Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 4 points

So it wasn't my best week, but I did pretty well overall. I got 62 +1 for 63 points this week. I didn't have any weight loss, and once again I gained a pound. Once again I'm going to blame it on Austin, because I did pretty well!

I did some of the bad library workout dvds (scratch that -- videos) that Jen mentions, too. After making fun of their matching socks and leotards and big hair I got to work. The one thing they were good for is making me believe that I am exercising enough to get my heart rate in a good zone for pregnancy. Sometimes I feel like I'm not intense enough, but these showed me that you don't have to get that intense when you're in your third trimester to get your heart rate going. (I'm due two months from today -- yippee!) However, I am going to try to exercise more days this week and maybe for longer periods of time (or more than once a day, when possible). I guess even if I don't feel like I'm doing much anything is better than nothing, and if possible I will once again end a pregnancy weighing less than I did when I started.

My big accomplishment this week is that I feel I was a lot more veggie minded. I've wanted to do this for years -- especially for my kids -- but I haven't been so good at it. Having a few new ideas from Jen to get me away from always doing the Cali blend has been wonderful. I'm also buying fresh zucchini since it's easy to chop and sautee by itself, which I find delicious! Anyway, just thinking about it more got me eating more, and my fruit/veggie points didn't seem so tough this week.

Hope you all had great weeks! I'm going to have to pump it up a little if I want a chance to beat you motivated ladies! :)

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