Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 4 here we come!!!

WOHO!!! I have lost 7 pounds so far! I almost gave in this week to lots of treats. This is getting so much harder but when I steped on that scale this morning I was so happy! This has been such a good experiance for me. I started taking some of thoese metabolizium pills to bost my motab and got so angry last week i was ripping heads off right and left and I don't think they did anything to help my weight so thoes are permenatly out! I feel like Denise does about the mulivitamins! I can wake up in the morning now with only little problums now and then and I do seem to have more energy. That 1 or 3 o'clock nap happens less and less. I also rewrote my food journal, my daughter spilled Oj all over it and many of the pages were unreadable. I relized I missed a day and have not been giving myself the extra end of the week points. For anyone who knows me this is no shocker since I had to have Denise completly clarify the rules for me.....Hello. Anyway so as of now I got 61 points last week for a grand totall of 244 points so far. I am very proud of my self I didn't think I could keep up with all this for so long but I have.

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