Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm down ten pounds!!!! The coolest thing is that my mom's scale was actually correct. I guess I just figured there was no way I had already taken off five pounds since Denise and I started walking, but I had. So the magic number today is 241. That means I lost 5lbs just in the last week since I bought my new scale. It has been a real motivator to see the numbers coming down. Take last night for instance, I couldn't sleep so I was up watching T.V. , disastrous snacking time. Jarrett had some Little Debbie snack brownies, I looked at them and when I saw the calorie count and the small size I put them back in the cupboard. Yeah me!!! I decided it was not worth all the work I put in this week.

This may shock some of you but I have to admit I love veggies and fruits. No, really I do. I guess I should also admit that I pretty much like all food, except for red meats. Eating healthy for me can be easy because I like to eat the healthy stuff. It's the preparation of these said healthy foods that can put me off. Washing,cutting, peeling, if any one has a great idea let me know. It's so much easier to grab a bag of chips and frozen pizza or taquitos. I have also stopped drinking soda. For some people this may not be a great accomplishment, but I have the temptation here every day because it is something my husband is not willing to give up. It comes down to making good daily decisions, which I know is so much easier said than done. I am proud of my self for beginning to do so.

Exercise... the hardest part for me. This week I have been pushing myself a little further each day, and I have found myself smiling as I do it. What??? I don't know what is happening to me. Where is that girl that sat on the couch most of the day? When I first bought my treadmill I was shocked at how out of shape I have allowed myself to become. Going 3 miles an hour was torture. I had a friend (Aubrey) tell me about a short workout that a trainer she had worked with recommended. I had also read about this workout in Prevention magazine. The idea is to walk for 2 minutes at a brisk pace, and then run as fast as you can for 1 minute, then cool down for 2, then start running again. You repeat this as many times as you can or want to. I started out doing only two cycles because I was dying by the end of the second run. Last night I did four cycles and it felt great, difficult but great. I've been doing this in addition to my daily walks in the morning. The great thing about it is it can take less than ten minutes.

I wish you luck in the coming week. I know amazing things have happened for me so far. Maybe my body has been screaming from the inside just waiting for me to help it out, and in return it is saying thank you by giving me some success. I'm scared for that week that it decides to rebel. So I am telling you now body, I will succeed, both for you and me.

P.S. My oldest C.J. told me this week I don't need to be on Biggest Loser because she knows I can do it at home. Awwwh!!!


  1. You're being a great inspiration. Keep it up!!!

  2. Yah for you! I'm glad you like working out. For me once I get past that initial "hump" I kind of love it. I do the 1 minute sprints too. It's kind of like circuit training. They're supposed to really speed up your metabolism. Keep it up! I promise I'll do better next week too!