Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ZERO and a loss of momentum

This week I lost zero pounds. I'm just glad I didn't gain any. I have that to feel good about. I'm beginning to have a hard time staying motivated, and have found myself snacking on un-healthy things. One problem is I have caught myself putting off eating at regular times and then feeling so starved that I just want something really delicious to satisfy that hunger. I haven't been keeping very healthy items around the house to eat, and with birthdays and such there has been much more cake and ice cream. The one good thing is that I didn't gain any weight. This tells me that once I do get all the extra weight off, then these kinds of weeks won't be so bad. I need to stay focused on now. Right now I need to not cheat because it derails my whole week. If I can just stick to the plan, and lose the weight I need to then I'm sure a piece of cake, or some popcorn at the movies won't be that bad. While I'm trying to lose the weight they are bad. Working out has been less and less fun as the weeks drag on, and so I am going to try and find some new things to do. I think I have just hit the place where it feels awesome to be losing weight, but the reality of being in it for a long haul is setting in. I can make it past this, I will make it.
This weekend we will be heading to Cedar City. I'm already looking ahead and planning healthy snacks to take with us on the long trip. I think some grapes, maybe nuts and water for me. My favorite road trip snack is Swedish fish and some sort of salty crispy snack like trail mix or chex mix. I can eat all the way there and all the way back if I don't think about it. I will try and be mindful of how much I consume by pre measuring my snacks before we leave. Being healthy can be so much work. I know it will be worth it.
Girls I'm so glad everyone is seeing some sort of success in their journey. Taking the time to get on the treadmill when we don't feel like it, exercising in the tiniest of places, and taking the time to make you a priority are all the building blocks to success. We may have to make small steps in the beginning, but they will take us far in the end.

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  1. Gwen, I'm sorry you didn't lose-but you maintained and that's good. Sometimes I just pat myself on the back for maintaining. If helps you feel better I haven't lost anything yet (dang holidays and vacations)! But, I think just exercising and being consistent should be the main goal. I had a couple trainers and my cardiologist actually tell me to stop worrying about the weight and just concentrate on exercise by just getting to the point of doing it Monday through Friday. If anything, congratulate yourself for being healthy by exercising!