Monday, June 8, 2009

Starting Over AGAIN...

Okay ladies, I am headed to get on my treadmill this morning. I always find Mondays good days to start over. With my husband starting his new job today, and my being able to give my notice now, I feel energized and motivated. I'm going to walk MWF this week (with the intervals) and get out the P90X (best kick your butt workout on DVD)and do the beginner version TR. Wish me luck. I'm glad I'll be home and not working until midnight anymore and hopefully can get back at least to my pre-work body. FYI-I'm currently at 188:(. Also, my hubby is on board with me as he has gained back some weight and the DR wants to put him back on diabetes meds. (He was previously diabetic, but lost a lot of weight and reversed it). Wish us both luck.


  1. I'm so glad that Paul got a great job, and if it helps you in the tiniest bit to be able to lose weight, well that's an added bonus. Getting diabetes is one of my main motivators right now. I had my blood sugars tested with my aunt whose an RN and I was right on the border of pre diabetes. I haven't been having any sugar swings since I started working out. Go Jenn!!!

  2. Go Jenn! So glad things are working out (pun intended) for you. I hope you have as great as results as our fearless "leader" Gwen ... :)

  3. Jenn let us know about the P90X, I saw part of an infomercial about it, give us details.