Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week 8

I didn't do very well last week. With sick girls and a day sick myself I struggled with eating well and exercising. I scored 57 points and possibly gained a pound back (or it's pms water weight, can't tell). This next weeks is going to be hard as well as we are taking a family vacation this weekend. It's so hard to choose the healthy things, and eat the right serving sizes when so many things look so yummy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 8 was not great ...

I had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week! I was frustrated and angry a lot, which meant I turned to my favorite comfort foods: chocolate, candy bars, ice-cream, etc. Why, oh, why can't broccoli comfort me the same? In any case, I got 51 points and 2 pounds this week. I'm surprised the gain wasn't more.

Hopefully I can get back on track with exercise and avoiding treats this week. Ugh! Life happening just wasn't part of the plan last week. ;)

Week 8 Post

63 points. no weight gained or lost...snacked a bit more (love that Choxie dark chocolate from Target) and missed my personal goal 3 times. Sort of a maintain kind of week.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another option

I ran into a friend who had the lap band and she told me I should think about it. I had concerns about it slipping or not being as effective. But the more I think about it, it seems so much safer. I haven't heard of anyone dying yet. The risk of slipping is low especially if you don't stuff yourself.

I now need to start researching it. I am going to have to wait for a while anyway to get some debt paid down. We just bought the car and have one more big payment next month. We ended up refinancing the house, but couldn't get enough equity because of the housing value decline. We actually could of done an FHA loan, but they cost so much more money over the long run. I just couldn't do it. So we got a great deal and will keep paying the amount we have been and we could have it paid for in 18 years. So we need to just be diligent and get the one credit card we have paid off. I have always said that I can't give up spending and eating at the same time. Have to have something to look forward to in life ;)

My sister in law told me about a man who lost about 200 lbs on weight watchers. I have had my mother and sister tell me that they know I can do this on my own. I know people are trying to be helpful, but they wouldn't like it if I told them they could change their faults and weaknesses all at once. That is the sad thing about being fat, your issues announce themselves and you can't hide them like a lot of people do. So many people are hiding so many things!

So I will keep trying to get motivated to lose on my own, but in a year or two, if I am not where I need to be, I will consider the lap band.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 7

I lost another pound this week and totaled 64 points again. I feel more in control of my sugars this week, (it always seems to work that way with me). I currently have 3 kids down with a fever, and I'm feeling the stress and lack of energy as I take care of sick kids and fight off what ever it is we have. Hopefully I can have the strength to keep exercising through the week.

I have so enjoyed have to be responsible for my diet and exercise with others (even if you all live away from me) Thank for getting me going and making keep track of my self.

Week 7 Post

67 points. Gained my pound back. Stressful week with everyone home for Fall Break and husband not feeling well. I ate so much food. My food tracking calculator said almost 2100 kcal per day. Ready for a new week.

Week 7 just wasn't heaven ...

I got 62 points this week. A road trip and a girls' night killed my great week in just one day. :) But I did well on the other days. Big thanks to Gwen for getting this whole thing started and keeping me exercising even when it gets cold. An exercise buddy is sure a huge bonus for me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 6

I've had a tough week. My body was reacting weird and I'm sure my blood sugar levels were way off. (I wish the Dr. would decide what to do with this so I could move forward. I feel like I'm in limbo.) So I had to make some tough choices on what to eat and while I did well, I hate having to add extra protein to my diet to make me feel better. Who knew being diagnosed as a pre-diabetic would be so hard. Mark and I have done a lot of talking this week as I struggled and we have decided that I need to cook what I can eat, problem is - no one else like that stuff and I really don't like the idea of cooking two meals. When you look at all the things you exclude from your diet I feel like there isn't much left and my 6 year old is a picky eater.

Well time to keep moving forward and progress. I have to find a way to deal and get healthy so that I can play with my kids and be here for them in the years to come.

On a positive note I had my first week over 60 points scoring 64 points YEAH!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy weeks

The last two weeks have been crazy. I've been sick, the kids have been sick, and I had one of those monthly visits from Hades. I had a hard time keeping up with the exercise. Somehow I still managed to take a few pounds off and today I weighed in at 225. My points this week were 58.


I am overwhelmed with choices right now. I met with the surgeon and saw his presentation. He presented that 90% of our weight is genetics. I don't think I agree. I know that we can always overcome weakness. Addiction can be beat. I know that I could lose this weight on my own. But it would probably take total devotion. Focus on myself. Time to plan a menu and cook almost every meal. Time to myself to find something to overcome the boredom, frustration, stress that usually
lead my to overeating.

I don't have that kind of time right now. Or at least it feels that way. If you look at just the statistics, the surgery has great results. The best, actually. My mom told me about another person who died. That's three women I have heard of. I mean we are talking DEATH. I talked about it with my husband last night. I told him I could only do this if he could handle that risk and all of the possible consequences. He would have to go on if I were to die and be happy and not give up emotionally. Can you imagine being a single parent to eight?

He says he is willing to accept that although he doesn't think it is going to happen. The chances are lower if you are young. And the experience of the Dr. is very important here. Both are things I would have going for me.

I am still scared though. I LOVE life. I am thinking about trying for one more year or maybe six months before I get serious. Maybe weight watchers. I want to make the right decision. It is so big. With consequences.

But as my husband said, if I stay this weight, I am at risk for so many things also. I know that my weight has to change, I just have to figure out how.

Oh, one more tempting fact, I asked Dr. Belnap his long term success rate and he said it was 85%. The nurse said the thought it was slightly higher. My friend who used him as her Dr. is doing great and her dad and sister have both kept the weight off. Her dad for 4 yrs. and her sister for 3 yrs. My friend said she would do it again and it has changed her family's lives. Her husband was very worried about losing her and it took him a long time to get on board. Should I be offended that Trent isn't more worried? Just Kidding, he is such a scientist and is calmed by the low rates of death. They are about the same as any regular surgery.

Week 6 Post

65 points and no weight gain or loss.

Week 6 and we're tough chicks!

I had a lazy week w/o much exercise, but I did better on my eating. I may have even lost a pound (hopefully!) but I forgot to weigh to see ... I earned 64 points this week. I can't believe our challenge is now half-way over!!! I realize that if I didn't lose a pound this week I need to get going, because I'd really like to have lost 10 pounds by the time this challenge is over, and I'm only half-way there. I made wraps this week for lunch, which were delicious and very healthy -- the tortillas I used had 12 grams of fiber in each one! Then adding the lettuce and onions gave me a veggie, which is always my struggle. Made a veggie lasagna last night for the first time ever, and it turned out pretty good -- although my hubby thought it tasted like it was missing something (yes, the meat! :). In any case, do any of you have suggestions on how to get the best results on roasting veggies? I'd like to do that more, but all the places I saw online said to do it for 45-60 minutes, which makes my veggies mushy ... Thanks, ladies!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prizes for 2nd and 3rd place!!!

All~ Now that we're half-way through the challenge I want to keep you going by letting you know that there will be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. No, they won't be a cash pot (which some of you still need to contribute to), but they will be exciting ... I'll post in the next couple of weeks what these prizes are. In the meantime, keep on keepin' on!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 5 and I'm still alive ...

Bad week for me with lots of stress and sicknesses. Sigh. We weren't able to walk much b/c of the weather and other factors, but at least my weight stayed the same. I got 61 points this week ... mainly b/c of exercise and not being able to limit myself with peanut M&M's when we have conference!!! :)

week 5

I had a tough week last week and didn't get in the intensity I wanted with my exercise. I recieved a total of 58 points for the week. No additional weight loss this week, but the 5 lbs total feels great.

Week 5 Post

Collected 67 points this week. Tracked calories all week and hurray - I lost a pound! Hoping for another good week.