Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 8 Dawn

Not too much to report this week. I was down .4 from last week so that is good. I really think the rule of no treats and no over eating in the last challenge was the key for me. Even the 100 cal. treats don't seem to help me plus I think they are gross but I eat them anyway. I'd rather have the real stuff. I still love the veggie recipe that Jen posted and love the fact that I have the veggies all cut and in the freezer. I've made that a lot for lunch. The other day my husband came in the kitchen when I was making it and said, "I really don't think it's fair that you make your fajitas and don't share". (He calls them meatless fajitas). Can you imagine someone getting upset because you're not sharing you VEGETABLES? I know, funny. Points this week are 70.

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