week because I didn't have a great week to start out with. I got 57 points, which was certainly less than I wanted to. I didn't lose weight this week so that was down-heartening. I think it was Melissa that talked about eating the cinnamon rolls. I do the same thing with the points. If I lose the treat point then I try to eat as many treats during the day that I can and that kind of defeats the whole purpose. My exercise points were pitiful and that was a big reason I didn't lose any weight. But, I'm trying to stay positive and start this week out well without thinking of all of the things I did wrong. I've still been faithful to the "no eating after 8" rule which is a big step for me.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

SLOW, Busy, productive,

Ok thoes words descibed my week and it isn't done yet! I still have Activity days and a retreat to go on. This week has been ok. I have done alright except for Brandi's helping hands. I ate 3 cinnamon rolls in one day. I figured gee I lost my treat point so I had one for breakfast lunch and dinner and ended up being sick! I just don't seem to have much contol when something is staring me in the face all day. I also have a serios addiction to bread and would eat it for every meal if I could. I am going to try to do better. I also need to start reading the scriptures more often.So not the best week but I always start out slow and do better in the end.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 1 Fitness Challenge

Well, this was a tough week for us because we are on everyone's schedule but our own. Eating with friends, no kitchen to prepare our own meals so, I guess what I'm getting at is we didn't do as well as I had hoped on our Arizona vacation. I had 63 points for Aug. 30 - Sept. 5. Unfortunately, no weight was lost but we keep on trying. Next week will be better. I am glad we're doing the thankful list each day. It has really made me think about the good things of the day before I get into bed each night. Week 2 will be better.

Jennifer B Week 1

I had a pretty successful week. I only lost half a pound, but something is better then nothing. I am really determined to do well in this challenge. I was not happy with how well I did last time, and so I made a commitment to myself that I would try a lot harder to get all my points this time. I got 67 points this last week.

From Holly via Jessica

I did good--except having Bunco and my Anniversary trip this week.  I got 55 points and lost weight!  More next time.
Can't say it was bad or good week. I had a few treats and ate after 8 , only exercised 4 times this week. Positive changes but not quite strong enough to make good points. I have 60 points for the week that includes my $ bonus points. Weighed in with a 5 or so lb loss. I will have to step up my efforts to get into the game. Best wishes to you. Brandi:)

Leslies Check in

I got 59 pts this week (53+5+1). The one thing that was a killer was eating dinner after 8. And then yesterday was a killer too. I didnt drink all my water, I forgot about the vitamin and didnt exercise. But dang it ! Im goimg to do better!!! Im down 2.2 lbs. Had a few flucuations in the week but that is what Im down since starting.

REVISED!! Its a good thing I went and looked over my journal again. I had totally missed a day. I was wondering why I was so far behind on points when I didnt think I did THAT bad. So Im revising my points to add a day I missed. My points actually are 62+5+1 so a total of 68. Phew. Now I can sleep better tonight.

first week

First week went by fast, and was very easy for me. I just hope that it stays that way for me. I even had many temptations with my kids eating treats around me. Hopefully I can stay this strong throughout the remaining weeks. I got 68 points this week.

Feeling Better

Week one was easier than I thought it was going to be. I lost 6 pounds and feel better. It is amazing how much I was eating.
It is good to feel in control. I hope I can keep going.
Rachel and I tried to download pictures and my computer was too slow. The grateful list was a great idea. It makes you think.
I got 74 points this week (69 +5 bonus for paying $).
Good luck to everyone and remember "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

Good Week for Dawn

It's so good to be doing this as a challenge instead of me just trying to do it all by myself. I think a challenge is the best way for me to lose the weight. It makes me more responsible. So my points for this week are 75 ( 69 + 5 for $ + 1 for weight loss). I would have had a perfect point week if we hadn't have gotten back so late from boating on Saturday...I didn't get my exercise in. You would think I would have gotten some in while boating but I've decided my skiing days are over so I was the "flag holder". Not much exercise in that. I tried very hard this week. I was careful to put small portions on my plate and they looked so tiny sitting there on that big plate, but I was satisfied at the end of eating. I truly did not eat sweets! We're having a BBQ today so I will allow myself a small dessert, which of course, will veto the point for the day but I lost 3.8 pounds this week and proud of that. I think getting exercise in on the weekends will be hard. And like Denise, I'm worried that the closer to the end I get, the harder this will be. I guess we'll just have to see. I'm hoping to not have an "end" but keep on incorporating these things into my life. That's where the true success will come.

Week One Points for Lee

After week one I have earned 53 (47 + 5$ + 1 wl) . I lost 4 pounds!!! I have found that many requirements for points either came easily or with little motivation while others that I haven't even earned will be harder for me to achieve. But I feel that if I can be more diligent, to at least do each of these a couple of times a week, it will be easier for me to incorporate them. It's been interesting to see how well I have done so far. I am proud that I have begun on this path with some success. And I find myself being more conscientious of what I spend my time doing.

(posted by Jen on Lee's behalf)

Claudia's Points

My mom is having technical difficulties, so I'm posting for her today. By next week she should be able to do her own, but for today . . . drumroll please . . . she got 73 points this week (67 + 5$ + 1 wl) she lost 3 pounds (yay!) hasn't had sugar all week! And is feeling great. We were discussing how psychologically motivating this challenge is (I can eat dessert in the evening, but that would cost two points, and it's so not worth it . . .) and how good it makes us feel to take that control in our lives. Go MOM!!!

by Jen H. for Claudia K.

1 week down--

I didn't intro myself--Jessica. I live in VA and have no kids. I travel a lot for work, internationally, so jet lag and crazy eating is part of my life.  This week has shown me weekends are going to be the hardest--I was GREAT until the weekend. An invite to dinner on Friday just started it off--For me the hardest is getting exercise in with work and life. I am recording my foods on I like recording AND seeing how I'm doing on calories etc.  You can track your weight and exercise as well--and it lets you know your "deficit" calories for the day. Its awesome.

I'm excited to report I lost 5 pounds this week and earned 54 points.  The bulk of those Mon-Thursday, but there's always next week! Hope you all have a great healthy holiday!

Week one for Jen H.

I am so glad this challenge is back on. I had a great week. I got a total of 74 points (68 + 5 $ + 1 wl). Last time my biggest challenge was exercising every day. That is where I would lose the bulk of my points is only exercising 3 times a week or whatever. This time I challenged myself to exercise every day. And this week, I did it! I've realized that 30 minutes really isn't that much--despite the mental moaning and groaning I surround it with. Though I love to swim and to bike on a real bike (I made it to the pool just twice this week and on my real bike not at all), when that doesn't happen in a day, even when I get home late or whatever, if I quit putting it off and jump on my stationary bike with a good book, 30 minutes flies by. Seriously, I'd probably lay in bed and read for 30 anyway, why not exercise? I've also upped the resistance on my exer-bike, so I'm pushing myself--I'm really actually sweating on the stupid thing now. Last time part of my issue with the exer-bike is that it didn't feel like that much of a work out. It's all in the settings. And I've stepped up my lap swim too. Last time I really felt like I only got a true work out when I did water aerobics, as lapping and the exer-bike had become ho-hum. Well now I typically do 500 meters of laps as sort of a 20 minute warm up, then spend the next 20 minutes doing my own water aerobics. Yes, I look like an idiot hopping around by myself in the pool, but I've stopped caring. I'm a fat lady in a swim suit, I don't look great to begin with. Might as well make the best of it.

My biggest problem point this time? Overeating. I would have had a perfect score this week if it weren't for a couple of episodes of overeating. I really need to stop and wait, because both times I thought I was fine until about a half an hour later, I had to admit to myself I'd overdone it. But, having gone to two restaurants this week, I took half my meal home in a box, even though I didn't feel "full" at the table (I felt just fine 30 minutes later). That is a big step for me--I almost always finish my plate, and then some. I'm so glad to have motivation to not eat after 8. I once heard someone on tv say that what you eat or don't eat after dinner is your weight loss. It is sooooo true. I think if I did nothing else but not eat after 8, I would lose weight, if slowly. As it is, with working hard when I exercise, overeating soooo much less and not eating after 8 at all, I weighed in at 276.5--a whopping 7.5 pounds of loss this week!! Granted, some of that was probably water, as I really didn't think I'd gotten back up to 284, but I'll take water loss! My goal for this challenge, was a bit lofty--2.5 pounds a week, but week one put me 2 weeks ahead! Yay! Week 2 here I come!!

Week 1 Points

Woo-hoo!!! I rocked this week. Then again, I tend to start out strong and then fizzle big time at the end, so hopefully I'm not just setting myself up to do that AGAIN! Then again, this is my first time to do the challenge not pregnant, so that'll help ...

Anyway, I get a bonus (I'll add it in next week) for losing weight -- I am at 225.6, which is almost six pounds down. I didn't expect that, but I'll take it. I think the biggies for me are not overeating dinner (which I tend to do often) and not eating my ice-cream after 8. Who knew it'd be that "easy"? Now to stick with it. My points this week were 69. I'm impressed with myself and only hope I can stay strong. In the first challenge it was between me and one other lady who was doing awesome (she had it in the bag), and at the end I fizzled and the other lady dropped out never to be heard from again! (I really don't know what happened to her -- since it was someone I didn't know I never found out! :) So, the person in a FAR third place throughout the competition -- who looked like they didn't have a chance -- won the pot. I say that to encourage everyone to keep on trying, because even if you don't win the pot and "only" lose 15 pounds it's all worth it. :)

Happy Labor Day ... may it be healthy and happy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fast Sunday Reminder

In case you missed it:

A quick clarification on the rules. Someone pointed out to me that as LDS people we fast once a month, which means skipping meals. If you do fast, go ahead and give yourself the point for not skipping meals since you are exercising self-control and living your religion. :) Yes, that's one free point a month you can get! :) You're still responsible, though, for your vitamin, 8 c. water, etc.

Also, you have to post on Mondays to get the bonus point. That point will list your points for the week and then the point will be added into the next week's points (since the points go from Monday to Sunday). Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Final list of participants?

Okay, I've heard bits and pieces about people joining, so I thought I better figure out who really is in! This is who I have participating in the challenge:

- Jennifer Hoisington*
- Claudia Kunz*
- Lee Rittinger*
- Sylvia Palmer*
- Rachel Barahona*
- Denise Brown
- Tania Knutson Palica*
- Dawn Rokovitz*
- Leslie Hendricksen*
- Melissa Laing*
- Wendy Patterson*
- Brandi Adams*
- Lisa Montes*
- Kristine Lawler
- Jessica (Tilahun?)
- Holly Ann Barney
- DeAnn Brown
- Jenn McElligott
- Gwen Mauldin
- Jennifer Brown

*Already paid

If you haven't sent in your money yet, go ahead and do it now, because you'll want those five bonus points! :) You have one more week to get the five bonus points by sending in your money, so do it!!!

Don't forget to post your numbers tomorrow so you can get a bonus point to add to the following week's points. And for anyone interested, you can click on the right-hand side to follow the blog and get updates via e-mail when anything is posted. :)

Good luck!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing Lisa Montes...

Lisa wont have Internet access until about Thursday so I thought I'd do a little introducing for her. I will be writing her Monday update this Monday also.

Lisa and I have been best friends since.... forever. Really since about 8th grade but have been friends since 1st grade.

She lives in Arizona with her SIX kiddos and dentist husband. She adopted two girls about two years ago that are 14 and 11 and then she has a boy 9, girl 7, boy 5, and boy 2years old. So one busy mama!!!


Ill let her do the rest of her introducing when she gets here.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I'm discovering

I'm doing pretty good, but the things that I'm discovering that are a stretch for me are getting in an extra two cups of water each day than I was used to, reading up to 20 minutes, watching the overeating, and not eating after 8pm. I do good to get 6 cups of water in a day, but getting that afternoon (between lunch and dinner) water in is sometimes hard. I read my scriptures, but I realize now that I must have only been doing 5-10 minutes a day. The full 20 seems long. I could eat more because it tastes good so getting myself to know that I don't need more takes concentration. And last, we've been eating earlier so Cory, my youngest has something in his tummy before football practice at 6pm each night. The other night when I was picking him up after practice, I was starting to get that rumble in my tummy. I was hoping we could get home before 8pm so I could munch on some cereal or something but we walked in the door a few minutes after I suffered! I do feel better this week and am sleeping better. So far, I haven't had any sweets and haven't killed anyone yet!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So we are a few days in....

Im wondering what you guys are having the hardest time with...

Me, its the eating after 8! I knew this would be my downfall. Scott has been getting home really late and with homework and trying to get everything done..we keep eating CLOSE to eight...or tonight. DANG IT!