Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 8 points

Okay, chicas, I'll post a point total this week once everyone has posted. Sorry that's taken me so long ...

I didn't have such a hot week. I missed many points for exercise and a couple for treats, so I got only 58 points. The good news with treats is that when I do eat them, I'm eating less. If I do eat ice-cream, I put it in a one-cup measuring cup and eat no more. (So, yes, Melissa you can eat birthday cake, just eat less! :) But the exercise, well, it's going to get harder and harder the bigger this belly gets as I've been finding out ...

Brandi was such a good example yesterday! Our teacher passed out a bowl of treats, and I chose a Reeses PB Cup. Yummy. Then she had everyone stand up who had chosen something other than chocolate (she had tangerines and crackers in there) and say why they chose it. I heard Brandi's voice from behind me say, "I'm not eating treats!" Oops ... did she see what I picked? ;) But I hadn't eaten it yet, so I didn't. Thanks, Brandi! That saved me a point yesterday, and I'm so impressed w/your self-control.

Hope you all have a great week. Happy b-day Melissa!


  1. Swimming whilst heavy with child is a fantastic form of exercise--the pool is the only place I ever didn't feel enormous . . . I highly recommend it.

  2. Unfortunately the only indoor pool anywhere nearby often has the heater broken. Sigh.