Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time to buy my first scale

The lowdown on my weight. Since beginning about two weeks ago I have either lost one or two pounds, the scale can't make up it's mind. I have been weighing myself at my moms because I haven't owned a scale, ever. Owning a scale would just verify how much weight I have allowed myself to gain, and up until now I have been comfortable in my ignorance, I can't hide from it any longer. I guess it is time to buy one, hopefully one that can make up it's mind. Any suggestions on a good scale would be helpful, but I will probably just buy the least expensive one at Shopko or Walmart. I too have a brownie problem like Denise. I've tried buying the snack size mini chocolate treats to satisfy my sweet tooth, but unlike my sister(who has remained oh so skinny), I can't eat just one or two, in one day half the bag will be gone. I bought some skinny cow frozen treats and at 100 or so calories they are pretty good and I fill as if I got a treat, and I can stick to just one.
I thought I would share a funny story from walking yesterday. Denise and I have both talked about how we would love to be able to run someday, even if the actual running part doesn't seem to fun, we know it will be very beneficial to our bodies. While we were on our walk yesterday we had to usher our children to the side of the path as two moms with their jogging strollers ran past us. As they did so they said "Sorry" and to that Denise replied something like " Are you apologizing for RUNNING past us?" We had a little laugh, someday we will be those women I just know it. Good luck for the upcoming week.


  1. My mom has a digital scale that is pretty nice (probably just from Walmart), but mine is the cheapo one I've had for years. Only trick is to make sure it is twisted to actually start at 0. Just as long as you weigh on the same scale, it shouldn't matter that much ... as long as the scale works. :)

  2. We have a digital scale that also tells us body fat percentage. We bought it at Walmart for about $40. We had the same problem with our last scale, but it varied about 5 pounds! I highly recommend the one we have. It is the glass one and it keeps a history of your weigh ins, you can also have it store for a few people.