Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This week I lost 2lbs. How do I feel about this? Great!! It doesn't compare to my 5 lb. week, but I knew that I would slow down a bit after that first initial loss, but I am happy with 2 lbs. This week the temptations came flying at me from all sides. My sister Danielle was here from Cedar City from Thursday to Monday. There is something about my mom's house and my family that can get me eating. This is so unfair because the rest of my family somehow manages to stay thin. On Friday night we decided to have a girls night in and late night for our daughters. Danielle's idea was to have a dessert night and have all types of yummy delicious tempting foods. I talked her out of that one. Her next suggestion was a make your own pizza dinner, this I could work with. I remember a great little suggestion from Biggest Loser I think, you make your pizza on a whole wheat pita or flat bread wrap. I will share my recipe at the end. Danielle still managed to sneak in some treats by playing the candy bar game, I'm proud to say I did not have a candy bar. My mom made cake, and as good as it smelled I went to the freezer and had a Skinny Cow truffle bar instead. The next night was a BBQ for my grandma's 75 birthday. I did eat a hamburger, but filled the rest of my plate with veggies. There was a wonderful salad called a cookie salad with pudding and cool whip and all sorts of fattening things. Funny thing is I didn't even see it until my sister asked me if I had tried it. I will admit to eating one tiny little piece of birthday cake. Family get togethers have always been a weakness for me. All the wonderful foods in one place just waiting to be tried, and usually a table devoted just for desserts. Things have got to change and I think I started in the right direction this weekend. One last note, I slacked a little on my sprints this week, I just wasn't feeling it, but I promise to repent and get back on track this week. I think they really do help. Oh and one more last thing, C.J. and I went to lunch on Monday and we shared nachos, probably not the best food choice, but we did have fun.
Good Luck to everyone this week. I'm glad Aubrey found the time to join us in posting, she amazes me with what a great mom (eight children WOW) she is. I'm happy for Jenn that Paul got a new job that is benefiting her in more than one way, and for the support she receives from her husband. I promise Denise that we will work harder on being able to make it 3 times a week for sure, even if it means going a little earlier before our husbands leave to work!?!?
P.S. if you know of anyone else who would like to join us have them send me an email at

1 FlatOut bread (I've tried the whole wheat and sundried tomato, I prefer the whole wheat)
Small amount of pizza sauce
Sprinkling of cheese
Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Peppers, Onions, Spinach (pretty much any veggie you want)
Minced Garlic (optional)

Bake in over at 425 for 7 minutes

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  1. MMmmm ... that pizza recipe is making me hungry! :) Gwen, you are doing an amazing job -- not only in staying active, but in your food choices, where I have been terrible. A piece of cake here and there won't hurt you, and I'm glad to hear you had SO MUCH self-control -- especially at the beginning of this journey. Keep it up!