Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 7 points

Well, good and bad week. Good in that I'm only up one pound after an anniversary getaway (yes, folks, 10th anniversary is this year :). Bad in that I took my swimsuit to the hotel planning on my exercise being in the pool ... and the pool was closed for the season. What? Uh oh ... then I figured I could still workout in their weight room, but then I hadn't packed my exercise clothes. I would have done it in my jammies, but I forgot them, too! Yes, my brain seems to be going. But the good news is that I still got my water, I didn't eat after 8 p.m., I didn't overeat (that one surprised me!), and I'm only up one pound after two nights w/desserts (one of which was worth missing!). I got 66 points for the week. My goal this week is to up my veggies big time and see if that makes me feel better with more energy. I just don't like many veggies or the prep work involved and am horrible about eating them. My fridge is stocked with them, so I better get eating so they don't all go bad! :)

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