Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 10 and I failed again ...

Why can't I get back into the swing of things? And how did I fall so quickly! I got 46 points for week 10. I exercised more, but I didn't cut out the snacks or make sure I got veggies. I'll really have to buckle down these last two weeks, especially since the holidays are approaching!!!

Good news is that I didn't gain any weight, which I don't understand ...

Good luck these last two weeks!!! I hope we all end up on a high and looking and feeling at least a little better than we did when we started this challenge. Although I've had a bad few weeks, I'm still down four pounds from where I started. I'll call that success ... although I'd like to get at least two more to get into the 2-teens.

BTW, I'll be posting about another fitness challenge soon that will begin in January. This is a chance to continue what you've started; get off those holiday pounds; and/or get those new-year resolutions kicked off. The rules will change a little, but more details will follow after this challenge is over. For now, let's kick some tail these last two weeks!

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