Thursday, November 19, 2009

** New Challenge, New Rules **

As we end this challenge, I thought I'd post a little blurb about the next challenge. I've had several friends regret not joining this one, and a few of us would like another chance at this whole weight-loss/healthy lifestyle thing ...

A few things will change to keep it fresh and to encourage us to broaden our healthy ways. Each day there will be a possible of 10 points per day:
  • 1 point for keeping a food journal
  • 1 point for drinking 8+ cups of water
  • 1 point for not eating any treats
  • 1 point for not eating after 8 p.m.
  • 1 point for exercising 30+ minutes
  • 1 point for taking a multi-vitamin and/or calcium
  • 1 point for eating 4+ servings of fruit/veggies
  • 1 point for getting 6.5+ hours of sleep (adjust as necessary for babies :)
  • 1 point for no soda pop
  • 1 point for doing something that reduces your stress level in some way
Also, there will be 1 bonus point every week that you lose weight (1 point for losing weight, not 1 point per pound); and there will be 1 bonus point every week that you post on the blog how you did. There may be a bonus point for posting 1 healthy recipe a week -- thoughts? Other bonus points (probably 5 points) will be available for sending your money ($15) during the first two weeks of the challenge.

Winner will take the pot. Second-place and third-place winners will get the same prizes as were listed for this challenge. (Click here to see prizes for second and third.)

This challenge begins Jan. 4, 2010 -- just in time to get off those holiday pounds and fulfill new year's goals! It will go for 12 weeks and end on Mar. 29, 2010. Round up your friends and let's make this challenge bigger and better than before!

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