Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 6

I've had a tough week. My body was reacting weird and I'm sure my blood sugar levels were way off. (I wish the Dr. would decide what to do with this so I could move forward. I feel like I'm in limbo.) So I had to make some tough choices on what to eat and while I did well, I hate having to add extra protein to my diet to make me feel better. Who knew being diagnosed as a pre-diabetic would be so hard. Mark and I have done a lot of talking this week as I struggled and we have decided that I need to cook what I can eat, problem is - no one else like that stuff and I really don't like the idea of cooking two meals. When you look at all the things you exclude from your diet I feel like there isn't much left and my 6 year old is a picky eater.

Well time to keep moving forward and progress. I have to find a way to deal and get healthy so that I can play with my kids and be here for them in the years to come.

On a positive note I had my first week over 60 points scoring 64 points YEAH!


  1. Jennifer~ I know from experience (gestational diabetes 3x now) that a diabetic diet gets a lot easier with time. And your family will come to enjoy healthier meals as well the more you offer them. Put your foot down and your 6-year-old will get over being picky ... and will be healthier as well. :) Good luck -- it is definitely a change in mindset!

  2. Having blood sugar swings is the worse. I was so scared that I was hitting the pre-diabetic stage, that's what got me started on this journey. Good luck, I know how hard it is to exercise when you feel low but it really does help to even things out.