Monday, August 10, 2009

What Happened????

So I have fallen off the weight loss wagon. I haven't posted lately because I have gotten a little lazy and gained back about two pounds. What really brought my attention to this is my husband commenting on how I have seemed to slack off after I was doing so good. It all started with the week that Jarrett took off for vacation. It threw everything out of whack sort of. We were going out and doing a lot of stuff, walking around in the hot sun. I guess my thought process was that this could count for exercise. It didn't. Then I would eat out with the family, and that was no good either. I felt like treating myself, which in itself is not all that bad, but I felt like doing it all the time. Trips to the ice cream shop, dessert at Applebee's(that after the hamburger I had eaten). I have also not been eating on schedule. We all know what that does. Then somehow that week stretched into two and then three. All along I kept telling myself I will start again tomorrow, then it became after the weekend, and so on. Now here I am up two pounds after all that work to take it off. So I WILL be starting again today, I've already worked out this morning and then took a walk over to the school with the kids. I will lose this week you can count on that. Good Luck to all.


  1. It's hard to keep it up, especially when your walking buddy ditches you so much! Back on this week!!!

  2. Oh Gwen, I hear you. I haven't even really lost anything, but its been a hard month for me too. See my post.