Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 6 Dawn

This post is dedicated to my hero, Jen. My kids drank spinach and loved it. Ha Ha. Okay, so I made Jen's smoothie when I got back from Florida. My kids have created their own little fitness challenge and are trying to eat better so when they heard this smoothie was good for them, they were willing to try it. (Of course, I did not tell them what was in it.) I made it in the morning while they were getting ready for school. Cory (13 tomorrow) drank it to the point that he started getting brain freeze. I told him he didn't have to drink it all at once. His reply, "But it's sooooo good". Amber (16) always grabs her breakfast as she's running out the door and eats it on the bus. A few minutes after she left, I got a text, "Mom, I want this smoothie for every meal for the rest of my life". I still haven't found the courage to tell them it has spinach in it. Not sure if I ever will. I do add a little bit of Splenda to balance out the tartness of the orange juice. Cory will get this smoothie for his birthday breakfast tomorrow. He will be thrilled. (Funny, spinach for your birthday). Anyway, the week was decent. I lost 1.4 and had 64 points. Any more great recipes Jen?

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