Monday, March 29, 2010

The End . .

Well, I tried to make an end run, a little late. Which of course I realized about two days into this week and kinda gave up I guess. I ended with 63 (plus 2 bonus) for 65 weekly points with a grand total of 797. So close, yet so far. And of course, in giving up, and not exercising because of it and this lingering illness, I gained half a pound. My total weight loss for the challenge is 19.5 lbs. I would love to keep posting. I'm already feeling like I'm going to let myself down (I had dessert at dinner tonight), but I can't! I'm going back to the pool tomorrow--I already have a play date/sitter lined up! I'm going to Spain in a month and I really need to lose a few more pounds to make the airplane seat a bit more comfy. That's a long flight. So, I'm with Brandy, let's post away. And congrats Brandy, you were a tough challenge. Maybe in the fall I'll win it! Thanks Denise! And congrats on that baby!

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