Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 4 "Why am I still so tired?"

We are a third the way through this challenge, I am exercising 5 days a week, eliminated all treats sugar, chips etc. and I still have a hard time getting out of bed each morning. Ugh. I always feel a slight headache, tired and ready for a nap. I thought it would get better by now. I am already on thyroid meds and always have taken vitamins so I am not sure why the lack of energy. My daughter decorated cakes in YW this week. It was the first thing since this challenge began that I REALLY wanted. It stayed on the counter for three days, this little cake, the kids picking at it a little at a time. If I was eating treats it would have been gone in 10 min and left me to confess my sins of eating her whole cake, but I kept reminding myself, food is a memory, remember how it tastes and that is good enough. I really am liking fruits and veggies more. I bought some frozen peaches, blueberries, strawberries, honeydew mix from costco and it is yummy. Fresh carrots, celery and peppers make for a great snack and the water I am still living in the bathroom and up several times a night, but find myself now craving it. Some things don't phase me now like they did a month ago, like now I don't snack while making my hubby's lunch before bed. I really was piecing a lot while making it. Water, I just grab a cup fill it and gulp it down, before I gagged it down. Little changes make a difference, even though tired, I think clearer and not in such a fog all the time. Week points were good lost for only exercising 5 days and one night I just couldn't sleep. I lost 2.2lb down a total of 9.2. 69pts for the week that includes weight loss and Monday post. Total challenge pts. 274. Now if I can only survive Super Bowl Sunday.


  1. I know thyroid meds can take a little to get just right, but I'll stop by the vitamins I generally take (when not pregnant) that TOTALLY make me feel more energy. I'm not bouncing off the walls or anything, but when I take them regularly I can get out of bed without the same struggles. I'll give you a 7-day supply and if you like 'em you can get them at Costco. (I made fun of my hubby when he talked about how great they were -- until I tried them myself!)

  2. You might have ADD. I dicoved I had it and have been taking just a small amount of adderal and it helps keep me1 going and a lot more motivated and my depression has+decresed cause I am not so guilty about all the things I am not doing. I am only on a tiny dose but it helps so much. When you have tried everything else and there is still something wrong then you know something else is up with your body. Listen to it. I did and I feel so much better.