Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 6 points

Half-way there!!! Wow. :) I got 70 points and lost a little (.8) again. I'm down to 220.6, which is 11 pounds down from the beginning. I would like to see that number double in the second half ... which will require more veggies and a bit more exercise ...

I've gotta say it's exciting to hear of everyone's positive changes. Who knew we had self-control. ;) Okay, mine still isn't as strong as Leslie's (she ordered a Cold Stone -- her favorite -- and then couldn't bring herself to take a bite), but it's better every day. I've been realizing that the trick will be to not jump in and eat everything I've been "depriving" myself of during the holidays so I don't gain it back.

And, FYI, I will do another fitness challenge starting in January. I've got a few changes planned ... but let me know if you have other ideas of things to include as well. Thanks!

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  1. Jessica hasn't written yet so I will tag on to yours. Did not do as well as I hoped but I went to Bunco and managed to still lose 4 pounds but only got 60 points. I think if you do the challenge next time you ought have one be a personal goal that you choose for yourself. Still struggling with the exercise part. Any one try Zumba? Holly