Monday, May 18, 2009


A little while back my friend Denise made me a proposition, we could help each other lose weight by being accountable to each other. I decided to take it one more step and start blogging about it. I hope that if you were invited to join along with me that you were not offended, I invited people that at sometime have expressed a desire to lose the weight. I have personally struggled with my weight almost my entire adult life. As Denise puts it we were never the skinny minnie girls. I would like to be the healthy, active girl, who isn't letting life fly by her as she sits on the couch. We started walking each morning, so that's at least an hour or so that I'm not on the couch. My Starting weight is 251 lbs. I admit that because people often tell me I don't look that heavy. Maybe they are being polite, but they are lying through their teeth. Lets get real people, I have a weight problem, a serious one. So I admit it proudly on this day that I weigh 251 lbs, because I will never say that again. For now my goal is to get below the 200 lb. mark. I realize that is still considered heavy be any measure, but I need to take baby steps. I know many of us may have some health related problems because of our weight. Mine is that it has prevented me from being able to get pregnant. You would think that wanting another baby would be motivation enought to lose the weight, but it hasn't been. The fertility specialist I went to said that having a support group is the best way he knows to get that encouragement you need. Lets be each others support group. We all have loved ones who say they will help us, but unless they are in that place that we have all gotten to, they can't really be the support we need. We can do it I'm sure about that. We have all seen people who have. Now is our turn, together let's get it done.

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  1. Way to go, Gwen!!! Let's totally motivate each other. What better time than summer when there are lots of outdoor activities we can do -- if only we'll do them. :)

    I join you on your quest ... and although I don't think I am bold enough to say my starting weight, I will let everyone know every Wednesday how much I have lost ... and hope it is all about loss!