Monday, March 1, 2010

I guess slow and steady wins the race, however for me I want more. Lost .9 this week bringing total to 15.2lb lost 66 pts with loss and post total pts 541. I lost treat points this week for eating way too many Joe Banditos chips & salsa, however they were really yummy. These are the times that once I start eating, I just don't quit. This is one of my biggest weakness. I am better off remembering what food tastes like and not eating than starting to eat something that I know I won't quit eating. I did pass up the yummy looking cupcakes and chocolate fondue so I was happy about that. I have made it two months without any sugar treats, which tells me it isn't just the sugar that keeps the weight on, it is the combination of everything. Moderation in all things and exercise is the key to success. Have a great week everyone!

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