Monday, August 30, 2010

My name is Jennifer Brown. I was in this competition last time and had good results, so I am doing it again. I am a stay at home home to 4 children (my oldest started kindergarten this year, yeah). I also do in home child care for one child, and am hoping to get another. My starting weight for this challenge is 201lbs. My goal weight according to my height and body build is 180lbs, but I will be happy to just get back down to 190lbs. I am really excited about the point for reading in the Book of Mormon everyday. I love to read, but I hardly ever pick up my scriptures, so this will be really good for me. I am Denise's sister-in-law, and that is how I know about this fitness challenge.

I know it is daring, but my most up to date photo is from a family trip to the beach a couple of months back. Maybe if all goes well I will post a picture of me in my bathing suite on the last day of the challenge.

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