Monday, March 15, 2010

I am not sure what to think of the week. I am glad I didn't eat the sherbet at RS on Wed. Whew, didn't know I was being watched. Love ya Melissa. I kind of think it wasn't a sad or climatic week because it is becoming a way of life. I know even after the challenge I will still stick with some things. Not eating after eight has cut down on stomach aches and heartburn at bed time. Exercise feels good, even if it is walking, I like a few min each day of doing something for myself and food diary helps keep me in check, my skin is not as dry and flaky with the water, I feel better overall. I did think about something last night while taking my vitamins. Each night I take vitamins; calcium, multi, E, and a gummy vite. The gummy vitamins are so yummy, I should lose a treat point for, but hey they are vitamins and are good for me right, so nope I don't lose a point. I didn't lose any weight, still 199.2 and had 65 pts for the week. Total points today 673. Hope all of you have a great last two weeks of the challenge. Well honestly, not really, my secret wish is that you all eat junk, eat after eight and are too sick and tired to exercise and forget to journal your food intake so I can cash in on all that moolah! :) Denise, thanks for this, it has been what I needed to get me moving again.

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