Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This week was hard. I found myself grabbing a handful of bar b que chips her and there, snacking on some sugar cookies that I made for Jarrett for fathers day, and the worst I kept picking at a cake that my grandma forced me to bring home on Sunday. The cake was my major downfall. I find it very difficult to resist a pan of any kind of goodies when it is in the house. So far I have avoided this temptation by simply not making any treats. This is not a realistic approach because I know that through the years we will have treats in the house. I never really have an entire peice at a time, just a sliver here and a sliver there until I realize I probably would of been better of just eating a peice in the first place. It is my goal to learn how to get over this particular obstacle.

Exercise was also harder this week than it has been. My knees are starting to hurt, and I felt all together more tired than usual. I figure my body is past the point of loving the attention I have been giving it, and like most things that get too much attention it is backing off. (Sounds like some of my post mission dating.) I tried a core workout that I DVR'd on TV. I only lasted about ten minutes because it involved a lot of sit ups on the floor. The girl even sat indian style and then held her enitre body up with the palms of her hands, obviously she weighs like nothing to be able to do that. Does any body have a favorite workout video to get me started with the strenght training? I tried one once at my moms that used an exercise ball and I loved it, maybe I will go buy one for myself.

I'm happy with my one pound. It keeps me motivated to re focus myself this coming week. My current weight is 233, and I have lost one percent in body fat over the last three weeks. I wasn't so great at keeping the food journal, it's hard to know how many calories a fork full of cake has. I'm glad to see Jenn has rejoined, I was about to call her and see what is up.

On a personal note. I am taking Kylee to the pool tomorrow for her Birthday party. Being in a swimsuit is a personal trial. I hate it, but I do love the water and making my little girl happy. Next year I plan on looking great in my swimsuit, oh yeah!!! I will not pick at the birthday cake, I will not pick at the birthday cake, I will not pick at the birthday cake.
Happy lifestyle changing this week!!!


  1. I can't keep sweets in the house at all either. And UGH! swimsuits-luckily I've by passed that one so far this summer. I like P90X for weight training-but its expensive and kind of more advanced. Other than that maybe the firm, but there's only weight training at the end. My hubby trained me at the beginning since he'd been lifting since he was a teenager. I also found a great personal trainer who's a mom in her 40s and hired her for a month. Its good to be cautious when lifting though, because if your form isn't right you'll pull a muscle.

  2. I like the Biggest Loser strength training. I have 3 or 4 that do it -- although their form isn't right. I've done enough with my BFF who was a trainer to know the proper form. Also, SLOW works best. They sometimes go a little too fast on the Biggest Loser ones, so I just take it at my own pace so my breathing is consistent and my reps are meaningful. But it is awesome to workout with people who have been where I am ...

    I've done the P90X Yoga, and it's good ... which is a kind of strength training without the weights. Good luck!!! And let us know if you find any you really like.