Monday, March 22, 2010

I am a bit discouraged today. I exercised 6 days, ate mostly well, I need to work on healthier dinners. breakfast and lunch are good, just dinner is bad, I feed myself whatever I make the fam. I must improve my menus because I am sure hot dogs or grilled cheese are not the healthiest choices. I keep thinking if I eat dinners like this then I should wash them down with chocolate. Lost points for eating after eight one day and not enough water another and loss of sleep 2 nights (teenagers, you have to love them) and no exercise on Sunday. I lost 1lb this week, that is only 1lb in two weeks, not happy about that. My goal for the challenge was 20lbs I am at 19.4 close but not quite there, hope this weeks loss gets me up there. Week total points is 67, total points 740. Off to get ready for work, have a great week everyone!

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