Monday, March 14, 2011

Cheryl - Week 10

My weight was down all week, then Sunday it popped up just a tad. Then Monday just a tad more. So, no loss this week. I have 72 points which includes last weeks loss. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a bad habit of weighing myself every single day. I never did that before this challenge, but since we started in January, I have. I can't help it. Oh well. Once we're done, I won't worry so much about the daily "check". It will be nice to not to be so consumed with this all day everyday. But I sure have enjoyed the habits I've created. I wouldn't quite consider myself a runner yet, but I can see my own progression in that area. I'm actually enjoying the fact that I can run a bit farther every now and then. A couple weeks ago, I had to take my daughter with me on my morning exercise. My husband had to leave early so she went with me. One day I was really trying to hurry and beat the rain. I knew it was coming. So trying to get a 4 year old out the door first thing in the morning was a challenge. She was however excited to go exercise with Mommy. A couple times it started to sprinkle. If I were by myself, I would have just enjoyed it, but it was bit cool so I didn't want her getting too wet in the weather. (She was bundled up in two sets of fleece PJ's plus a blanket - FL is not so cold as UT though - whew!) As it started to sprinkle, it made me attempt the running stints more often and longer so we could get home quicker. It made me realize that I can push myself - if I really want to. I'm actually enjoying that challenge now. I'm looking forward to a new focus (increasing my endurance as opposed to weight loss).

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