Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday Everyone,
Wasn't the best week, tired and depressed feelings this week. Too many things going on and dinner wasn't planned or prepared very well so we ate lots of fattening things like hot dogs, pancakes etc. The week didn't end too bad. I only exercised 3X not good and ate after eight one night, was going to lose a point for not enough fruit/veg, but hey already lost the time point might as well eat the veggies now and not lose that point too. Total points with 1.1lb lost and Monday post was 66. Running total is 475 pts and 14.3lb lost. I am finally what I was last summer, I guess that is good and bad. Glad to be back there, however I would love to have been down the weight from there, that would have been better. Have a great week it seems these Mondays come quicker and quicker.

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  1. You've lost almost 15 pounds! That's awesome! Hope this week feels better. :)