Monday, February 22, 2010

jen p

Not such a good food week for me, 61pts for the week....... gained a few ounces, not very happy. I know why, I know what I need to do different.. now just the strength to do it!!!


My kids broke my scale. At first I was kind of excited since I have been wanting a digital one, but could not justify buying a new one when mine worked perfectly fine. I went out and got my new scale, and when I hoped on I was devistated. It said I weighed 210.5. I was so excited to be down below 210 at 208 on my old scale. I don't know if it is true or not, but I am telling myself that I did not gain any weight, that it is just the difference between the two scales. At any rate I don't get a point for weight loss (that is two weeks in a row). I don't understand, this has been my best week so far. I got good exercise in, and only had a treat one day this week. I got 63 points (which is my highest points so far).

Week 7 points

I'm so impressed with everyone's weight loss. This is so great for everyone to be motivated and working hard. Even if we don't do our best, as long as we're not gaining we're doing well, huh? (Says the woman who is gaining ... ;) I did have someone at church yesterday say my face looked like I had lost weight. Maybe it was my new haircut ... but I'd like to think any weight gain now is baby weight. I was exactly the same weight today at my dr appointment as I was two weeks ago, but the baby has supposedly gained a pound. I'll take it!

This was definitely not my best week. I'm tired, so exercise is very hard right now -- I only exercised one day. But I'm staying away from treats most days. In any case, I ended the week with 62 points and no weight loss. I'm hoping to get more exercise in this week. I also hope to be more veggie-minded this week since I always do better when I'm making a conscious effort to eat more veggies (and not just fruits).

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Can you believe this is the last week of February?!?


Not the best week 56 points. I didn't lose any weight but didn't gain either. The fruits and vegies are a killer and how to excersie when I just want to sit. After cleaning the whole house and chaseing after two toddlers all day and running any erands who has the energy to excersie geeezz. So I did crappy and ate treats to often and didn't get enough excersie and didn't eat the fruits and veggies i should have but of course no weight loss not a suprise. This week will be better!

Good to be back

My points weren't fantastic this week (63 + posting point = 64, 463 running total), but my bloating subsided and I dropped the pound and a half I'd put on and one more to boot, for a total of 2.5 down this week. I'm down 15.5 total!!!! That's pretty good for nearly two months. At 272.5 I am officially below my pre-pregnant weight for both my pregnancies (Since I got pregnant at 275, it's nothing really to sing about, but hey, it's progress). I would love to be down below 270 by March--2.5 pound left for that mini-goal! Maybe, I can be down a full 20 pounds by then! Okay, I'll quit the weight loss fantasizing. I made it back to my water aerobics class once last week--that class is sooooo good for me. I hope this blizzard is cleared out enough tomorrow that I can go. I'm still overeating at meals somewhat, but I think the fact that I've pretty much completely stopped eating after dinner has made a huge difference. Just think if I stop over-eating during the day too! Imagine the weight pouring off my body . . .
Happy Monday Everyone,
Wasn't the best week, tired and depressed feelings this week. Too many things going on and dinner wasn't planned or prepared very well so we ate lots of fattening things like hot dogs, pancakes etc. The week didn't end too bad. I only exercised 3X not good and ate after eight one night, was going to lose a point for not enough fruit/veg, but hey already lost the time point might as well eat the veggies now and not lose that point too. Total points with 1.1lb lost and Monday post was 66. Running total is 475 pts and 14.3lb lost. I am finally what I was last summer, I guess that is good and bad. Glad to be back there, however I would love to have been down the weight from there, that would have been better. Have a great week it seems these Mondays come quicker and quicker.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

jen p

sorry, a little late but I figured even if I cant count the blog point I should still post my points for this week...64pts for the week. I didnt exercise much and I ate candy... better this week!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Week six

I got only 60 points this week, and I did not lose any weight. That is okay, I can't expect to after all the cheesecake me and my Valentine ate over the weekend. I am just glad that I did not gain any. My total for the challenge so far is 341 points, and I will try and get Barbara's total from her tomorrow and e-mail you with it Denise.


64 points this week, plus 1 for posting last week (no weight loss point--arg) = 65. This should put me at 399.

Okay, so I gained again--half a pound. I'm over it. I'm bloated and grumpy and hoping that in a week it'll all be better. But, the good news is, weight gain aside, I put on my one-size-smaller jeans this week and though tight, they fit enough to wear all day.

I'm not eating treats (except for a little cheesecake on Matt's b-day), I'm not stuffing myself, just overeating a little. And I haven't been to water aerobics in two weeks thanks to business trips, sick kids and snow days. Oh, and tomorrow's dentist appt--ugh. I did barely make one day lap swim, as pathetic as I was, but mostly have just been doing the bike, but obviously not intensely enough. But really, who wants to exercise when you have cramps, right?

Okay, I'm done whining. Next week will be better for so many reasons.

This Week and Last Week

So I am posting for this week and last week since I never posted last week. Last week I earned a total of 67 points (65 +1 for weight loss and + 1 for posting the week before). I was very proud of myself since I felt sick most of the week but managed to work out anyway. This week I kind of slacked off and was lazier. I just did not feel like doing anything so I gave myself a couple of days off. For this week I earned a total of 57 (56 + 1 for weight loss). The challenge for this week is getting back into things and feeling more motivated.


Had a great week! Even tho I did have a couple of treats I worked hard and lost two more pounds! I had a total od 64 points this week . I am just happy I lost the weight. My clothes are fitting better and I have felt so good!

Week 6 points

Okay, we're more than half-way through the challenge -- hooray!!! I didn't have the greatest week, probably because I only exercised two days. Ugh! I did hold off on treats for five days, though, and that was a feat considering it was v-day week. And I didn't lose/gain any weight, but since I'm at the point where baby gains .5 pounds per week I'll take that as a weight loss (although I won't give myself the extra point for it since it doesn't show on the scale). My point total for the week is only 60. I've gottta kick up the exercise a notch before I'm totally out of the habit and don't want to do a thing with this big belly. Good luck for the second half of the challenge!

Once everyone has posted for this week I'll post mid-way results. Jennifer, can you let me know what Barb's total is so I can include her, too? Thanks!
Half way through the challenge and I am still struggling with cravings way bad, haven't given into them, but there are still some things that I really want. Such as the divinity my neighbor brought over for Valentines Day. Yum my favorite! I put some in the freezer so I could have some after the challenge but I really want it now. Aunt Flo is on her way and she is coming with a vengence, I could eat everything in sight. I had 68 points for the week bringing my total to 409. I lost 1.2lbs total loss of 13.2 for the first six weeks. Have a great week everyone.
Take Care,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Good week

I was really proud of how much exercise I got in this week, and it paid off. I lost 2lbs this week. I am still not doing great with fruits/veggie point, and I had a treat 4 times during the week. Total points this week 61.

Side note, my sister Barbara is still doing the challenge, she is just anti computers.

Jen P

My points for this week...64 for a game total of 319. I gained .6lb weighing in at 225.8... I had 2 sodas and 2 bad sweet binges this week and did not exercise 3 out of 7 days. I was sad but I'm over it and I am starting over!!!
Great week until Sunday. Family gathering+food=disaster well not really because I ate a ton of veggies, but I was still full and didn't listen to my body, I ate more veggies and bread. I didn't want to go out to the car and finsh my food log so lost points on Sunday for log, water & exercise. Denise shared her vitamins, I liked them and did feel some more energy this week. I lost 2.8lbs to a total of 12lbs and had 67 points with loss and blog. Total points is 341. My clothes are starting to get loose and I like that, just don't have extra $ to buy some new ones, dang. I will have to go tackel the storage room and see if there is anything buried down there. This week I am going to work on getting my heart up during exercise. I love to walk, but not fast enough to get my heart rate up, I do the elliptical with the same exertion I think I would do better if I put some more heart into it. Hope all of you are doing good and feeling great. Have a great week!

Week 5--what's up with this week?

I also got 64 points and no weight loss (in fact, I gained a pound--ggrrrr!). My total with last week's bonus is 66, and 334 total.

I know exactly why I didn't lose. I had a business trip, worked through lunches and we ordered pizza both days. Then, with traveling and sick kids, I didn't make it to the pool, and as if that wasn't enough, I caved to the stress of the week and ate too much at meals (I made the fattening kind of enchiladas and my kids didn't like them, so that's all I ate for about two days straight--I'm so bad with Mexican food--next time, if there is a next time, I'll make a much smaller pan and avoid all those leftovers. But, I did buy a stationary bike, so I got in bare minimum exercising most days. I too need to crank that up. Especially since with husband out of town and huge snow storm headed to Michigan tomorrow, I'm likely to be stuck home again all week. I will do better this week! All is not lost!

That's all.

no weight loss

Well my points this week look great but I did not loss any weight. I ate more treats then I have and my excercising was the barest minumim to get my point. So this week I will work harder! Ugh! Even tho I have a birthday and Valentines to look forward too. I have decided we as a people have created way to many holidays where we eat badley! Gezz even a football game is now a hoiliday where we get together and eat! I don't even like football. I did do a nice big fruit salad and it was great! I have lost almost 10 pounds so I went out to my shed and got my box of two small clothes just for motivation and low and behold some of them FIT!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited. So this really has been worth it. I just wish there was a way to turn the brain off when I start thinking about food add all I can't eat. I get a little obsesive.

Week 5 points

I got 64 points this week with no weight loss. I may have had one pound weight loss, but I forgot to weigh before breakfast (my usual weigh-in time), so I ended up the same. I'll take it. I was pretty good about exercising (4 days this week) and about cutting out snacks (5 days this week). Those are my two hardest areas, so I think that's pretty good. I'm still eating more veggies, which is great, and I think I feel pretty good considering I've got this big belly. Who knows, maybe when Austin is born I'll be 10 pounds lighter all of a sudden. That'd be nice ... :) Hope you all had great weeks!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just wondering ...

Anyone else feel empowered when you say no to a snack? Especially one you REALLY want? I'm feeling pretty strong avoiding snacks at least five to six days per week. If I can do that, can't I do anything? :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

I did not do as well this week. As always, I start out strong and then weaken with time. I need to get my resolve back. I'm working on it, but just not feeling very motivated lately. This week I got 61 out of 70 plus 1 for posting and 1 for weight loss. Hopefully this week will get better.

jen p. 61pts. bad food week. gained .8lb so i weighed in at 225.2

Week 4

I did much better this week then last week. I only worked out twice this week, and I was not happy with myself about that, but I am going to do better this week. I got 56 points this week. I really need to work harder on getting in some fruits and veggies (I don't eat any) and do more exercise.

Week 4 here we come!!!

WOHO!!! I have lost 7 pounds so far! I almost gave in this week to lots of treats. This is getting so much harder but when I steped on that scale this morning I was so happy! This has been such a good experiance for me. I started taking some of thoese metabolizium pills to bost my motab and got so angry last week i was ripping heads off right and left and I don't think they did anything to help my weight so thoes are permenatly out! I feel like Denise does about the mulivitamins! I can wake up in the morning now with only little problums now and then and I do seem to have more energy. That 1 or 3 o'clock nap happens less and less. I also rewrote my food journal, my daughter spilled Oj all over it and many of the pages were unreadable. I relized I missed a day and have not been giving myself the extra end of the week points. For anyone who knows me this is no shocker since I had to have Denise completly clarify the rules for me.....Hello. Anyway so as of now I got 61 points last week for a grand totall of 244 points so far. I am very proud of my self I didn't think I could keep up with all this for so long but I have.

Week 4 "Why am I still so tired?"

We are a third the way through this challenge, I am exercising 5 days a week, eliminated all treats sugar, chips etc. and I still have a hard time getting out of bed each morning. Ugh. I always feel a slight headache, tired and ready for a nap. I thought it would get better by now. I am already on thyroid meds and always have taken vitamins so I am not sure why the lack of energy. My daughter decorated cakes in YW this week. It was the first thing since this challenge began that I REALLY wanted. It stayed on the counter for three days, this little cake, the kids picking at it a little at a time. If I was eating treats it would have been gone in 10 min and left me to confess my sins of eating her whole cake, but I kept reminding myself, food is a memory, remember how it tastes and that is good enough. I really am liking fruits and veggies more. I bought some frozen peaches, blueberries, strawberries, honeydew mix from costco and it is yummy. Fresh carrots, celery and peppers make for a great snack and the water I am still living in the bathroom and up several times a night, but find myself now craving it. Some things don't phase me now like they did a month ago, like now I don't snack while making my hubby's lunch before bed. I really was piecing a lot while making it. Water, I just grab a cup fill it and gulp it down, before I gagged it down. Little changes make a difference, even though tired, I think clearer and not in such a fog all the time. Week points were good lost for only exercising 5 days and one night I just couldn't sleep. I lost 2.2lb down a total of 9.2. 69pts for the week that includes weight loss and Monday post. Total challenge pts. 274. Now if I can only survive Super Bowl Sunday.

Week 4 points

So it wasn't my best week, but I did pretty well overall. I got 62 +1 for 63 points this week. I didn't have any weight loss, and once again I gained a pound. Once again I'm going to blame it on Austin, because I did pretty well!

I did some of the bad library workout dvds (scratch that -- videos) that Jen mentions, too. After making fun of their matching socks and leotards and big hair I got to work. The one thing they were good for is making me believe that I am exercising enough to get my heart rate in a good zone for pregnancy. Sometimes I feel like I'm not intense enough, but these showed me that you don't have to get that intense when you're in your third trimester to get your heart rate going. (I'm due two months from today -- yippee!) However, I am going to try to exercise more days this week and maybe for longer periods of time (or more than once a day, when possible). I guess even if I don't feel like I'm doing much anything is better than nothing, and if possible I will once again end a pregnancy weighing less than I did when I started.

My big accomplishment this week is that I feel I was a lot more veggie minded. I've wanted to do this for years -- especially for my kids -- but I haven't been so good at it. Having a few new ideas from Jen to get me away from always doing the Cali blend has been wonderful. I'm also buying fresh zucchini since it's easy to chop and sautee by itself, which I find delicious! Anyway, just thinking about it more got me eating more, and my fruit/veggie points didn't seem so tough this week.

Hope you all had great weeks! I'm going to have to pump it up a little if I want a chance to beat you motivated ladies! :)

Week, what is this, 4?

Points this week: 64 (plus 2 bonus from last week's post and weight loss=66) Grand total = 268. Weight loss this week = 2.5 lbs --Yay! (weigh in at 273.5)

This week wasn't actually great, though it wasn't terrible by any means either--I was happy to have lost weight at the end. I saw a couple of people ahead of me in points and promised to kick it up and get 10s like all week--not so much. My week got totally away from me--my job overtook my life. But, all things considered, I came out of it pretty good. I'm going to need to do something about this week though--I have a two-day solid business meeting Wed/Thurs in Toledo which are two of the three or four days I normally swim. Not to mention, travel eating isn't always great. Maybe I can get to the pool today. I'm refusing to work more hours than is absolutely necessary because of how many I put in last week, and how many I'm sure to put in Wed/Thurs. I digress. I really need to buy an exercise bike. Any suggestions on brand or anything? Maybe I'll hit the library for some bad aerobics tapes. Does driving to OH and back twice count as exercise? I didn't think so. I'm slowing down on the forced fruit thing. Uggg. I have a bowl of oranges, grapefruit and apples staring me down. But, since I despise fruit so much (that's a little harsh) I'm figuring ways of pulling veggies into breakfast more like V8 with breakfast--yum! My new favorite breakfast--boiled egg sliced on whole wheat toast topped with a whole tomato thickly sliced topped with some pepper and onion jelly (place the tomato slices face down in a frying pan for a minute beforehand and yum!). And my new favorite snack when I'm home and can't stomach an orange or something--this so reminds me of my childhood--dump some frozen green beans in a small saucepan, pour over canned diced tomatoes (home canned ones are PERFECT for this), throw in some chopped garlic (or garlic salt when I'm lazy) and heat for a few minutes. A little fresh ground pepper and/or red pepper and it's a yummy warm snack for these FREEZING cold days. Sundays have been hard too--great firesides the last two weeks, but after eating a late sunday lunch after church (like 2 pm), then add in the hour drive to the stake center for a 6pm fireside, you're not hungry before, but by the time you're home at 9 or 10 pm, it's too late to eat. Last night I solved the dilemma by figuring I had already lost the point either by not eating enough veggies (thank you ward potluck starch fest) or by eating after eight. So, I had my favorite bowl of beans and tomatoes, lost a point, and went to bed. Honestly, it's all good. My husband rolls his eyes when I talk about points and reminds me it's not about the points. Which it isn't. It's about the fact that I've lost neary 15 pound on this and am feeling great. Thanks to Denise and all of you--but I still want to win . ..

Well that was a bit of a big ramble wasn't it . . .