Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthdays are over!

My birthday/anniversary month is over now and the kids are back in school-finally. The birthdays started in July with my brother-in-law who was on the 26th, my husband's was on the 29th. Then my birthday was August 7th, my daughter Hailey's on the 10th and then our anniversary on the 11th. Of course we kept eating out for everyone's birthday plus cakes and stuff. I wasn't too good. But, at least I didn't gain and now I am officially okayed to try and get pregnant so I can't really try to lose hard core. I figure I can still eat healthy and work out though, and maybe cut back on portions until I am actually pregnant. I guess my goal if I get pregnant will be to keep exercising, which I didn't do with my past pregnancies, so maybe it won't be so far for me to go afterwards. Good luck girls! We've all had a rough summer it sounds like.

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  1. My drs. have all suggested I still try to lose weight while being pregnant. I have never gained more than 10 pounds while pregnant, which seems to make them very happy since I'm already so overweight. So, don't give up on your goal just to get pregnant -- it really could be months, and getting into the habit of exercising is more essential now than ever! Good luck! (And our contest isn't about weight loss, but about healthy living ...)