Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fall Challenge ...

Okay, ladies! We have two weeks left on this challenge. However, I figured I better post about the Fall Challenge should I actually go into labor this week ...

Yes, there will be another challenge starting in late Aug or early Sept to coincide w/the kids going back to school. I'll post details on here later about the terms/points/etc, but I wanted to get your feedback on other things to include for points? This challenge was slightly different than last year's Fall challenge, and I'd like to keep it fresh and different.

What worked well for you? What would you like to see done differently? Any other ideas?

I like to start in late August so the 12 weeks ends right before Thanksgiving. That way we learn, improve and lose just in time to not feel too guilty for Thanksgiving. :)

Even if you don't plan on joining again, I'd love your ideas. I'm all about motivation and success ... even if I wasn't the one who was the most motivated or successful. :) Thanks!

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  1. Make sure you let me know! I would like you to up the anti! How about 20 dollars! I kept thinking ah it's not that much money to lose but hey maybe if it is more I will have more motivation especially threw thoes holiday months!!!!! I liked all the rules the vitamins is a great one! I don't think we all relize what a difference they make in our lives. But if I would change one thing it would be greater clarity of the rules:> You know me! I started thinking is it 4 fruits and 4 vegtables or just a serving of 4 and if I eat a salad how many servings is that? And hey what is a serving anyway? and gee what is a cup of water and actual measuring cup or one of my kids cups and what defines a TREAT? If I pop an M%M in my mouth and then remeber I wasen't suposed to eat that a treat? Ok so that is my imput!