Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Former "Skinny Minnie"

Okay Gwen, I will not admit to being over 200-as I am currently 187-wow, yep I said that out loud. As a short person (5'2 and shrinking) I was the skinny minnie for many years until I got married. I guess getting married at 26 instead of 19 helped me keep the weight off a little longer. Birth control and then fertility problems did a number on my weight. I gained 40 lbs. the first year I was married. I was able to maintain my pre-baby weight after daughter #1, but having daughter #2 only 18 months later apparently didn't bode well and the weight stuck...and grew. When #2 was a year old, I went, with my husband, to a nutritionist and got a trainer. He lost 60 lbs and I lost 30 (not fair I know). I kept that off for a year and a half-I was down to 155. Not my goal of 130, but a comfortable weight for me, plus I was exercising my butt off! I had to go back to work at nights in August 07 and slowly the weight crept back on thanks to free dinners at work (after I'd already eaten at home) and an awful schedule of getting off work at midnight and being barely functional the next day. Well, I'm done! I cannot live this way, it has caused me heart problems, and quite possibly hormone problems. As I plan on trying to get pregnant again in a few months. I would just like to get back down around 160 again. I am realistic, I will not be that tiny thing from high school again. Nor, will I even fit in my wedding dress again. But, I will not post anything about fad diets here-I am not a dieter. I just cannot starve or deprive myself. Instead, I will change my eating habits to a lot more veges and lean meats, a piece of fruit a day and whole grains. I try to also go organic where possible.

Gwen tells me I'm lucky because my husband is on the wagon with me. I guess you could say we're each others support in this. We even just bought a treadmill for ourselves and I own enough free weights to not require me to pay for a gym membership. Having him on board does make things easier, I just don't buy junk food or make a different dinner for each of us and no one is eating differently than me. My kids get fed the same thing as us, why allow them to start down this road-right? So here goes, call me minus 187 I guess.

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  1. Way to go Jenn. It's so hard to put that number out there. I think it's what has kept me in denial so long, I never told anyone just how much I weighed, so i forgot about it myself. Here's to the veggies and lean meats.