Monday, October 18, 2010

Not so good of a week

My points don't reflect that it was that bad of a week but it really was. My exercise wasn't as intense so I didn't feel like I got a good work out while I was in Arizona. I was able to get out and walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery but I only ran one day. We ate out for every meal except breakfast and that is what did me in. We split most meals so it's not that we over ate but the food we ate had a lot more calories and fat in them then I am used to eating. So this week, I feel like we are starting over from scratch, as far as the weight goes. Spiritually though, this week was very high. Seeing the Grand Canyon and being a part of a little girl's small miracle were a huge blessing to Dave and I. We also spent a lot of time reading the Book of Mormon while we traveled. We had a lot of great conversations and we discovered some things we had not thought about before. We also had lots of time to listen to General Conference on CD. I guess we take the bad with the good. My spiritual well being is much better today than my physical!

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