Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2/3 standings thus far ...

So, here's what I have for the standings:

- Brandi: 541 points
- Jen H.: 530 points
- Jen P.: 509 points
- Denise: 504 points
- Melissa: 494 points
- Jen B: 398 points (through week 7)
- Marilee: 393 points (through week 6)
- Barb: ??? :)

I didn't total our weight loss thus far, but it seems there are several who have lost 10+ pounds, which is just awesome!!! I'm up only two pounds from the start of the challenge, which I consider to be pretty good considering I'm now 36 weeks along. (Definitely not 10 pounds off of me, but maybe a few once this little guy comes. :)

And no giving up if your numbers aren't the highest! This is good for your body whether or not you win the challenge. Besides, as I learned from the challenge in the fall, anything can happen! (This was reaffirmed when watching the Olympics. Yes, we can consider ourselves in an Olympics of sorts ... although I'm sure we would be a lot less entertaining to watch ... :)

Good work, ladies! Keep it up!!!

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