Monday, August 24, 2009

It is on ... it's so very on!

Contest starts Aug. 31 (that's MONDAY!!!) and runs through Nov. 23 (12 weeks). If you're wanting to join, leave a comment on this post by Aug. 30. We're hoping to get at least 10 people to join so the pot is $100 or more for the winner. So, please send your $10 to me or Gwen by Sept. 30 so we can let everyone know how big the pot is ... (Recruit friends to make the pot even bigger!) The pot will be given to the winner just in time for Christmas shopping ...

This contest is based on fitness and healthy eating, NOT on weight loss ... although none of us are going to complain if that happens. :) Winner gets the pot (or splits it if there is a tie) based on how many points are accumulated throughout the 12 weeks.

Points are given each day based on the following:
  • Keeping a food log (1 point per day - must keep it for the whole day)
  • Exercising for 30 minutes (1 point max per day -- 1 hour doesn't equal 2 points)
  • One point for each serving of fruit/vegetables (up to 5 per day)
  • Meeting a personal goal (me time, scripture study, not yelling, etc.) (1 point per day)
  • No snacking (1 snack the size of your palm = 0 points; more snacks = -1 point) (If you wonder if it's a snack, it's a snack! Be honest here -- it's for your health!)
  • Getting 6+ hours of sleep per night (1 point per day ... adjust as necessary for newborns)
That makes a possible total of 10 points each day.

There will also be a bonus point each Monday for those who post to the blog (an entry or comment) about how many points you earned over the past week (and hopefully weight lost! :). The first week there will be a bonus point for posting a "before" picture as well, and the last week there will be a bonus point for posting an "after" picture.

My friend who did a similar contest said the first few weeks she got hardly any points, but she ended up losing a bit of weight and felt great!

I am pumped to start eating healthier, and I'm afraid it will take this contest to finally get me to do it! Also, if you'd like a copy of the food log I plan to use, post your e-mail in the comments as well. (Feel free to use at instead of @ and dot com so it doesn't link as an e-mail.)



  1. ok, so I am in. It sounds like hard work, but I need some accountability and this would be it. ;)

  2. You know you can count me in. It's on!!!! Also please send me the food log. gwenmauldinatyahoodotcom

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  4. O.k. after much debating I'm in. I think...

  5. I thought I had commented. This is Christy. I'm in. If my other comment is indeed on here, apologies.

  6. Please send copy of food log.

    What level of detail do the food logs need? foods eaten, specific ingredients, amounts eaten, time of day, calories?