Monday, October 25, 2010

Lee's Week 8

What a beautiful fall we have in here in Michigan. Clear blue skies, fall leaves/colors, sunny, comfortable temperatures. Michigan truly is a four-season state. I have lived here 44 of my 48 years. I have come to appreciate the idea of journaling daily the things I am grateful for. Sometimes it's just the little things that may happen in a day or something I might see. I went to see one of my doctors this week and he was impressed with the results of some testing that I had occurred recently and even commented that "something has happened". When I told him about the fitness challenge and that it had attributed to these changes, he actually jotted down some of the things we can receive points for. I thought that was cool. And, I lost 4 pounds!!
My points for this week are 59 (includes 1 for weight loss and 1 for posting).

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