Monday, March 8, 2010

Craziest week of my life!

Started out so strong! Had a couple of tens there and then sickness hit! Not just regular old sickness noooooooo. My children had coughing, sore throats, fevers, diareha and yes throw up. Each day someone new threw up on me and keep me up all night long coughing and throwing up! Each of my six girls took a night and then when I thought it was all over my husband then sister who lives with us got it. I have just felt generally nauseous all week cause of all the throw up I have had to clean up. And then of course it was my birthday in the midst of all this. I did get to go out to dinner and escape the house of throw up for a while. One of my good friends even brought me yummy potato soup that I ate all weekend!! Thanks Melissa B! But I did end up eating a lot of cake. Some each day cause it was there and I was hungry I finally just had to throw the rest away knowing I would continue to eat it if it was there. But I think I owe this challenge for not getting really sick! I kept hydrated and have been taking my vitamins and I think it really helped! And this was a sickness I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy!


  1. So sorry for the chaos during your b-day!!! :( Hope everyone's better today.

  2. Thanks for the support, I would have ate the cake too! I love cake. Happy belated birthday!