Monday, October 18, 2010

Dawn week 7

So last week I was bummed because I had gained a pound by weigh ins Monday morning. The next day it went down almost three pounds (Thanks scale...a day late. Could have had that point). I maintained that all week...then the weekend came and I didn't do anything different than I had done all week, I had actually been very strict with myself, and that weight tried to slowly inch back up. So, it's down for a loss this week, but not as low as it was last Tuesday. Can't figure out why my body, for the last two years, wants to hang onto this fat so much. Points are 72 this week. Remember how in the beginning I was thinking 20 minutes of reading seemed long? Now that I'm loving the B of M, 20 minutes is just rushing by and I'm not wanting it to be over. I'm loving that book.

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