Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Missed it again!

So this morning was my oldest daughter's Fitness Day at her junior high school. The kids and their parents are invited to run a 5k during school. Lots of kids do it, and a number of parents participate. This is the fourth year Becca's participated (2 at the middle school and 2 at the junior high), and every year I think, "Maybe next year I'll run with her."

This was her last year to run, and I stood at the finish line with the camera AGAIN. It made me wonder how many things I intentionally don't participate in because of my weight, but I always have my fancy camera to hide behind -- I act like I'd rather get pictures than participate. Mind you, I LOVE taking awesome pictures, but sometimes I really do use it as an excuse to not have to participate.

I have decided that Wednesday will be my weekly weigh-in day. Since starting to walk with Gwen and cutting out after-dinner snacks, I'm down 2 pounds. Not the greatest for two weeks, but I'll take it. At least it's in the right direction. And those 2 weeks included a campout with lots of snacking and s'mores ... and a night or two of brownies ...

So, speaking of brownies (or really any sweets for that matter), anyone have a trick on how to eat just one? I could probably trim 10 pounds by doing that alone ...

I have a friend who divides things up and freezes extras so she can pull out one here or there instead of eating them all on the same day. She also puts a tablespoon of chocolate chips into a snack bag so that when she needs something sweet she gets it and doesn't break the calorie bank. (I think she also uses semi-sweet for some reason?)

I had a nutritionist friend who told me she could help me lose weight step by step, and she told me to start with this: Fill your dinner plate half with veggies, 1/4 with protein (meats), and 1/4 with carbs (bread). She said when I was doing this to contact her for the next step. This was years ago, and I still haven't found out the next step ...

Which leads me to my next question -- anyone have great ideas to get more veggies? I'm just not a big veggie fan and that's my big downfall. (That and aforementioned brownies ...)


  1. I hate vegetables . . . and a lot of fruits. I hate eating them, and I especially hate preparing them. I eat a lot of baby carrots and drink a lot of juice--orange juice and V8 Fusion. It's kind of pricey, but I figure it's a better deal than buying vegetables that I won't eat before they go bad.

    Also, I'll prepare an entire bunch of lettuce at a time instead of just making the amount I need for one salad. That way, it's waiting for me in the fridge and all I have to do is pull it out and eat it.

    Fruits and veggies are among my toughest challenges, but I have found that when I force myself to each my servings, I cut down on the unhealthy foods I would otherwise eat instead. I almost hate admitting that it works because I dislike them so much!

  2. One day we will run, hopefully for me by the time my 11 year old is in Jr.High, except she hates to run, but my 8 year old loves to run, maybe that is a realistic goal, by the time she is in Jr. High I will run the 5k.

  3. I prepare lettuce and some veges/fruit in advance on Fridays or Saturdays too. I just have to endure the chocolate cravings too. I just try and limit it to maybe 1 time a week. Believe it or not, they went away after a couple weeks the last time I actually lost weight. I still don't deprive myself. I'll even have a couple fries once in a while. My favorite way to eat veges is fresh on a salad, then I buy the yummy expensive dressings (eaten in small quantities)My favorite thing is southwest style salads with Newman's own dressing. I add some black beans and frozen corn to a regular old salad. Anyone have recommendations on chicken? We are so sick of it, but it's cheap and healthier than beef. My hubby won't eat it baked or cooked in a crockpot, so I need seasoning suggestions for grilling and sauteing.