Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Proud

Dear weight loss buddies,
I just have to say that I am so proud of how well all of you have done. Now if I could only get my slacker butt back into gear and join you all in your success. I totally think that everyone should keep posting and keep up with the great work that you have started. Here goes.
I decided each week that I would start cutting out the foods that are my worst enemy, one week at a time. Last week I cut out soda, so far so good. This week I am cutting out...you may want to sit down for this...chocolate!!! Next week it will be popcorn, that is about as far as my thinking has gone. The idea for this is that I don't suddenly deprive myself of all the things I love but rather gradually take them out of my diet.
My husband had taken our scale to work for a challenge they were having. He brought it back a week or so ago and I weighed myself, 240 lbs. This means that I have gained back ten pounds(out of 25)that I had lost when this blog was first started. Dang it!!! I am determined not to repeat this cycle. I am going to start losing weight again and it will not find its way back.
Yesterday I went walking the trail around our neighborhood. It's amazing how out of shape we can become in a short amount of time. When Denise and I started walking the trail last year it was hard, but eventually I got to the point were it was a breeze. Yesterday I thought I was going to die, my calves hurt so much. Hopefully it won't take long before I find it to be a breeze again.
Hope to hear form all of you on your journey. Just because the official challenge is ending doesn't mean that we can't continue to challenge one another to lose the weight. So my first official challenge to you all is to keep posting.

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