Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beginnings II

I bought my first scale today. I found one on sale and so I took Jenn's advice and bought one that tells you your body fat and all that extra stuff. Did I really want to know what percent of my body is fat? Scary stuff, and I'm not sure I will share that info. I love the new scale because it confirms my suspicions that my Mom's scale is out of whack and weighing heavy by about 5 lbs, which means I have been under 250 this whole time, I'm not sure why that makes me feel a little better but it does. My current weight on my new scale is 246, this will be my new starting weight. Good Luck this week!!!


  1. I hope you like the new scale. Even though I don't like the numbers it shows I like how it works and I feel like it's more accurate.

  2. Maybe I'll just go to Gwen's to weigh. :) I'm not being so good this week, so maybe I'll hold off on that ...