Monday, February 7, 2011

Wendy--Week 5

Not a good week for me. We had a snow day (very rare event in S.A.) on Friday and I made the horrible decision to make chocolate chip cookies for my children, thinking I could handle the temptation and stand strong. Boy was I wrong! I succumbed to temptation and it all went downhill from there. I have this terrible habit of throwing in the towel when I make one mistake. Since I ate a cookie I thought that all was lost and just kept eating more cookies and then other things that I shouldn't have. Friday and Saturday were both bad. Yesterday I forced myself to get back on track and get perfect points. But I had already paid the price with my weight loss. Now I'm back at square one again. Whenever I do this, I harbor very serious thoughts about dropping out of the competition and giving up. So, today I'm trying to not give up and keep going. I got 66 points this week.

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  1. Hey, one mistake versus how many things you did right?!? For me it's not as much about winning the competition as it is about making better choices. And you're doing that. One day of cookies won't matter too much in the long run if you make better decisions the rest of the days. Love to you, "old" friend. :)