Thursday, July 16, 2009


Two pounds for this week! I'm beginning to think that the Biggest Loser is really missing out on something by not casting me as a contestant. I'm working pretty hard and having some good success. Imagine how I would do on the ranch where they work out all day with trainers and have no temptations(except for the ones the challenges bring out). I'm pretty sure I would have been one of those people with amazing losses from week to week. Their bad! So maybe I can't inspire a nation of people to lose weight; I'm just happy to have our little blog where we can inspire each other. It makes me proud that Aubrey is to the point were she can post her weight. I believe it's the first step to being accountable for ourselves and helping us to make the steps necessary to change our selves. Good job Aubrey!!!
This week I went shopping with my mom. My baby sister is getting married in August and my mom wants everyone to have dresses in the color's my sister has chosen. Let me tell you that I really do not enjoy shopping for clothes. I have a limited choice of stores because of the size thing, and then nothing ever seems to compliment my shape ( or should I say lack of shape). We found a beautiful dress, but the largest they had was a 14. I decided maybe I would try it on, if it was a little to tight then my thought process was that I could lose the weight to fit into it by my sister's wedding. Needless to say I am not even close. The dress got stuck and I had to have my mom help me take it off. My goal is to someday be out of the plus size, but I have far to go. Hopefully someday I will enjoy shopping.

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  1. Yay! If you buy the dress now, be ready to alter it before the wedding. Good work!