Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 12!!!

I rebounded somewhat this week ending with 56 points. My weeks in the 40s and 50s killed me, but at least I feel I have rebounded somewhat for the holidays! I end the challenge with 689 points and down five pounds. I had hoped to get more off, but considering I did lose 5 pounds and am now 21.5 weeks pregnant, I think that I did pretty well! I hope to continue during the holidays, and the next challenge will once again push me to modify and improve my daily habits.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays!!!

Please post results by Friday so I can get money in the mail to the winner. :)


  1. Denise, I just found my enevelope with the money -oops. I'll bill pay it to you so you get it quicker. Sorry about that.

  2. So PROUD of you. Lost 5 pounds while pregnant, amazing. I have never been able to do that. I did not complete this challenge, but am debating the next one. I am not giving up on myself yet!