Friday, July 10, 2009

starting to get on board

Okay, I am ready to post my weight. Big step for me because it is so stinkin high. It also means I am taking this seriously. I wouldn't post it if I didn't mean for it to change. I am 266. Yikes. But when I delivered I was 315. I couldn't believe it myself. At least 20 of that was water, because I dropped 45 pounds in two weeks. My old highest weight was 260. It did get up to 265 but never stayed for more than a few days. My first goal is to get to 240. That is where I was when I was doing Biggest Loser at my rec. center. I was working out and I looked better. From there, down to under 200.

Gwen, and everyone, thank you for the support. I need it right now. I know that I am done having babies and I can really focus on this now. It is so hard, but totally neccesary.

I have had some success with late night eating. I have resisted and gone to bed hungry. My stomach is starting that wonderful process of shrinking. It feels so good. I even went to a family party and ate yummy food. Just ate less earlier in the day and watched my portions. I enjoyed every bite. I still felt hungry at bed time so I don't think I overdid it. It is so good to be in control.

I have a vacation this weekend and I have talked with Trent about splitting all our restaurant meals. I am going to try portion control and enjoy the good food. Hopefully will still have a loss or even just matain. I forgot to add that I did lose 1.5 lbs for the week. I had gained 9 pounds the week of the fourth, but three days of calorie counting had all of that off. Then another day and my 1.5 loss. I even got weighed at the doctors. So, started at 270 and am down to 266.something. Can't remember exactly, but moving in the right direction.

Congrats Gwen and could you send an invite for the blog to my walking partner, Amber. She is working on her last 10 to 15. I know we all wish we were there, but those are the hardest pounds to lose. Her e-mail is

I will be thinking of my upcoming blog post when I sit down to all my yummy food this weekend!


  1. Way to go! I hope you continue to lose as you watch those calories ... something I have yet to do. Sigh.

    Splitting meals at restaurants is a great way to cut calories ... and to save some $. Hope you have a great vacation.

  2. Aubrey I am so proud of you to admit your weight. I definitely think it is the beginning. I think it's a little bit liberating to let people know you are serious, and the starting point is letting them know just how bad is has gotten. No more hiding from it. Way to go. Have a great time away with Trent!

  3. Good idea-splitting meals. Its tough to say your weight, but its a great start. Good luck!