Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Points Tally, New Rules (for 2011), Hot Chocolate Recipe

That's right, this is a loaded post: Tallies until now; proposed rules for 2011 challenge; and a yummy hot chocolate recipe that is healthier for you than hot chocolate mixes ...

First .... points to date (top half):

567 - Dawn
566 - Claudia
558 - Sylvia
555 - Denise
549 - Jennifer
536 - Leslie
526 - Jen H.
512 - Tania

I cannot believe how well everyone is doing! Even those who aren't in the top half are right in there and losing weight, besides. Dawn and Claudia need to be taken down ... ;) Jen, send me your mom's address so I can start delivering brownies, cookies, cake, etc. Neighbors, start doing the same to Dawn! ;) Just kidding ... but if Claudia still lived in Covington where I knew where she was I might have to do it as a joke ...

Fitness Challenge 2011
So, the Winter Fitness challenge will start either Jan. 3 or Jan. 10 -- I haven't decided yet. Here are how the points will go on that challenge:

1 pt/day for keeping a food journal
1 pt/ day for exercising for 30+ minutes
1 pt/day for reading Book of Mormon 20+ minutes
1 pt/day for not eating after 8 p.m.
1 pt/day for eating 4+ servings of fruits and/or veggies
1 pt/day for having no more than 1 treat (100 calories or less)
1 pt/day for drinking 8+ cups water
1 pt/day for taking a vitamin and/or calcium
1 pt/day for not skipping any meals
1 pt/day TBD ... additional suggestions? (maybe no pop? maybe meeting a personal goal?)

And now that it's cold, we definitely need healthier hot chocolate!

Deep Dark Hot Chocolate
1 T unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder (I just use regular baking cocoa)
1 T and 2 t Splenda
2 T hot water
1 c. milk

Place cocoa powder and Splenda into microwavable mug. Add the hot water and stir until smooth. Pour in the milk and stir again. Microwave on high for 1 1/2 minutes or until hot. (Do not boil.) Recipe makes one serving Deep Dark Hot Chocolate.

Nutrition information per 1-cup:
Calories: 120
Fat: 3g
Protein: 9g
Carbohydrate: 16g
Exchange: 1 low fat milk


Posting a little late, and I really needed that point yesterday. Last week was perhaps my worst week. I spent 4 of the 7 days sick, very sick, in bed.  So, no reading, exercise, writing of things to be grateful for, etc.  Points this week were DOA!  I didn't even lose weight, but didn't gain any either. My back is still a disaster, so for now I can't exercise.  Not until I get MD approval.  Grrrrrrrrrr. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jennifer B Week 8

It was a pretty good week. I made cookies, and I had to try some after I made them, so I lost a point there. But I was really proud of my self because I did not eat any cake a the baby shower I went to the next day. I love cake, so this took a lot of will power. Right now there is a cheese cake in the fridge that is totally calling my name. I want my husband to hurry up and eat it, but I really don't want him to eat the whole thing because it is not good for him either. This means that I should find people to give it a way to, and not help him out by eating some of it myself, but the second idea is much tastier. This week I got 68 points for a challenge total of 549.

Leslies Check in

Seems like I have a good week and then a bad week with the weight loss. This week I only lost .8. Oh well, thats more then a half a pound, right? My points also werent the best. We have been tearing up floors around here so I had a day with not enough water, skipped a meal, ate late. Im just glad Ive been losing and not gaining like I have for the last 12 years of my life. 66 pts

Dawn week 8

It looks like strictness is the only way to go for me. Being strict bought me a 2lb. weight loss this week with points in at 72. In Weight Watchers they would say, "If you sort of do the program, you will sort of lose weight". I agree with Sylvia, it's harder to drop the pounds the older you get. On Friday, my husband was desperate for homemade cookies. I wasn't going to make them! He told me he didn't like this diet because we never have junk food in the house anymore and finally resorted to making a batch himself. He and the kids indulged and I didn't have any...not even a taste of dough. Next morning he complained of a "cookie hangover". This morning was a struggle to want to do anything because of the loss of a pet, but I forced myself onto the treadmill and to eat breakfast even though I didn't feel like it. I am enjoying this program and enjoy hearing of the successes of each participant. Continue to do great and feel proud of your accomplishments.

Jen H. Week 8

Well, my points aren't fantastic (I had a bad point day yesterday in particular), but I made it to the pool a couple of times this week which makes a world of difference. I was down two pounds. So, yay! My points total is 60 (includes 1 post & 1 weight loss). I may be out of the running to win this thing, but I'm going to give it a last ditch effort.

Lee's Week 8

What a beautiful fall we have in here in Michigan. Clear blue skies, fall leaves/colors, sunny, comfortable temperatures. Michigan truly is a four-season state. I have lived here 44 of my 48 years. I have come to appreciate the idea of journaling daily the things I am grateful for. Sometimes it's just the little things that may happen in a day or something I might see. I went to see one of my doctors this week and he was impressed with the results of some testing that I had occurred recently and even commented that "something has happened". When I told him about the fitness challenge and that it had attributed to these changes, he actually jotted down some of the things we can receive points for. I thought that was cool. And, I lost 4 pounds!!
My points for this week are 59 (includes 1 for weight loss and 1 for posting).

Week 8 points

So I had a pretty good week. I got 68 points and am back down in weight (to where I was two weeks ago). Now to just push beyond that. I'm hoping to up my exercise intensity this week and eat more veggies. I have so many veggies in the house and I've just been terrible about eating them! It's amazing that even without treats you can not be eating a really healthy diet. Sigh ... But now it's easy to not eat after 8 p.m., and I can resist treats a lot easier. (My teenager made chocolate chip cookies last night and I wasn't even tempted ... mostly. :) Good work to everyone! Only one month left!

Great Week!

This week I was determined to lose the pound I gained, and I lost it plus one more for a total of 12 lbs for the challenge. It's great, because I'm losing my belly and all of my clothes are now feeling more comfortable, and some are even getting loose! I tried really hard this week to make my exercise more beneficial and I ate less at each meal. I ate more fruit and veggies, and less carbs. I was able to get 72 points this week (70 + 2 for blogging and weight loss).....wooohooo! I need to lose 8 more pounds by Thanksgiving--that's 2 pounds per week. I think I can do it!


I finally lost more than a half pound. I lost 1 1/2 pounds this week for a total of 10 1/2. Every year it gets harder to loose.
I got 70 points this week. I have decided I want to keep doing this through the holidays to see if I can keep from gaining weight. We will see what happens.
This is sure a cheaper way to go than Jenny Craig or some of those other formal plans. Plus, it is fun to read everyone ups and downs. Thanks Denise for putting in the work to put this together.

Great week for me!

I had a really great week. I was home the whole week, which helps tremendously and no eating out. I had a plan each day of what foods and I was very strict with what I ate. I lost the amount of weight I wanted to and now feel like I've got a fresh start. My scripture reading is wonderful. The trip to Arizona gave me a jump start because I read half of it on the trip, now I'm motivated every day to keep up with my reading and finish before the end of the year. I love my thankful list and what a perfect month to really get everyone involved. My points were 71 for last week. Hope this will hold out for the holidays :o)

Wendy's check-in

I got 66 points this week. But I didn't lose any weight. The exercise was a lot better this week. I think I ate more in general, and not as many fruits and veggies as I should have. My suggestion for next time as far as a change would be to include a point for eating your daily serving of fruits and vegetables. I haven't been as good at that lately. I'm still hanging in there, though, and still trying to be good and make wise decisions. I'll keep at it again this coming week. Halloween, here we come!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jennifer B Week 7

I forgot to post last week, and I almost forgot to post again this week. I have been super busy, and this last week was my worst for points so far. I really need to kick it up a notch and get myself back in this thing. I was really excited though because I went shopping for jeans and I was able to get a size 14, and I look super good in them. All this working out and not eating milkshakes is really doing something for me. My points for this week were 66, and my challenge total is 481.

From Jessica

Not a good week for me--I re-injured my back which sidelined me from all activity. This happens whenever i get close to a break through--or at least it feels that way.  I did miraculously lose weight though, just 1 pound. Only 63 points this week--no activity for the second half!

Week 7 points

Well, good and bad week. Good in that I'm only up one pound after an anniversary getaway (yes, folks, 10th anniversary is this year :). Bad in that I took my swimsuit to the hotel planning on my exercise being in the pool ... and the pool was closed for the season. What? Uh oh ... then I figured I could still workout in their weight room, but then I hadn't packed my exercise clothes. I would have done it in my jammies, but I forgot them, too! Yes, my brain seems to be going. But the good news is that I still got my water, I didn't eat after 8 p.m., I didn't overeat (that one surprised me!), and I'm only up one pound after two nights w/desserts (one of which was worth missing!). I got 66 points for the week. My goal this week is to up my veggies big time and see if that makes me feel better with more energy. I just don't like many veggies or the prep work involved and am horrible about eating them. My fridge is stocked with them, so I better get eating so they don't all go bad! :)

melissa here

Hi had a good week but needed some chocolate. Got 58 points with no weight loss of course. Story of my life. I think I am stuck at this weight. I did buy PX90 at a yard sale but need to get the book so I can start it. I think I'll just take it really easy. I am worried I won't be winning this challenge tho- who is the woman who gets perfect scores each week? We have got to take her out!:> Way to go.

Dawn week 7

So last week I was bummed because I had gained a pound by weigh ins Monday morning. The next day it went down almost three pounds (Thanks scale...a day late. Could have had that point). I maintained that all week...then the weekend came and I didn't do anything different than I had done all week, I had actually been very strict with myself, and that weight tried to slowly inch back up. So, it's down for a loss this week, but not as low as it was last Tuesday. Can't figure out why my body, for the last two years, wants to hang onto this fat so much. Points are 72 this week. Remember how in the beginning I was thinking 20 minutes of reading seemed long? Now that I'm loving the B of M, 20 minutes is just rushing by and I'm not wanting it to be over. I'm loving that book.

Leslies Check in...

It was a pretty good week!! I lost 3.8 lbs and got 69 pts (blogging/weightloss). My points that I lost this week were for eating after eight. I have a hard time with that. And its not eating snack after 8..its eating dinner after eight. Im trying tho! My weight loss is 10.6 lbs. Im excited for that. (Tho, I wish it were more...but Ill take what I can get)

Total points 471

Claudia's Week 7

After a 3 lb loss last week, I had high expectations for this week. I did pretty well on points--until Saturday. I didn't find time to exercise--does shopping all day count??--and, come to think of it, maybe it was the tub-o-buttered popcorn I ate at the movies Saturday night that did it--not to mention the refill (after 8:00) that I brought home and finished Sunday morning for breakfast...hum??? This week will be better. My goal is to lose back the pound I gained and two more. Anyway, I got a total of 68 points, including the blog point for last week.


I forgot to post my points. I got 70

I Love This

I feel so good doing this diet. My weight loss is slow, I lost 1/2 pound this week, but I am down a total of 9 pounds.
I have not had a gooey treat the whole time. I am nervous for the holidays to come, but hope to make it through in good shape.
I am going to write a saying I kept on hand when I worked at Jenny Craig.
The greatest source of unhappiness come from giving up that which we want most, for that which we want at the moment.
I think the great thing about this is it can apply to all aspects of our lives.
Good luck to everyone.

From Kristine

This week was bad for points but awesome for weight. I lost 4 lbs, which is the most I have lost in one week. Now I have lost for three weeks in a row now! Although my weight has not been dropping I am losing about an inch a week and none of my clothes fit anymore. Which is a nice problem.  pts. 64


Forgot to say that my points were 68.

Not so good of a week

My points don't reflect that it was that bad of a week but it really was. My exercise wasn't as intense so I didn't feel like I got a good work out while I was in Arizona. I was able to get out and walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery but I only ran one day. We ate out for every meal except breakfast and that is what did me in. We split most meals so it's not that we over ate but the food we ate had a lot more calories and fat in them then I am used to eating. So this week, I feel like we are starting over from scratch, as far as the weight goes. Spiritually though, this week was very high. Seeing the Grand Canyon and being a part of a little girl's small miracle were a huge blessing to Dave and I. We also spent a lot of time reading the Book of Mormon while we traveled. We had a lot of great conversations and we discovered some things we had not thought about before. We also had lots of time to listen to General Conference on CD. I guess we take the bad with the good. My spiritual well being is much better today than my physical!

Wendy's check-in

Well, I got 59 points this past week. I fell pretty hard in the eating no treats arena. I've been taking a cake decorating class and have had frosting and cake sitting around the whole time. I know my weakness when things are sitting around me that I shouldn't eat. I've got to find a way to deal with that, especially since the holidays are just around the corner! I am happy that I didn't gain any weight back. I lost almost a pound, but I was hoping for more than that. So, I've got to get back up and start afresh this week.

Lee's Week 7

A short blog this time---it's been a long week for me and the only thing I really have to comment on today is that I went to a monthly luncheon and enjoyed cheesecake that was brought for everyone in honor of my birthday this month. I enjoyed it while it lasted. No weight loss this week so my total for points this week are 55 (54 + one fore posting).

Lee (posted by Jen H.)

Jen H. Week 7

Same old. Reasonable points, no weight loss. I'm thinking if I double my exercise and half my food intake, I should start seeing something . . . I'll get right on that. 63 points for the week (includes 1 for posting last week).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sylvia's points

No weight loss this week, but I got 69 points.

(Posted by Denise for Sylvia)

Jessica and Kristine

Finally--broke the plateau and lost some weight after weeks of barley a 1/2 pound loss I jumped to 5 pounds!  Now to keep it up-- I got 70 points this week.

This week was good. I almost had a perfect week,  I only missed by two points. One day my husband and I meet for dinner and it was after 8 before we could eat and another day it was my daughters birthday and I had cake and ice cream. I am really enjoying this challenge it has gotten me moving and into better habits. Pts: 69.


Well I had a good week but no weight loss. I did enjoy a celbratory asphalt pie at wingers due to our tournament win! Woho. I am doing better then I hoped I would it is just those darn sweets. Reading the scriptures has probubly been the most rewarding thing out of all this. Life has been a little rough lattley at it is so comforting to open my scriptures at night and feel that peace. I tried all last week to post and was unable to so I commented on dawns as my post, I don't know what is up with my post.

Dawn week 6

Frustrated! I did everything right this week and my weight just sat there, staying the same. This morning I got on the scale and had gained a pound. WHAT? What the heck is that for? I feel like I'm trying so hard to do every little thing right and the weight is coming off so slow and so little. It sucks. On the brighter side, for the "spiritual" development, I was really "getting" it while reading the BofM this week and wanted to just keep reading. It's great that after reading that book so many times, I can still learn more. Points were 70 this week. Denise, sign me up for January!

Leslie's check in...

I feel like Im doing good...but the weight loss is just not showing it! ARG!! Down .6 this week. I had a couple eat after 8:00 this week. Maybe thats it. I dont know. My points for this week are 66. (402 total) I think most of the things I can continue to do. Im glad about that.

Claudia's Week 6

This week was the best one yet--except I forgot one day to keep my journal--but I lost 3 lbs, for a total of 11 lbs over the 6 week period. It's a miracle! Consistency is the key. I make sure I walk every day, don't eat sugar, and don't eat after 8:00 p.m. Those are the 3 things that are making the difference--oh, and the water. Drinking my 8 glases is not that difficult anymore. If I drink 2 glasses at breakfast, then carry a water bottle with me, sipping on it thoroughout the day, I can usually get 9 or 10 glasses. This challenge has been so good for me. Thanks, Denise (and Jen for encouraging me). I have a total of 71 points this week (69 + 1 for blogging and +1 for weight loss).

Jen H. Week 6

Ugg, and double-ugg. I eat when I get stressed. Did I mention that? I've over-eaten, oversnacked, and under-exerted this week (again, I need to do more than the 30, or do the 30 more intensely I think to see results). Which all adds up to a 2 pound weight gain. 66 points total including blog point.

Lee's Week 6

The halfway point is looming closer. I figure I'm almost to the top of the summit and that the way down should be easier than the harder climb. Which means it should be easier to achieve success with this challenge because I'm so used to it now. The rough patches on the decline will be when I stumble and fall on scoring perfectly each day. Given my history in this challenge, I can expect these pitfalls, but it's up to me to make sure I don't encounter them. I continue to be encouraged by the success I have, since some of these successes have been crutches for me for years. This weeks points are 56 (Including blog post, no weight loss).

Lee (by Jen H).

Week 6 points

Half-way there!!! Wow. :) I got 70 points and lost a little (.8) again. I'm down to 220.6, which is 11 pounds down from the beginning. I would like to see that number double in the second half ... which will require more veggies and a bit more exercise ...

I've gotta say it's exciting to hear of everyone's positive changes. Who knew we had self-control. ;) Okay, mine still isn't as strong as Leslie's (she ordered a Cold Stone -- her favorite -- and then couldn't bring herself to take a bite), but it's better every day. I've been realizing that the trick will be to not jump in and eat everything I've been "depriving" myself of during the holidays so I don't gain it back.

And, FYI, I will do another fitness challenge starting in January. I've got a few changes planned ... but let me know if you have other ideas of things to include as well. Thanks!

Oct. 11 and still hanging in there

This week was up one from last week - 67. I'm thankful to have a program that keeps me setting goals for myself and my family. We are all trying to eat healthier and stay fit. Having this program keeps me accountable for what I do and eat each day and I need that. We are traveling again this week which means a lot of eating out again. I am working to keep my score for next week above 65. Wish me luck.

Wendy's weekly report

I didn't lose any weight this week, but at least I didn't gain any. I've stayed right at the same number. I'm okay with that. It's still a total of 16 pounds. I got 60 points this week. My goal was to get more in the habit of exercise which I can still work on. I have a partner that I go walking with, but when she isn't able to go I have a really hard time convincing myself to do it alone. I still need to work on that. It's not hard at all anymore not to eat after 8 pm and I am happy about that. I don't have any real aspirations of winning this thing, but I'm grateful for some of the habits it is helping me establish.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Melissa sighning in

Had to try a color! Did ok this week. I finally lost 2 pounds. I guess I have to do something extreme to get this weight off so I am starting a six week body makeover. I bought it awhile back after I had my 5 and wanted to get the baby weight off. I lost 30 pounds in 7 weeks and didn't have to kill myself exercising which I hate but the food is pretty bland. No salt or sugar but hey it's only six weeks right! Worked before so it should work again. I was sick at the beginning of the week so I didn't get some exercise points and then had a treat on Friday, love those fat boys. But I scored 68 and feel good about that. Shout out to Leslie who has not had a treat since we started and sat in Cold Stone and didn't eat ANYTHING! So proud of her! Ok this is for last week-finnally got my computer working right.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lee's Week 5

We're getting closer to the halfway point. Hope everyone is coming along well towards their goals for this challenge. I continue to be amazed at how well I'm doing with certain areas of this challenge and yet I know where my weaknesses lie also. I keep trying to work on those. I've never drank a half a gallon of water a day before this, but it's been working pretty well to do so. My points for this week are 50 (+ 1 for the blog and + 1 for losing weight) for a total of 52.


(posted by Jen H. for Lee)

Dawn week 5

Things are going good. Many things are starting to become a habit now. Weekends take planning so that I can stay with the program. I think if we had a challenge to eat a certain amount of fruits or vegetables a day, that might be more of a challenge for me. Went to Chuck-a-rama this weekend and convinced myself that I really just wanted a salad and fruit. It worked and I didn't even look at the dessert bar or go back for seconds. Chuck-a-rama really got their moneys worth out of me. Points this week are 69+1+1 for a total of 71.

Week 5 points

Well, I had several days of not feeling well (love my monthly "friend"), but I still ended the week .2 lower than I was last week. Not much, but I'll take it. I got 69 points. At the end of this week we will be half-way through. I love it and don't even feel deprived! I am happy, though, that I'll get a slice of pie on Thanksgiving. :) I'll probably need to crank up the intensity of my exercise to continue to lose. Here's to more weight loss so I'll be in the 2-teens.

Good Week

I went on vacation this week, and did not cheat. I forgot to do my thankful list, so missed those points for 2 days, but I was happy to come home a 1/2 pound lighter.
I missed scriptures one day (I read 10 minutes) but also on lost another point one day. So I ended with 68 points because I lost weight. I have lost 8 1/2 pounds total. I feel so much better.

Wendy's check-in

I'm kind of the opposite of many of you. My points are still low, but I'm really excited about my weight loss! I've now lost 16 pounds from the start date, and that makes it all worth it for me. I got 59 points this week. I started out strong with a few perfect days and then the flu wreaked havoc on the points for the rest of the week. I still need to work more on getting exercise in everyday. That will be my goal for this coming week. Right now I do it most days, but I don't feel like it is a habit quite yet. I've proud of my ability to resist treats, especially since my husband seems to bring sweet things home almost every day.

Leslie's check in...

BLAH on this week! No weight loss. :( I skipped exercise one time. That's the first time, I think in the whole competition. 65 pts plus one for blogging so 66. I haven't had a treat the whole time! So that's good! I'm gonna have to kick it up a notch in the exercising and probably cut portions more. (total 336)

Claudia - Week 5

Well, I'm still hanging in there. I missed exercise and reading one day, and I'm still eating pretty much the same as before, except for sugar--no treats in 5 weeks! Not eating after 8:00 p.m. is a huge deal for me, too. I'm still managing to lose a pound a week, but getting a little impatient with the slow weight loss. I decided this week I need to cut down on portions and try to lose another pound this week. Lost 8 lbs so far, but I'm only one binge away from gaining it all back! I've been walking on my lunch hour, but the weather is starting to turn colder and rainy, so it will be harder to get out. I have a total 70 points this week (68 + 1 weight loss + 1 for blogging).

A bit better

I got 67 points--just barely, only losing 1/2 a pound--but still a loss.  Overall doing great--and loving recording my food on line.

Oct. 4 - pretty successful week

Still working on getting my points up. I made a mistake in last week's points, they should have been 71, missed adding a day. This week is down a bit, 66 in total. I haven't lost any weight but I feel healthier and stronger. I am eating much better, exercising an hour every day and trying to get more sleep each night. I'm thinking more about what I should be eating and what is best for my family. After hearing President Monson's talk yesterday, I am very grateful that we started our daily grateful list. It really helps me focus on the good each day. My food log is great, since we started, I've only missed a couple days and that was on the weekends when I boycot the computer (which is where my log is :0)

Jen H. Week 5

Wow, are we 5 weeks in already? This week wasn't great, but I still managed to lose one of the pounds I gained last week (yo-yo-yo). So, my total points including weight loss and last week's post point are 62 (my lowest week yet, I think--I missed a day exercising for the first time this whole challenge . . . and then I did it again). My excuses are legion (Matt had surgery and I've been fighting a cold) . . . but on the good side, the pool is open and I swam once! My bike ride yesterday was a chilly one. Pretty soon I'll need to bundle up better and/or take it inside for the season. I'm sitting at 275 pounds. I feel like I've been sitting at 275 for the better part of 10 years. I really don't want to get any more comfortable here. I can still pull this off.

Jennifer B Week 5

I had a pretty good week. I am really happy with how well I am doing on my working out. I wish I could stay completely away from the sweets, but it always seems I need to eat some at least once a week. I forgot my daughter got out of school early on Friday. I was horrified when the school called and said that I had forgotten my daughter. I managed to run all the way to the school. I hate to run, and I was winded when I got there, but I was so excited that I could do it. I guess even if I am not seeing leaps and bounds with the weight loss at least I am in better shape. Point total for the week 69, for the competition 347.